1. Cynical, oh Cynical.
    We have already established you are always late to the party.
    Go back to your lousy dental plan and your extended fat and carbohydrates for one more dollar.

  2. Besides. We all know that Negative0 relishes in the comments. For all his previous claims of having the site for mostly himself, I am certain that without me and you, Negra) this site would be far, far more lonely than it already is, and it would die not long after (assuming views and comments correlate to visits, which I hope it does)

    Also, how can someone that is not really saying anything shut up? Your logic is lost on me.

  3. I would also relish fi THIS image would become yet another 1000+ bickering wall of shitposts. The irony would not be lost on that.

  4. I mean, if we look at it “””objectively””” as Negra like to fool his mental wanks into believing…

  5. Your point was good, I have enver denied it. But it was just not impressive enough. Guess we can see it wasn’t “objectively” impressive.

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