1. Don’t be a Cynical bitch, Cyn– ooooh wait.

    Anyway, we would be delighted to have you, Neg0 (and everybody else for that matter) on our quaint lil’ discord, at least.
    https: // discord . gg / MK8rkTB

  2. If you’d like to join us, we’d welcome you lot with open arms.
    Also, my faith in HIM is no longer going to break. The conflicts and trials of my ideals hath been already overcome.
    He shall return. He shall always return.
    Anything else is nay-say, tomfoolery, delusion, mental wanking and arsewiping.

  3. By the way Horus, you joined our discord? I know Cynic, Kinkl and Negru have, but we had two new members that never introduced themselves and that was rather odd so I pruned them out.
    A shame if that was you, though I doubt it.

  4. Of course. I was part of the group from the beginning. The Steam group, right? Haven’t been on it (Steam) in a while though.

  5. Download discord if you don’t have it, use that link, join up. Chat with me, negru, cynic, kronk, etc from time to time, have funtimes.

  6. Really, everyone; Dartes gets quite lonely on his little gamer app all by himself. So much so that I feel like I can actually see his face light up when one of us gets online. Please, come help keep him company, if only to slightly ease the burden of obligation for the rest of us.

  7. Seriously though, join.
    Cynic can’t bear being the butt of the joke 24/7. We can only bully him for so long.

  8. @Neg0 Protip: Drop just one or two images every week. It’d be better than your current system, I assure you.

  9. You’d have to have changed? You disappoint me more and more with each passing day. I’ve grown so weary of correcting you, so I’ll let someone else take the reigns for a while.

  10. I do. And that’s why I needed to start something anew. I’m sorry I had to leave like that. I had a good time in the group, my departure had nothing to do with any of you, just a rough period in my life.
    It is what it is, best of luck to you all in your lives and personal endeavors.


  11. welp :(. Sorry to hear that. Best of luck Terry and hope we hear from you soon and see you back online, Resident Richard Gere Impersonator.

  12. So what is the situation on content? Because i’m guessing more than 80% of previous visitors have been lost at this point…

  13. Come, people, joi us.
    I have used my superior swiss intellect to get rid of undesirable non-persons.
    They won’t return.

  14. Everyone’s fine! We ‘ve actually swelled up a bit and increased our ranks in the months after your departure. Our server is not the same without you though. How’s your life?

  15. I had heard of that measure by the Federal Council, but reckon it might get overturned. I did understand most of it, nice read.

  16. People!
    We have been having a new number of members as of late and that’s good, we have no problem with you being lurkers on our discrd, not at all, but please, PLEASE, introduce yourselves at the very least.
    It is the bare modicum of manners, courtesy and polite education that is appliable as a standard to all netizens.
    After you’ve gone done the deed of saying hello, you’re free to linger invisible and silent for the rest of eternity for all we care, promise.
    I hate we’ve had to kick 5+ people becuase they didn’t say hello after 3 fucken days.
    Anyways….JOIN US IN DEATH

  17. Seriously people, is it so hard to say “hi”?
    These people are so lackuster in manners…we’ve kicked 5+ people in less than a fortnight due to the fact that they’re ill-mannered.
    We care not if you want to lurk around our server, but please, show us your mum taught you anything besides how to sniff crack and introduce yourself at the very least. Thenceforth, you may do as you please, guaranteed.
    Also, Neg0, we await your return here, and you joining there, in earnest ♥

  18. You know, its been around the same amount of time between posts as Minestealers/Birthday Steak. Perhaps the return is soon to be upon us.

  19. Dont make me remove this site from my bookmarks.
    That requires complex operation of tabs in my browser – and I do not want to have to take that task on. Come on now – post something funny.

    *pokes admin with stick*

  20. Johnny boy, this isn’t 2006 and you’re most certainly not ‘Murican.
    Choose a handle your age instead of thaat “jonneh” rubbish, shave, get a job.
    Then we’ll talk.
    These magyars and their Americano-wannabe lingo.
    It is long past entertaining, I say.

  21. What the hell are you babbling about?
    I have a job, I shave, and I probably have a better job than you too.
    Whoever ran this site let it go to shit – and lost any following they had along the way. Well fuck you and to hell with your shit old website with no content.
    So ban me you prick.

  22. Correction: No matter where you work or what you do, you definitely have a better job than Dartes. That, I can attest to.

  23. By the mighty Poseidon, I have tried. Seems my mind is growing weary with age for this technology I fathom not. Says failed to send message

  24. It is not that hard, go online, say ‘ello, and then go on about your bidness.
    Dawdle not, friend.

  25. Hello, everyone! I wanted to inform everybody that the meh discord server has undergone some changes since the last comment here. Much like the brave American soldiers of WWII, I have come to bring Democracy to the heathen European nations. With my American strength I have brought peace and civility to the meh.ro discord.

  26. Hello, everyone! I wanted to inform everybody that the meh discord server has undergone some changes since the last comment here. Much like the brave American soldiers of WWII, I have come to bring Democracy to the heathen European nations. With my American strength I have brought peace and civility to the meh.ro discord.

    As such, I wish to deliver a message to the oppressed- those who have attempted to join the server but were unable to have their voices heard, a new system has been put into place for a second shot at True American Freedom ™.

    Here, the benefits of liberty, have some FREE invites!


  27. One note, the previous rule applies-that is, make yourself heard upon entering this American Paradise ™. Once we are aware of who you are, you may live in peace, going about your quiet lives!

  28. Alas!
    Indeed a cycle ends and another begins forth anew.
    Such is life and such are its tribulations.
    I approve of and support the aforementioned items wholly, now, divested from the Garments of Prophecy upon me thrust by Our Lord Negative0, lain bare as a common man.

  29. Also, don’t you love Old Meh.ro’s quality content?
    Like, 2010s Meh.ro. http://www.meh.ro/2009/09/17/marlboro-green/#comments
    Here, I’ve saved us some “pearls”:
    February 25, 2010 at 12:25 AM

    Alright! Cocksuckingfuckingparty at alice’s kitchen!

    February 26, 2010 at 11:33 AM

    @Un Om
    I could be persuaded to give you her personal info, if you’ll give me half the shit you get from her.

    I could be persuaded not to give him your personal info, if you’d give me about tree fiddy.
    March 8, 2010 at 1:08 AM

    You keep asking for it, and then you’re gonna keep bitching about how you got gang raped by a bunch of mentally unstable internet stalkers.

    Fun times. That was the Neg0 we all learnt to love and love. I wonder what’ll happen if somebody unearthed this in politically correct 2017….oh shite I did it again.

  30. Neg0, it is past due for our quarterly update. Get off your lazy, Gypsy ass and give us some new content. Please and thanks.

  31. O thou shall shine upon us and return from the dead.
    not many things in the so terrible world of the web have
    lived decade upon decade already.

    Neg0 what has happened to your fragile terrestrial shell?

  32. Hello hello lurkers.

    New Discord for those who got kicked out of the last one when Dartes has a hissy fit. He’s also no longer in the Steam group.

    https:// discord. gg / mQtgM2A

  33. Little mistake with the above comment. Here’s the invite. https:// discord. gg/ 7weUFy

  34. sorry for the late reply! Here you guys go.
    https:// discord. gg/ yJrjYWZ
    As a reminder, introduce yourself when you join and have a chat, even a short one, or you’ll end up being kicked. We just want to make sure you aren’t a bot!

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