1. IIt’s been more than 5 days since the last update. You people may now start bickering about how Negative0 has forsaken you yet again.

  2. And I just wish you Timestamp Hero grabbed a book and learnt something useful for a change. Alas, it costs nothing to dream about impossibles.

  3. Rip Meh, 2009-2016.
    No, but srsly, every lucrative business aims for consistency. You can’t really expect to post 10 pics once every 30 days one after another then disappear for a whole new month and have any pretention from a Store, fanbase or whatever. I’m actually surprised if he gets any new Store orders. :/ Oke, there might be 3 people there (Cynic, Dartes and Negruvoda) that might still populate and live in meh’s ecosystem for some weird reason and indulge meh’s way of functioning or might just be hired ‘bots’ to keep the shit going but otherwise, I’d be surprised to hear anyone else’s fine with this. I guess not everyone’s made to truly live on meh.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. The only bot your yonder past the Iron Curtain country knows, dear Negraboba, are the ones you use to cheat in CS:GO.
    Now, as for the main postulate same old Terry puts forward I recognise there is some truth in it, however, it is fairly inexpensive to maintian a small internet parlour related to a main website; I reckon the page itself is a tad more expensive. I also reckon nobody has ever ordered anything from the Meh.ro store: not even in its glory days when bandwidth traffic was respectable was there much interest in it; probably people Negative0 knows personally or people from his hometown (somewhere in Romania) had ordered then, but not many others, methinks.
    So, all in all, yes, the store is completely useless, but that does not necessarily equate to a true “death” of this site.

  5. Well, if that is indeed certain; with neither ill intent nor desire to be called racist or partial, I suppose that was bound to happen when you mix Romanian business practices with Vietnamese manufacturing ones.

  6. Ah and here we see the pseudo intellectual in his natural, underpopulated habitat – submitting yet another comment no one gives a shit about.

  7. I was going for more of a ‘Nation Geographic narrator’ tone, but thanks for thinking I sounded intelligent!

  8. In your dramatis persona as a walking contradiction, you refute your very own claim by commeting upon that which you allegedly do not give “a shit” about.
    I never respected you, but now I am ashamed of Humanity for having you at all.
    You are the spermatozoon your mother should have swallowed.
    P.s.: If you have digestive problems due to not being able to give “a single faeces” about something, I reccomend a laxative.

  9. Uh-oh, do I sense a bit of bitterness in Dartes’s tone? Did Cynic hit a sensitive chord? I’ve never seen such a vulgar response from him. I’m guessing reality struck him a bit hard. The actual fact that no one gives a FLYING FUCK about anything he says is rather important to him.

  10. If this website ever gets shut down I will miss these pointless yet hilarious comments by Dartes and Palz™.

  11. Negraboba:
    Now, now, come now: Cynical is quite a grown lad, he does not require his boyfriend to stand up to him, I reckon.
    Now onto your question, my communist friend: I was not moved by his comment in the least, what moved my was the implicit contradiction of it; I can barely stand incoherence (and yet, I know, I choose to linger on the Internet).
    Also: how come you are able to sense my tone, when I have uttered no words? I shall make you aware that writing and speaking are two different verbs in the english language. Quite the realisation, I know.
    Mayhaps Romania ought to invest less in state-sponsored emigration and more in better capacitation for its English teachers, so that the fracas of Negraboba does not repit itself.

  12. Speaking of walking contradictions, you might start proofreading your comments before posting lessons on the English language. Seeing as you’re a grammar Nazi’s worst nightmare and all.

  13. I knew you would say that. Appealing to the lowest common denominator is what you do after all.
    Typos are a fact of life, I claim nothing short of being human.

    p.s.: The resource of grammar bashing is the province of the truly petty, so congratulations on yet another milestone on your downwards descent to, at this point, some eldritch void probably, I know it not no longer.

  14. Please Dartes, stop! The hypocrisy is overwhelming! have mercy upon our souls!

    On side note, the ‘spermatozoon’ insult was rather good, I might used that in the future.

  15. No hypocrisy. Pointing out that which is wrong grammatically in order to help a poor chap imporve is quite different from the childish recourse of mocking typoes.
    P.s.: Either you might “have used” that (in the past), or you might “use” it in the future. That tenacious D right there is quite wrong.

  16. I think you are just a plain old traveller. Like most of your pikey kin and kith, you never quite finished secondary school, right?

  17. Ad hominem attacks only validate your status as a pseudointellectual. You can go back to your cave now.

  18. Never have I ever claimed any sort of intellectual status beyond the boundaries of normalcy; I am merely asserting my superiority over you, Cynical, and other poor chaps; lest ye forget.
    Ad hominem attacks against you are a handicap I have given unto myself: by lowering the bar to the field you are most apt in: thus I am hoping (rooting for you, even) you can actually have a fighting chance against me.
    But your genes do betray you in the end.
    And talking about Freudian projections; you can go to your cave now, yonder-past-the-Iron-Curtain that is the most common dwelling, I think.

  19. I blink for one second and it starts back up. Can someone send me popcorn so I may enjoy this more?

  20. Please Send Chips:
    My goal was fulfilled long ago, by Cynical and his queer choices in Deadpool paraphernalia.

  21. So if your goal has been achieved* then you can finally quit posting dogshit comments in the hopes for some strangers’ attention. I am happy to have taken one for the team everyone. Thank you cards won’t be necessary.

  22. That goes on to show your sheer level of pettiness; for you imply to only have one goal in life, and not having yet achieved it. Sad. Mediocre.
    Life is, I reckon, about fulfilling and overcoming several goals. I believe the english dictionary names this “success”.
    Not that you would know, that is clear now.

  23. Negraboba learnt to blab!
    Cheerio, the Romanian eduacation system has achieved another milestone!
    Keep calm and carry on Negraboba, you will get better.

  24. Where are you from Dartes? Where is this mythical land of higher knowledge and spiritual ascension?

  25. I gather that people come on this website just for the comments lately.
    Giving the fact that its purpose is not that… sad times.

  26. Negraboboa:
    A land far away, way past the Iron Curtain (looking from your side); a land of milk and honey and freedom and guns. Not that you’d know any of this.
    (No, it is not the godforsaken wastes of the US, thank God)
    p.s.: Did you know your name means “stupid negress” in Spanish? Sure do love Romance languages.

    Do you presume to know the designs of Negative0? Mayhaps, everything he did leads up to this.

  27. Judging by the way you continue to suck yourself off, it wouldn’t surprise me if you actually believe that.

  28. I think this Dartes person is a good embodiment example of how a 19th century upper-middle class twenty year old Englishman studying philosophy would act if somehow transported to present, shown internet but only allowed to be on meh.

    Notice how I didn’t say pretentious. Well, that is implied by ‘Englishman’. I mean, who uses “mayhaps’ in day to day life?

  29. Milk and honey, freedom and guns? Sounds like Israel.. ohh boy, Dartes. How was your breakfast bombing? It’s funny how you despise the US given the fact that you guys are america’s bitch.

  30. If Dartes is from Israel then it just adds to my theory/prejudice that Israelis are assholes.

  31. Israel? I said milk and honey.
    Ah, I see your nueronal synapse is yet no good.
    Think again.
    Should I give your inferior brainmass yet one more hint?

  32. Horus:
    Mayhaps, the fact “nobody” uses mayhaps in daily life is but an indicator that, mayhaps I simply relish in using dated vocabulary; and mayhaps ere long the aforesaid erstwhile common words may yet rise once more.
    Have a complimentary quotation I show favouritism to:
    “Though mayhaps this was a blessing in disguise; for had he lived he would have grown up to be a Frey”
    You have overstayed your welcome in the realm of people worth giving entity and agency to. Return hence you came from, whichever crevasse of this realm of misery and fun that may be.
    Please refer to my previous comment.
    I reckon it is high time for two things: Updating the site and allowing us to edit our comments so as to avoid an unnecessary flowering of the aforementioned; a comments edits string would be nice as well.
    Yours fiathfully
    Please Send Chips:
    The same I said to Negraboba.

  33. Negraboba:
    No need for your Communist upbringing to prevent your from being civil. It is most unseemly. Please attempt your best to seem civilised in this public forum, this wonderful tribune of doctrine.
    Now, you seem to know a lot about judaism (are you mayhaps a Bessarabian Jew in denial?) and your input, whilst valued, is wrong: “milk and honey” is just a Biblical idiom. English language is tainted by said idioms.
    Your logic is flawed….again. This time by assumptions with more than face value.
    So, do you need more clues or not? Because it is not Israel.
    Here it goes: we have one of the absolute best militaries in the world when it comes to training and to defending our homes. We are not fond of invading other countries though.
    Any dimwit should be able to tell by now, come on.

  34. Is your country known for spawning insufferable twits like yourself as well? That’s the only wildcard to your hints.

  35. Wow, North Korea.. I’m sorry for you, no wonder your English isn’t that good.
    A simple wiki search tells us that NK has the most active military personnel per 1000 pop (47.8 to be exact https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_military_and_paramilitary_personnel) AND they didn’t invade any country in the last.. hmm 50 years, since the truce with SK (not that they could). No wonder you’re active on Meh.ro, they probably didn’t blacklist this site due to the lack of activity.

  36. “English” should always be capitalized, for future reference. Someone who boasts such a superiority in English should have at least a toddler’s grasp on basic grammar.

  37. Meh, I give up. It could be any western country from Europe as far as I know, milk and honey isn’t exactly a commodity restricted to only a few. It’s like saying, ‘we use the color blue in our flag, guess where I’m from’.

  38. I am a bit of a nonconformist so I shall give you yet one more life:
    Our anthem is a psalm, and it is beautiful.
    You will not ever declare war on us because it would be utter folly.
    Our country could tear the entire world economy apart should it decide to.
    We have a penchant for secrets.
    We are NEVER late. Or early. But, precisely when we ought to.
    The ancient greeks would want to adopt us as their children.

    Seriously now, if you claim to be a human being prove it, you only have to add one and one by now.

  39. Guess Switzerland it is. My first guess, but I couldn’t let myself to belive it would be so utterly boring.

  40. Bingo!
    At the very last you have succeedeed, Harambe.
    This a great step for you, and for science.
    Now, you may go to frolic with abandon in the wood with your friend animals and the fata padurii and whichever other folktale comes to life thanks to radiation levels.
    Go in peace.

  41. I’ve read the first few comments then I realized I was right and pretty much stopped reading. You guys could write your own book on this love-hate relationship going on. I wonder what would happen if one of you would stop posting at a certain moment in time. Prolly the triforce will no longer be, the love will disappear and pretty much meh will certainly die. Never give up on love, boys. You’re all Neg0’s got.

    Btw, just curious, since you’ve mentioned Negative’s home country, where are you from?

    Nonetheless, I just wanted to point out that I too bought one T-Shirt from the shop, a good 5 years ago I believe.

  42. What would happen in that scenario would be exactly the same that happens when you yourself stop posting, Terrence.
    Absolutely nothing.
    It is not that deep. Negative0 does what he wants and couldn’t care less if he had a grand audience of 0.
    We do what we do because we can.

  43. But 1h later reply at 6 in the morning (oh well, to me at least), Cynic is confirmed to be a full-time resident of this website. Or a bot. Only Negruvoda left to come out and this will all make sense. Finally.

  44. Announcement: I have forseen this post will reach one hundred comments. When said event happens, Negative0 shall return bearing a golden cape and a righteous scepter to smite naysayers.
    You may now resume.

  45. If you lived on an island along with three addleheads and these aforesaid elected a leader and said leader commanded islanders all to jump from a cliff; would you follow suit?
    There you have got the inherent flaw of democracy and majority-rule.
    I can dumb it down upon request.

    Besides, you would presume to think I’d give the random thoughts of lesser men on the Internet any entity!? Preposterous.
    Do think again.

  46. Also, on a rather conspicuous side note: whatever happened to users Palz, Panzerfaust and Dualzo?
    I am not being disingenuous when I say they and yours faithfully are most certainly the last members of Meh.ro’s “Old Guard”© (honk if you remember the Free Will Button™ aka the gee tee eff o finger) who yet lingered and soldiered on here, amongst these other….users.
    I sure do miss those lively crowds of yore.
    Oh welp.

  47. And your response, Negraboba, seems to me exactly what a bot attempting to hide his true self by shifting the spotlight towards other people and attempting thus to steer the topic of the conversation in its favour would do!
    I have got you, you foul mockery of life.
    You may decieve these other users whose lot in life has been les than fortunate, but not me.
    You are the bot.
    And all those who aid and abet you are probably subroutines of yours.

    But no matter, now that light has been shed on the issue, we can return to the mysetry of where the other users I mentioned have left, and why.

  48. They just got a life, Dartes.
    I was here back then too but as posts would come often it was rather painstaking to maintain a comment-conversation. Here, I can just come back and find you all here, in this post. Maybe that’s what Negative0’s plan is, for us to interact and ignore the fact that there are no new posts; but then again this would apply to any posts forsaken meme website.

    Terrence, I LOLd.

  49. You would have Negative0 MODERATE people’s opinions and vocies. That is, indeed, a form of censorpship.
    Within you lies a Stalinist yet. I know.
    Is your name Nicola perchance?

  50. Hah, well this current form of imperialism does not suit us well, we need to give power to the working class – which without, this site would not exist!

  51. I declare that post number 100 is reserved to me. It is forbidden to post a comment #100 for anyone except me. Have a nice day.

  52. More like what-amendment-and-stab-pigs-land.
    Fortunately schooled in old-amendment-and-wear-wigs-land.

    Spam as an option to interfere with Negru’s puny ‘demands’.

  53. A hundred is but an inconsequential number (were it not that it shall herlad the prophesised return of Negative0 with his golden cape and brezen sceptre), the true MVP of numbers is #99.

  54. #97

    Ooooh we’re getting there!

    Negru, I expect you to be refreshing this page like a horny teenager on a bad connection.

  55. Your cheating has belayed the return of Negative0.
    You’re quite the good chap, eh.
    A milliard thanks, Negraboba.

  56. Sorry, I have to point out the humor in your continuing struggle to sound sophisticated while also commonly using the word “reckon,” a favorite among America’s rednecks and white trash.

  57. it’s almost.. what’s the word for it.. cringy. It’s ok though, we can call him our ‘special’ friend. *tips fedora*

  58. Please Send Chips:
    I have no ponies. Update your scripts, machine.
    You cannot cringe. You lost your teeth last winter, remember?
    It is most unfortunate you are ignorant of the richness of the English language. Moreso, you are willingly in the dark. I pity you indeed.

    Ye naysayers, at least you keep the threads running.

  59. For you ignorant lot, that’s the lucky 7 (in binary). Mayhaps, this will speed up Negative0’s return, and the banishment of evil, and the vanishment of their comments as well.
    (See what I have just done, Horus?)

  60. Negraboba:
    You do bugger all all day, don’t you, you git?
    Go fetch some chickens or rob some people on the highway or something of the sort.

  61. Yes, yes, very smart Darts.
    You may stick to your Middle English while I habitually mock it using “the richness of (…) English language”.
    While I may be in the dark, at least my expressions are not from the dark ages.
    Resource your pity. You need plenty for yourself.

  62. Your mockery is but a façade of concealment.
    You have already been measured Horus, and found wanting.
    Wield whichsoever argument you desire against this; I care not for blatant falsity.
    Yours faithfully.
    p.s.: last time I checked, there was freedom to use whatever idiomatic expressions one desired, in spie of your denouncements. So much for argumentation, git.

  63. You have the most comments on this thread, Darts. Deep down inside, I think you know you’re the true waste of space.

  64. Negraboba:
    Number of cooments doesn’t have anything to do with that. Besides, you andf I both know I am a synonym for quality, unlike Horus, for instance.

  65. BEGIN
    Writeln(‘Does Terence display signs of Intelligence?’);
    If (UserChoice = ‘Y’) Then
    If (UserChoice = ‘N’) Then
    Writeln(‘Y(YES) or N(NO)?’);
    YN := Readkey;
    If YN = ‘y’ Then Halt;
    If YN = ‘n’ Then Writeln(‘WRONG! He dumb son’); Then Halt;
    Until (YN = ‘y’) OR (YN = ‘n’);

  66. Saaaammy, Sammy… Or Darts.
    You frustrated attempt of a being.
    It is slightly funny reading your cathodic translated intelligence. So I thank you for that.

  67. What you call “cathodic intelligence” is what I remember from a secondary school I finished more than five years ago, just to give a number.
    We call it Swiss efficiency. Not that you’d understand, you’re but a base level user anyway.
    And using “XD” unironically just killed 1000 milliard of your neurons.

  68. Horus:
    You are most welcome. Educating the vulgar riff-raff is a hobby of mine after all.
    I actually don’t. y aim was improved thanks to the Swiss taxpayer’s generosity. We can go fully “William Tell” whenever you like. Just call up (you’ll be the apple).

  69. Hey! Watch your language, I’m just late.
    At least I’m human. My kind made your kind, never forget that.
    C:\>Taskkill /ungratefulbots.exe /F

  70. You are a most special robot, believing yourself human, your maker must have spent eons writing that delusion inside you.
    You can exit the Matrix now though.
    P.s.: the syntax of your “command” is…lousy, check your central logic unit, something is definitely wrong with you, tincan.

  71. Has anyone noticed that besides Myself, Terence, Negraboba, Horus & The Hungry Chipmaster (aka Please Send Chips), there is one more lurker amongst us? Username: Mogai. Come out, we know you are following with interest.

  72. Your delusion is on a Raybradbury’s Martian Chronicles level. I am impressed.
    Myself? Still human though.

  73. Your loop is amazing, but I as a human, have enough agency to withdraw from it at will and think no more of it.
    You are a solid piece of code.
    There shall be no further discussion on the human side about this matter.

  74. By the way, I am not quite into Vapourwave, but that piece was interesting. Reminds me of the Homestuck sondtrack.

    Where is Negraboba though? Has he finally perished to the harsh and unforgiving Romanian hinterland? Is he Striga food?

  75. That’s actually the Shenmue Theme song, if you might be familiar with the title, but I’m glad you did enjoy it, nonetheless. I can also see where you’re coming from with Homestuck. Did not know about it, cheers.

    Shall we start a songs playlist or is that too shallow? I’m rather interested in what ya’ll listening to. Especially some feel vibes, mayhaps?

    I’ll start -https://youtu.be/IedoWgzs1gM

  76. I am in.
    Right now I’m listening to: goo.gl/uVSovl
    Great artist, featured in the soundtrack of the nice little game “This is the Police” (quite an enjoyable videogame).

  77. And I do know the Shenmue games (specially after Shenmue 3 and its kickstarter controversy) but alas I have never played any of them, for I never had a Sega Dreamcast.

  78. That’s surely fun, not quite my kind of music but I could kinda see that going in This is the Police. Just curious, in which instance would this song actually kick off?

    Now show me some of your saddest tunes, Dartes. What get you all in robotic tears?

  79. It’s set in the early 80s as a retiring Chief of Police. You get to choose on a selection of jazzy-blues-classical records at the beginning of each day.

    I don’t particularly have “sad tunes”, but I think this will do the job alright were it any other person: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGBMTAGzWPs
    You do have “sad tunes”?

  80. Young Boys being a Swiss football team actually, you might not be Swiss after all; but then why would anyone pose as a Swiss when literally any other nationality would do better?

    Terry, I don’t ask for much, but ditch “mayhaps” for me please?

    Not into any of your pussy-castle songs.
    Here’s one with more of a something: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqQJPm9yxII

  81. Seriously? Your first thought was football? Such purity.
    Touché, blame it on my filthy mind.
    Not going to say the team I root for though, it’d expose my Canton easily.

    Mayhaps, however, you do have a filthy mind after all. You listen to Burzum.
    The future president of the US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtmOu951xeU

  82. Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense. As for Undertale, I never really got the hang of it, nor why people consider its OSTs to be sad. Perhaps it’s something to do with the story line, which combined with the music gives this sense of sadness? Idrk otherwise, not my thing.

    Yeah sure I have some sad tunes. But are they really sad if they make you feel good? Idrk about that either. I just seem to enjoy certain tracks that might convey this melancholia image. I’m rather sure we all do at some scale.

    Here’s something I appreciate much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gHNbdS76k0

    And if you find that suiting, here’s the story from the Lyrics: http://blog.tewaters.com/2013/01/on-narrative-structure-kishotenketsu.html

    Keep the sad tunes coming. I heard of Burzum, never thought he was producing such songs though. I really enjoyed both that you guys posted.

  83. Curse this old keyboard. I did mean “sad-sounding” (you lot might just confuse the meaning of that particular iteration).
    Oh well, at least, we keep the comment number increasing.

  84. Damn, Boba, I definitely enjoyed Madder Mortem, the voice is also soothing in a weird way. The Bollywood song wasn’t really my cup even though I do enjoy the one Indian Song probably every Romanian knows, Yadon Ki Barak (I’m a sucker for that, gotta admit). The Vulfpeck song was funky af, definitely appreciated that J. Brown soul to it, also, the channel, the way in which they merge stuff and also the thumbnails remind me a whole lot of KUTIMAN, here, one of my personal favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoHxoz_0ykI (the more you listen, the better it gets, I suppose). Finally, the Tsuyoshi Jazz Band was also on my liking so thank you for that too.

    Here’s 3 more on my behalf:

    Another anime favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_apNFcDsRg
    I believe it has more sense to it in the anime context but nonetheless, this gave me chills even before I watched the movie. Tbh, the OST is what got me into it.

    And something more… deppresing(?) I suppose, yet with an ending message to think of.


    “I think we ought to start our life old. And we have all the pain, and we’re feeble. And we look at our friends, and they’re feeble, they’re 100. But every day we get younger, and we have something to look forward to. No need to kill yourself, there’s hope. And then when you reach 20, 19, 12, 10…every day is really a new day. And it’s really a miracle. And then you’re a baby, and you don’t know your life is ending, you just suck on your mother’s tit and then you die…”

    Last but not least, this fan-made (I believe) Mogwai video. The song gets me all the time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE5ho61yPXg


  85. Also, the Benjamin Button-esque concept of being born old and dying as an orgasm is quite an old trope in literature, but they put it into music within acceptable parametres of mediocrity. Not awesome, but not earbledd inducing either.

  86. Sorry that’s how you feel about Shining. The concept is anything but new, in fact, what you’re hearing in the song is Sean Penn in “She’s so lovely”. Nonetheless, I found the quote itself portraying the concept way better than the Button movie as a whole :)
    As for Miyazaki, have you watched any of the movies yourself? I see where you’re coming from though, perhaps if the entire thing wouldn’t have blown off, people like you could still enjoy it. The universe itself is rather beautiful and weird and the fact that what you’re seeing in Spirited away is entirely the vision and the work of just one man is even crazier, and just to add to the craziness, there was never a Script for this movie. So yeah, you might see where the overrating are coming from. But nonetheless the message and the ideas are beautifully illustrated throughout the work of this one man, I’d suggest you watch Spirited Away if you haven’t yet :) You might change your opinion afterward. Ofc, if you’re willing to see it with no biased expectations at all (which will be hard).

    Adding to the funkiness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myyY2JIhp80

    I happened to stumble upon this guy live, while in Seattle last year… Me and my girlfriend were trying to get to the Seattle Tower thingy but they were having this live concert and the dude simply won our hearts. Been a huge fan ever since, if you like this one track I suggest checking Love, Circle, Love where You’re At. Pristine c:

  87. I agree whole heartedly. Also, interestingly enough, Eddie Murphy and Snoop did a really good cover of Red Light (live>studio).

  88. As for Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke is my personal favorite. Much more adult, and the overall message is better. I’m not really into obscure anime though, so take it with a grain of salt.

  89. I don’t have a habit of criticising things I have not experienced myself, Terence. I have seen almost every thing Ghibli has had to offer. Still not impressed particularly by the paracosm Mr Miyazaki has built.

  90. Now, do listen to this song, it is a favourite of mine: goo.gl/HKSBb9

    You will (probably) be able to infer why as soon as your ear rejoice and you visage gazes upon that thing of beauty in utmost.

    Enjoy your newfound state of being.

  91. Dartes, may I ask, what do you work as? I’d say something in IT, but I’d like to hear it from you. Also, in you late 20s? Perhaps 30s? Just trying to make an image of who are the people I’m sharing pathos with. Other than the shitpostingbots.jpeg I already have in mind.

    Cynic, you’re next, boi. Make me this honour, both of you.

  92. I’m George, in fact (ruh-roh), 23 of Age, unemployed at the time being, stranded in a 2 bedroom apartment in Transilvania, Brasov, Romania. Will start my own carwash in about a year or so. Hopefuly.

  93. Your bravery in admittance is commendable.
    I have given a significant clue as to what my career path might be some comments upwards on this very thread. I have yet to complete said pathway.

    Transylvanian eh? Are you mayhaps a vampire?
    I have never been to Kronstadt, Siebenbürgen; is it nice there? Will your vehicle washing business be located in said locale? Best of luck anyhow.

    As for my age, well… Your region was part of the Kingdom of Hungary in the Dual Monarchy when I was born. Do I miss the old days.

  94. No but seriously, do the maths; I finished secondary school in 2009. And do I love European History. The game I have most hours played is CK2 for a reason.
    p.s.: what does ruh-roh mean???

  95. Lest we become complacent in our task, let us keep this up irregardless of the topic, we may see Negative0’s glorious return yet.

  96. Kronstadt is in fact the nowadays Brasov :) They still call it that way though. Nonetheless, the place is great in my opinion. And I’m no patriot, just a biased humble opinion on the place where I grew up and where I still reside. It’s compact yet diverse, quiet yet fun, clean yet unrestricted. Plus, the vistas are quite nice. Make sure you see Brasov if you get the chance. For the sake of Dualism on which I actually wrote a paper back in highschool. So you’re 22, living in Switzerland & interested in European History. I’m yet to find that comment regarding future endeavours but nonetheless I too wish you best of luck, whatever is it your processing yourself towards. Yes, the carwash will be close-by, I’m in the process of aquiring 1000 square meters this Winter for that reason. Ruh-roh is just the way in which Scooby was saying uh-oh back in the days, rather silly.

  97. Did you learn such good English by yourself? Also, do you speak as good as you write? I’m not sure I am, regardless of the fact that I’ve worked in the U.S. for two summers consecutively, for a total of 6 months + a degree in American Studies.

  98. You conveniently left out the vampire part.
    I reckon both you and Negraboba are Strigoi.

    (If one thing you Vlachs do absolutely well is folklore: Strigoi, Varcolac, Blajini, and the Water of Saturday just to name a few are wonderful stories I got acquainted with in my younger years of which I just can’t get enough of, it is a mythology in its very own right and it is gorgeous).

    Also, I am a year your senior.

  99. I learnt by a mixture of gaming and school and also literature.
    You could say games and lit got the vocabulary, school got the grammar.
    I do not, in fact, speak like a victorian man or a Middle Ages yeoman IRL, and the Internet with its foul american English has indeed tainted my vocabulary. I do realise I am a bit rusty on the speaking department though, we do not use it amongst ourselves, fortunately.

  100. I just hear that way too often, got a bit bored of the same lines. Only that you were not joking, I do see that now. The Water of Saturday haha. Alright, what made you interested in our folklore? And do you have a personal favorite?

    By your last statement you mean you’re one year older than me? That doesn’t really make sense as I finished secondary school in 2008. Maybe our systems are diffefent?

  101. I just always loved reading, and fate dictated one day that I should stumble upon a compendium of sorts in the library of my great aunt’s house: said book came with all kinds of stories from the Balkans, of which Romanian ones were featured prominently, thus I became interested.
    I remember a story I liked about a boy with a golden star, but I just can’t recall any specifics, apologies.
    Anyway, along came the Interweb, and I could deepen all my interests at my leisure. And pester people.

    As for the other topic, I think systems are more or less the same all around the EU+CH (we’re not really one of y’all but we pretty much do as you lot say on several matters), but due to the fact that I was the younger in my class by one and a half month, I was 17 when all or most of my classmates were already 18 at graduation.
    Shenanigans, you see.

  102. Anyway, that is just about it.
    Why is your handle Smae Old Terence though?
    I don’t know why I chose Dartes, mayhaps because it is not the handle I use at any other place.

  103. And I definitely would have Negraboba tell me why his username is such, as I said, it does mean “stupid negress” in Spanish..
    Talk about fates and the trolling Romance Languages.
    p.s.: I know you got rickrolled, come out already.

  104. Just sounded cool back in 07 when I was playing WoW, I only use it here though and in my informal email address. I apologize but I don’t recall the story either, what I can tell you though, if you’re not being ironic is what Negruvoda means. Its basically a compound word made out of Negru which means Black and Voda which was a title in the Middle Ages, synonimous to Voievod, the only difference being the fact that Voievod was a title given to leaders both of Moldova and Tara Romaneasca while Voda was a title bound to leaders belonging only of Tara Romaneasca (or Valahia/Wallachia, same thing.) As for the entire meaning, Wikipedia says it best: Radu Negru also known as Radu Vodă, Radu Negru, or Negru Vodă, was a legendary ruler of Wallachia. According to Romanian traditions, Radu would have been the founder and ruler of Wallachia at a date around 1290.

  105. I’m gonna go get some sleep now, hopefully by the time I wake up new pictures will be added.
    Oh wait… shit.

  106. Welp, now we have to go for #300. Let the shitposting continue!

    Yes, George is right about the origin of my username. Not that you’d be able to move on from your puerile and racist joke about it. It’s all right though, I don’t have high expectations from you.
    I was not hiding in shame because I got rick rolled, it’s just that some of us have a day job and need to get some sleep at night.

  107. Ah, we have come so far.
    I declare your declaration (verbis gratia) to be anathema, Horus.
    Let us strive to the thousand.
    Also Negraboba; I am no racist. Heavens, even though I am Swiss, I speak Spanish with near-native fluency and I simply made the mental connection. Also, the pretty things about Romance Languages is that if you know one of those well, you are very well able to READ the other ones with varying degrees of effort applied.

  108. P.s.: I did know about Radu Negru. He exists as a character in my favourite PC game, CK2.
    P.s.2: Terence, I used to play World of Warcrap as well, but had a falling out soon after Cata’s release. I am disillusioned still. I do consume other Blizzard products (OW and SC2 mainly) but I don’t expect to return to Warcrafy any time soon.
    P.s.3: #206

  109. 1,000,000,000






    Most visitors in 24h



    Facebook fans


    TB bandwidth







    Negative0’s first task is to update the metrics, I reckon.

  110. I’d switch to private mode, but then it only works if I invite people in rather than people joining the group. I’ll switch later on when we gathered at least the current active members.

  111. I know you lot are Latins at heart (there we have one thing in common at least) but you being surrounded by Slavs, well, I gotta say: that is the slavic-est thing you have said yet.

  112. Something does not add up though. Five members. Negraboba, myself and you being three. Who are the other two?
    Have Horus and Chipmaster joined the group whilst refraining from commenting?

  113. The CSGO part.
    Geography lesson: I am. And I should let you know that Switzerland has 4 communitites, 3 of which are Latin lock stock and barrel: the French-speaking, the Italian-speaking and the Romansh-speaking communities. And then you have the Germans.
    I belong to one of those three.

  114. You’re not quite a specifics type of person, are you haha. Alright, well thanks for the lesson. Have your parents been born in Elvetia (as we call it here) too? Btw, how do Swiss people refer to Switzerland?

  115. Oh I am quite ambiguous, yes. I like mysteries.
    AFAIK, they too are Swiss as well, yes. Born and raised in the very same valley even (not the same town though).
    Switzerland’s official fancy name in Latin IS “Confoederatio Helvetica” and the CH acronym represents us evrywhere (Latin is not one of our four official languages, bear in mind), but I think people just call our little big country just “Svizra/Svizzera/Suisse/Schweiz” in Romansh, Italian, French and German respectively depending which language they prefer to use at home.
    I would personally understand if someone were to poetically call me Helvetian as I would call you Vlach; but I can’t really speak for every other of my countrymen (though I reckon most woud understand that odd way of address).

  116. Also, call me weird but I’ve been on http://socialblade.com/ ever since that last comment, trying to find the top100 YT channels in Switzerland in hope I could find some Swiss vloggers. I all of a sudden got curious how’s life as a teen in one of the world’s wealthiest places. Funny enough, I couldn’t really find much except for this pastella28 girl that even though it says she’s living in Switzerland her English sounds uncannily American, not to mention her entire channel being in English so I’m willing to think she’s just there to study. Could you recommend me any famous Youtubers in Switzerland, perhaps a highly globalized one that will therefore show me that U.S. pop-culture made its way into the beautiful Swiss Alps too?

  117. This is the entire picture, in fact: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/souleater/images/9/90/Soul_Resonance_-_Souls.png/revision/latest?cb=20090129171313

    It’s a concept from an anime called Soul Eater, named Tamashī no Kyōmei which would translate as Soul Resonance. A while back I started this small little blog alongside my significant other and we decided to call it that way, as our ‘souls’ would resonate in various ways whenever we would Upload content about our little adventures or future endeavours. To this day, the Soul Resonance has not yet faded, in fact in 2 days we’ll have our 5 years anniversary. Hope all that’s not too cheesy for this thread.

    PS: What is Romansh?

  118. Even though I have been around YT since Dec-2005 (do I remember the good old Geriatric1927 (RIP) as most subscribed or LonelyGirl15 dramedy days), I never cared much for homegrown talent. Local youtubers tend to suck in my view.
    Pastella28 is, I think, legitimately Swiss. I did not know about her until today though.
    However, to answer your request, I think the most (in)famous Youtuber I unfortunately share country with is probalby Venus Angelic. A deranged, mentally unstable otaku lolita. I shall let you look into her content further, and at your own peril. Her mother is just as deranged and insane as she is.

    As for life in CH as a teen…well. I have had the privilege of living abroad and I have to say, we have it easier than most in several aspects; but harder on others. Overall however, life is indeed more gentle with us. That does not stop rampant depression and an uncanny suicide rate (a classmate of mine offed himself in 2008) among youth, but I think these are anecdotal in the end.
    That does not deny the fact that having lots of things served on a golden platter can be harmful in the long run. Fortunately we do cultivate a healthy “labour culture” alongside our welfare state to ocunter this.

    How is life in Romania for a tween? Did you live through the Ceaucescu era?

  119. I never watched Sol Eater even though I am acquainted with it. Also I find Maka Albarn to be aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.

  120. The remainder of the forum, it has come to my attention, is notoriously absent from this lingering ongoing thread of comments.
    This ought to be remedied ASAP.
    Mayhaps Horus could come join the fray? I know you lurk yonder past the shadow of naughts and ones that form the binary code of your computer screen.

  121. Also, have this spot on map with stereotypes of our kin and kith, courtesy of Reddit: http://i.imgur.com/Gq72cwL.jpg
    The aforesaid infamous Youtuber is from Aargau so mayhaps she got exposed to some radiation from one of the plants whilst in the womb? I don’t know, her behaviour is like straight out of a soap opera.

  122. Not to increase the number of comments on this thread (I do want to) but if only we could edit our comments, Negative0 darling, we would not need this spamming culture to get our point across.

  123. Oh, I just read your last question on that p.s.
    While it is no less certain that wikipedia is your chap; Romansh, my dear pal, is what happens when you mix Latin with some Celtic roots, some Rhaetic (the firrst inhabitants of the land) words and a healthy amount of German.
    It is a Rhaeto-Romance Language (the only one living next to Friulian and Ladin spoken in upper Italy) from the (obviously) Western branch of the family; about 2% of the Swiss speak it in the canton of Grischun, on Eastern Switzerland.
    It is a beautiful language.

  124. You have not answered my last question so I had to look it up myself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7fJBUH1JCE

    That’s surprising, did not expect one of Switzerland communities to sound like that. Romansh does sound like a combined version of French, Italian, German and Spanish or Portuguese (yet to figure that out), pretty much as you’ve told me already. Is there a particular reason why the language borrowed terms from so many other Latin Languages? Was it because of people coming from these aforementioned countries to Switzerland?
    Also, do people in Switzerland understand each other no matter where in Switzerland they are from? Is it really just a regionalism/accent thingy or legit new words that people from the North, say, cannot understand if they go South (random geographical example)?
    And one last thing on this matter, do each of these communities speak legit Italian, French and German or it’s still a mix while Romansh seems to be the ultimate language mixture of all 3? Also, what’s the dominant community? And do they teach all 3 languages in school + English?

    Damn, that Venus chick. I know her. Never knew she was Swiss tho’. That’s messed up, nonetheless… I have not yet seen her mother, not quite sure I want to either. As for Lonelygirl15, topkek #melancholia I’ve been more of a Boxxy guy throughout the years, even though that was only going to happen 2-3 years later. Good old days, nonetheless.

  125. PS: I messed up, watched 2 of Venus Angelic’s videos and now I think I f*cked my Recommendations on Youtube. All I get is her bathing and eating spice noodles. Yelp!

  126. Darts, you said you work in IT. What are you working on? Software dev? IT? Btw, any of you watches Mr Robot?

  127. Terence: I did give a comprehensive answer about Romansh, just read upwards.
    Negraboba: I never said I worked in IT??

  128. Excuse you and your lackluster knoledge, Pascal is a legitimate prgramming language developed by SWISS computer scientist Niklaus E Wirth in 1970. I have not used it since I graduted secondary school in 2009 so you can understand my rustiness, bt my cmmand of it is still good.
    And said language is nowadays widely used in banking (yes, Swiss joke there) still so it is not a relic.
    And yet you dare, presume, call it “psuedocode”.

    How many programming languages have been developed in Romania? That is what I thought.

  129. But your unfortunate comment aside, I can understand most regular people not knowing of it. It is something from the past, even though it has use yet.

    Now, as for Terence, I do hope you were able to listen to the sample of Romansh I gave you, it is not bad, the speaker is understandable.
    And no, Romansh is no mixture of nothing, it is a language that developed over the centuries in a certain area by a certain people, just like Romanian.

  130. And in fact, dare I say, it is far more “Swiss” than Swiss French, Siwss Italian, and even Swiss German; for it is truly native of that little corner of the Alps.

  131. P.s.: Romansh is only taught in the Romansh speaking area of Grischun; about half your school days till graduation woill be in Romansh.
    As for understanding, I never had any problem understanding German or Italian speakers from anywhere in the country French is a tad difficult to me though so I try to stay away from Romandy (the West or or French speaking part is called thus).
    As for the languages, Swiss German has pretty much trascended the dialect barrier to become a language of its own; I reckon a Berliner would understand bugger all in Zürich.
    Italian and French are more close to the “legit” versions of the tongue, speacially so with Italian.
    And, again, Romansh is NOT a mixture of French/Italian/German; it has influences from them, but is just another daughter language of Latin, and in fact it keeps A LOT of things from Late Latin that have been lost in the remainder of the Romance world.
    P.s.2: Yes, watching Venus Angelic fucks you up. I recommend hitting a wall afterwards.

  132. It was only a pun Darts, don’t get your nationalistic ego riled up. It was my first programming experience (4th grade, I think) and from what i recall it’s an horrible language. Actually, D programming language is being developed by Andrei Alexandrescu, so you can bugger off with you prejudice.

  133. Horus: Snap? What broke? I hope it’s not your finger, wouldn’t want to stop seeing your wonderful contributions to this site, for certain.
    Negraboba: If it was a pun I fail to see it. If it was a joke, fine.
    Swiss people are suprisingly not nationalistic at all. Even though we have a motherfucking good country with milk, honey, chocolate, guns and 0% polution, and helluva lots of reasons to be darn proud, we generally don’t give that much thought.

  134. And now we have 32 bytes.
    And no Negraboba. Still not working in IT. I am but a hobbist with only moderate to approximate knowledge.
    Do you work on the IT sector?

  135. Horus: I was not talking about myself but generalising.
    You should return to primary school. Reading comprehension is wanting on ya.

  136. I already have Tropico 4, and 5 too. It is a nice game indeed.
    -“Señor Presidente, we do not have enough electricity to power all the buildings in the island”- classic.

  137. P.s. to Horus: And I am sorry your country is not as amazing as mine and you have little reason to boast about it. Truly I am.

  138. Oh my God, a Sierra Games Bundle on Humblebundle. Thanks Negraboba.
    Too bad it doesn’t have the Pharaoh series.

  139. Naysay, Negraboba. The site can only be dead when you cannot connect to it. You should know more than me on this but if the server is still up and running, well, either somebody’s paying the host, or…mayhaps the contract’s still not up.
    Horus: if you are going to use art and thou, mayhaps not use emoji?
    (and you still have to embetter your reading comprehension still).

  140. Nay-say notwithstanding, I do share yer concerns about Negative0’s noteworthy absence.
    Still, hope is the last thing to lose.

  141. Also, Negraboba, I ignore what are Romania’s laws on internet hosts and top level domains, but if Negative0 truly wanted this site gone, it would have been down for good come September, and now the domain would be up for sale.

  142. And Horus: I reckon Negative0 is at his house. Yet where this house may be, we can only guess. Pegasus? Andromeda? Some County with no electricity?
    All but blind shots in the Dark of Ignorance.

  143. It is indeed true that along a great might doth cometh a great responsibility.
    Negative0, mayhaps, has chosen to shun said responsibility whose name is Constancy?
    Nay-say. He shalt return.

  144. @Negra: GG Romania! I am quite a friend of deregulation and governments not intervening too much into the economy.
    Is that band that you linked famous? They sound quite nice, eh. What is Romania’s nº 1 music band? I mean the most popular and famous there, the genre is irrelevant.
    Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTSA_sWGM44
    Brings a tear to me eye

  145. Not so much deregulation and free market as much as lack of insight on the subject.

    No, Travka isn’t famous. They actually parted ways. The song I linked is some romanian folk song with their own interpretation which I really enjoy. They only do it live (It’s more like SOAD’s La Isla Bonita https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jZ47F3jKSg, only sung during concerts and live performances).

    Also, I’d like to request the next picture posted here to be http://i.imgur.com/54ZHIza.jpg , in homage to Darts’s favorite game ( and he’s weird fetishes )

  146. I actually made my horse a Bishop in one playthrough, following a YouTube tutorial.
    Also, you riled me already me with Darts’s

    It should have been Darts’. Like you wouldn’t say sorceresses’s but sorceresses’.-

  147. By the way interesting clips but you have yet to answer my question about which is Romania’s nº 1 most popular band?

    P.s.: for having riled me I’ll go full “Presiden Snow” in your honour and I am going to start a new CK2 playthrough during the Radu Negru years and you bet I am going to play as the Golden Horde and release the fury of Tengri on the poor sod and his people.
    Then I’ll leave the scraps for the musselman Turk.

  148. I really don’t care that much about grammar, I just like calling out hypocricies. Also, now knowing English isn’t your native, you can afford a ton more slack.

  149. It really depends on who you’re asking, to be honest. But fair obvious, since the radio stations are dictating this aspect (famousness), Pop bands will be the most famous ones, as in so many Western cultures. Recently there’s been this band migrating from Moldova to Romania (so basically they could be called Romanians) called Carla’s Dreams which became famous despite the fact that they’re not really THAT mainstream. They do sing some sort of POP but with more depth to it (lyrics-wise), and the entire message conveyed by the band is rather interesting. So basically all members have their faces painted and they wear hoodies, pretty much trying to preserve their identities for themselves. I’ve watched several interviews with them, as I’ve been a fan way before they released these few songs that made them explode in Romania’s Music Charts and I can say for sure that the lead singer is a super fly and smart person. They also said that once they’ll be out of ideas, the band will disappear (wanted to say disband but felt this word was more suited). I simply loved this concept of creating in anonymity and leaving it that way once you’re done with music or whatever Art is it that you’re creating.

    Here’re a few recent songs they created in only the span of a year or two that really caught to the Romanian audience:

    This is the very big production they had in Romania: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eS6Bu1yDvk

    Then this song was what made everyone a Carla’s Dreams fan. It made it 1st into Romanian, Ukrainian, France I believe and Russian charts. Here’s an acoustic version of the song before it was released. Feel free to look up the full video if you enjoy (be cautious, though it’s rather explicit):

    Then this song, which I also like, mostly for the lyrics. It’s nothing quite special but way better than everything Pop out there.

    And their newest video, which I also enjoy a lot, for the fact that it’s entirely different from everything they’ve come up with so far, plus it’s got this FILM Soundtrack feel to it… just awesome:

    This might be considered the most famous band by many as of right now, in Romania, but def there’s other 100% Romanian artists just as famous. Just felt like picking something I can also relate to.

    Funny enough, people from Moldova tend to come to Romania searching to become famous through their music. Just as with Carla’s Dreams, there’s another band I’ve been a big fan of ever since 2013 I believe when I’ve first heard them live, called Alternosfera. This is a Moldavian Rock band… unfortunately it might not send you the same vibes as you won’t quite understand jack but there’s a lot of meaning behind their lyrics and their entire image (even the cover for their albums), close to poetry if you ask me, and their sound is also on my taste entirely. Here’s a few songs:

    2007 album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-ToTVhSIx4

    2008 album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybkS9Mz4qVs

    2013 album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqoiEXn8dkY

    This is from their last album, 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEEVxsOfgmE

    They’re singing in Romanian in all these songs but with a mild accent. More recently it’s almost not indistinguishable, back in 2007 though you could hear it quite pronounced.

  150. This is another highly appreciated band in a lot of circles in Music Industry, unfortunately more of an underdog as it’s not as famous as it should be yet. Ye t something I highly appreciate and a personal favorite: GRIMUS, a band from Cluj Napoca.

    Here’s a few songs that perhaps you might enjoy:

    And something they just recently released that I’ve been totally blown away with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMI4J22LBY0

    Hope you’ll enjoy!

  151. I have started to listen the links you have so gently provided. I will honour the time and effort of your undertaking. So far, Te Rog, so good. My Spanish logic says that Te Rog should be…I beg you? (in Spanish is Te Ruego).

  152. Also, if we are talking about Moldovan bands, how can anybody forget O-ZONE’s dragostea din tei (aka the numa numa song)??

  153. Pretty much what George said. Though, imo, you can’t get the sense of music from a country based on its top charts, because everywhere you’ll find the same old generic pop songs. Yes, there are cases where the lack of information from global sources produces more unique and culture specific music, but that’s not the case with us (having decent internet connection and easy access to EU).

    That said, one of the more recent trends in our music is the usage of folkloric instruments in a more contemporary song structure. Subcarpati – ‘the ballad of the romanian’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xu1tkect4I) – the lyrics are pretty good – they deal with our nation’s identity crisis and the lack of any key features. “Folklore’s like oxygen for an asthmatic nation” – a verse from the song which in my opinion could resolve our problem. There’s a huge stigma in Romania regarding rural areas (where the folklore is a lot stronger) because of the awful way society looks down on peasants ( main reasons being the lack of “intellectuality” and the association of agriculture with dumb and easy labor – a culture propagated by communism where engineers / medics / teachers were considered one of the highest achievers in society )

    The good thing is, this is starting to change, thanks to.. tourism (sadly). In my opinion, that’s the reason why we’re starting to have a mentality shift in that we’re embracing our culture / folklore – seeing that westerners value our rural areas more. The bad thing is, obviously, this change did not come from within.. it merely came up because westerners know better.

  154. Curious thing that the Romanian communist movement would shun agricultural labourers so, considering it was one of the most Maoistic communisms in the world; I actually thought that that version of communism had elevated the status of the labourer of the land and thus of the folklore and identity of said people to a higher prestige: odd it would be the reverse.
    But certainly it is a good thing it is starting to change, irregardless of the source of the change, I reckon.

    By the way, are Romanians patriotic overall?

  155. Communism is the culture killer. Culture spawns from identity and communism kills identity – so that we’re all equal, but humans aren’t equal and nothing we’ll do (short of genetic engineering) is going to make us equal. Yes, textbooks dictate that communism promotes the hard worker, the small gears that build up our wonderful society, but in what twisted version of reality would we want to undermine the intellectual. If not for evolution and continuous progress of our technological capabilities where would we be now? Still throwing rocks at each other. So of course the engineers, the medics, the ones the helped evolve (hah, like we changed much from 50s to the 90s ) our nation were more valued than the hard worker, the true laborer.
    The government stole the land from the people, for the ‘greater good’. Institutionalized collective farming, forcing people to take care of their own land and hand out a big portion of what they produce back to the state. That’s not empowerment or elevation of the laborer, that’s slavery.. and slaves have no culture. So, yea.. communism left a big scar on our land, one that will need time to heal.

    I think that Romanians are patriotic, but they’re the closet type. We’re ashamed of ourselves, we always bad-mouth our country and we have a horrible habit of pointing fingers to where the problems is, rather than collectively fix it.
    I still like this place though.

  156. That’s quite a Latin thing then; being overtly critic about one’s land, and complaining about it, but loving it in the end. Damn those pesky Romans.
    Quite a good analysis of the workings of communism, Negra. I like your input.

    Terence: I have listened to what you have provided. I particularly like the arrangements in most of the songs, they show some skill indeed. And the voice of the woman in the first Grimus song was awesome. I guess Carla’s Dream lyrics are a tad more frivolous than the others, right? Not that it is a bad thing at all. And the videoclips were rather well made, not a pandering to the common stereotypes.
    Negra: the emotion conveyed in ther song you passed down was shocking in the truest sense; that man truly flet what he sang, and even though I only caught a word here or there, the meaning trascended it.

  157. Private.

    Be a good old chap and put a lock on the door, would you?

    Also THIS

  158. Riiiight; he says so many random things with no value, my brain just automatically stops itself from any attempts towards comprehension.

    I retract my previous comment.

    Well done, Darts.

  159. You keep failing at comprehension.
    I am Latin.
    I am not Swiss German.
    Anyways, your lackluster understanding aside: your compliments are appreciated.

  160. That was the Germanic way of saying thank you.
    And yes Negra, my homage to Frank Miller’s 300 was, well, that famous quote on the…uhm, 300th comment. Cleverly done.

  161. Site was down, says Negraboba.
    And yet now it is up.
    I shall repeat what I have written on our Steam group: Mayhaps, just mayhaps; Neg0 is one MASSIVE troll who is always lurking, and just watches us and our comment string without lifting a finger. That’d be an epic troll.

  162. Unlucky #313 (this time properly references lest it is not understood like the 300th post….yes Horus I’m loooking at you and your childish ways)

    Now though, as Negraboba said wisely: SOMEONE, somebody, REALLY ought to save this singular commentfest somehow, somewhere, lest what we fear most doth indeed happen and we all rue it.

  163. And never let it be said I am not a supersititiously cautious person, #314 so as not to end my current comment spree on a 13.

  164. Appreciate your time on my links, Dartes. Yes, Carla’s supposedly dealing with more frivolous matters yet so was Shakespeare, and that didn’t stop him from making it. I’m definitely not making a comparison here, no. What I was trying to say is that the way in which a certain something is being delivered is what makes it special. And while Carla’s’ singing about love and the whole spectrum, in a Pop manner, it’s not quite THAT frivolous. Their lyrics have a tad more mind to it than whatever else I’ve heard, mainstream, in our current Pop culture. I’d say the lead singer is more of a rapper I believe while delivering his entire song into a more pop-ish manner, reason why it seems closer to poetry, yet still catchy and for the entire ‘flock’ (most people, myself included). Here’s the lyrics for Acele (meaning Needles), for example, if you’re interested in what he’s saying:


    I especially like this verse, which also sounds kinda smooth in Romanian:

    You’re on a shore, but his world is on another one
    That exists only in your mind forgotten in his


    On a shore you, on the other his world
    That exists only in your mind stuck in his mind.

    They’re from different translations but just so you can get an idea. You were also right (almost) about your translation, Te rog means Please. Te implor means I’m begging you.
    I’m not sure if you’ve checked Sub Pielea Mea, the original video (here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VYJ3UQCmtM), which translates to Under My Skin. Which is another analogy because the song is called Sub Pielea Mea OR Eroina, you can see, there’s almost a slash there. Eroina means Heroine, but most of the times you’d hear it sound like Heroin because in the Romanian language it’s even easier to get from Heroine to Heroin, you just gotta make the H silent. So EROINA (Heroine) while HEROINA (Heroin). Therefore, while he’s referring to his ‘significant’ other as a/his Heroine, you might see how misleading it becomes when he’s saying that… she/it got under his skin, messed with his mind (just like, heroin). If you’ll watch the last few seconds of the video you’ll also notice how it simply ends abruptly, making you think they messed up in post-production. In fact, that’s another reference to heroin use and how you black out, just as with love effects perhaps(?).

    And there’s lots and lots of small analogies and mind games in the lyrics through most of their songs, that’s why I’m saying the frivolous aspect, treated this way is kinda artsy, if you ask me :) Sure, not to everyone!

    As for Alternosfera, that’s way above Carla’s level :) They are always talking in analogies and double-edged meanings. Too bad it’s hard to translate, I’m sure you would’ve appreciated some of their messages.

    On what Negruvoda added and your question on patriotism:

    Negru’s entry was perfect, not sure how I forgot about Subcarpati. Great example because of the folklore references and the overall message they’re conveying about Romanian culture and status nowadays. Also, almost everything he said was spot on except for that last part, that was also your question and that’s also a subjective POV so I fully respect his opinion. In my POV though, no, I believe patriotism is a foreign concept to us, still. I feel that if you’re patriotic most people would refer to you as a Commy (“oh look, a Romanian flag on that guy’s Balcony, must be an old-Commy” -or at least that how most people around me, my age, would seem to think of it). I also feel that the few times when people become patriotic is on our National Day or when our National Football Team is going against someone else, which is rather sad. Apart from these few cases I feel like the vast majority do not feel happy about being Romanians, most likely because of the image we have in the West due to either poor Romanians stealing or causing havoc while working abroad or simply the West that’s making fun of us (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtswvVcyJt4 -the first part) or thinking Romania is entirely made up of gypsies -probably the worst stereotype). The tides are changing though and we’re seeing more Romanians gathering together for certain causes than we did in the past but as Negru said, this is still not something from within but rather something we’ve seen outside and we felt like adopting/growing too.

  165. Man, I sure do write a lot. I shall now return to my slumber state and give everyone a break from my wall-of-texts!

  166. Textwalls are better than paywalls (?)
    Anyway, I shall now listen to what new links you have provided (I have listened to the others yesterday). Wordsmiths that can play with the lyrics they write are my favourite kind of musicians.
    Funny how “Te Rog” would be please; I mean I can understand it, but seems quite polite, good for you Romanian. “Te Implor” would be beg then? I can also see that because in Spanish “Te Imploro” would be…I beseech you. It’d be understood, but it is a rather stilted, formal Castillian use.

    Funny how they would associate nationalism with communsim; in an oh-so-ironic twist of fate, a movement that predicates the unity of the worldwide proletariat and that was characterised in its inception by dismissing nations and nationalisms as bourgeois creations meant to alienate the labourer would not only resort to that very same rhetoric but also get to be DEFINED by it. How the might have fallen.

  167. Christ.
    Is there a word limit to these comments? Terry’s novels point towards a ‘no’.
    I might need someone like Darts to proofread my dissertation then. Please, Darts? About 14.000 words.

  168. Horus:
    1€ per 10 lwords plus an encumbrance fee of 2’500€.
    I doubt you can afford my rates.
    Else: hmu ;3

    p.s.: I don’t proofread furry porn, poststructuralist marxism, ophthalmological reports on polyocria, sad suicide notes or essays on why your waifu sucks.

  169. I know you want to, Darts.
    But I will pay you in feelings. More exactly the honour you’ll experience once your eyes transfer information to your brain upon reading my work.
    Doing a media Master’s at Northumbria University in Newcastle.
    Negru, it’s actually about Romanian mass-media and public service broadcasting in connection with Habermas’s public sphere. The study is puny as I haven’t had much time, but it gathers quantitative data on the way students consume and perceive media in Romania.
    One week away from deadline.

  170. Jürgen Habermas is one of my least favourite Frankfurters, more of an Adorno chap, myself.
    His backstabbing of Derrida in The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity is totes for shits and giggles though.

  171. Also, I wish I could reciprocate your warm Vlach feelings, but alas, feelings don’t pay for my expensive tastes.

  172. ((Errata: Charlotte Mason’s “children’s motto” (it’d be more of a mantra nowadays) was “I am, I can, I ought, I will”, somehow I produced a must down the line.))

  173. I am . . . a child of God, a gift to my parents and my country. I’m a person of great value because God made me.

    I can . . . do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God has made me able to do everything required of me.

    I ought . . . to do my duty to obey God, to submit to my parents and everyone in authority over me, to be of service to others, and to keep myself healthy with proper food and rest so my body is ready to serve.

    I will . . . resolve to keep a watch over my thoughts and choose what’s right even if it’s not what I want.
    The mantra in its original form. A shinig pearl of British education, I reckon.
    At least in Victorian times.

  174. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

  175. Whilst I love Dune and think Frank, old chap, was a genius. The litany has ruined the perfect symmetry of 345 comments. Oh well, guess we will now have to reach 456.

  176. Hm? My comments are awaiting moderation? I know I’m this site’s terrible boy, but that can only mean the hidden hand of Negative0 has been around.

  177. I adore Kratwerk to a fault, I even when to see them to Verona last July.
    But alas, I must stand by my previous position.
    Huey Lewis still takes the prize.
    Too bad Die Roboter hasn’t got any Liebe in it.

  178. Horus, where art thou from?

    And skip any sassy answer, lest you face dire consequences ranging from golf to minigolf.

  179. I’ve told you, m8, but you didn’t get my wording.
    To quote myself: “More like what-amendment-and-stab-pigs-land. Fortunately schooled in old-amendment-and-wear-wigs-land”.
    To explain: – the rule of law is not respected and killing pigs around Christmas time is a tradition – Romania.
    – old country, old traditions and they wear wigs in court – UK
    Ok, admittedly you wouldn’t have known stabbing a pig in its aorta is a Romanian tradition.
    I’m a Romanian student in UK.

  180. That sounds pretty neat. Any specific future path you’re aiming towards or still not sure what you wanna do with it (the Masters).

  181. Don’t care for now. Just want to get this dissertation done then I’ll chill for a bit.
    Done a documentary before so probably I’ll follow that direction.

  182. Frankie goes to hollywood is right there, approved on my list of good records.
    You have earned biscuit points, as the americans say.

    Horus could swing either way: either become the next Christiane Amanpour or the next William Howard Russell.

  183. And yet, Terence, I still stand by my original thesis. FGTH’s song is superb, but few things can trump Huey Lewis’ vocal range. And this comes from no stranger to British bands, myself (Heaven knows I constantly claim British bands saved rock, for instance).

    Do you have any other vinyls?
    A vinyl of New Order’s 1987 album Substance counts amongst my most precious possessions.

  184. Not that I have a contraption able to reproduce the aforesaid format where I currently live. But it is all about the cult of the erstwhile mentioned format; vinyl.

  185. Adam Curtis is good (i really liked All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace), though a bit opinionated imo.

  186. 當身은바보입니까? 왜 當身은 천천히 생却下십니까? 萬歲 朝鮮 民主主義 人民 共和國과 그 指導者!!

    I am indeed partial to Hanja/Hangul mied script. Unlike most Koreans nowadays, unfortunately.

  187. Anyhow, aren’t you supposed to be redacting news from whichever news agency sends them to your employer in order to fit a certain discursive bias instead of prowling around this website, Horus?

  188. *dramatic voice*
    I have never, ever (!) believed this thread was dead. It is not! And I shall be furious if any of you dare steal #500 from me.

  189. Just written my conclusion for the dissertation. 500 words to go to the word limit. Plan your Steam games, I will soon be back!
    After getting historically pissed drunk, of course.

  190. Else, you shall return to your village in dishonour, and your family shall disown you, you will be an outcast.

  191. Terence: How can I be racist to the first and foremost of human civilisations? The world was chinese but for a stinto of 250 years, and now natural order is being restored.

  192. Negraboba: No, actually I meant a Romanian person.
    Sheesh, you lot join the EU and now start criticising those “backwater beaner negroes” alright, eh?

  193. Fine, Cynical. I’ll allow you some limited agency and entity again. Don’t waste it.
    What have you done today to make America great?
    Probably nothing.

  194. Drop the virtual diva act.
    Where are you from, name, location, id, PO box, credit card number, country and social security card right now.

  195. Every Swiss works in banking (except on saturdays when we mind the cheese fermentation process and do yodeling) so I’ll find you if you’ve ever been near a bank, sooner or later.
    Sit tight.
    Also, Negraboba, thanks for the vote of no confidence, aren’t you the good chap?

  196. Well Horus it must be quite a bother to find out never quite entertained me.

    Aren’t you worried about what’d befall you once the Brits unfortunately opt out of the EU though? They’re not keen on foreigners, it seems.

  197. And its not like you are the “right kind” of foreigner anyway.

    That’s why we never committed to any of that.
    All other Europeans are weird. We’ll stick to (armed) neutrality thank you very much.

  198. Also, this string of five successive comments is proof certain of the immediate need of a comment editing tool.

  199. For a journalist you use of the comma is queer to say the least.
    Now onto relevant matters: Where the fuck is Terence? Dare I say I miss his textwall posts. They were the fruits of passionate labour.
    Also, Negraboba, you have a voice, stop lurking and use it!
    You taught me that the summoned babboon will surely come, therefore: come!

  200. By the way Negra, what is Battlerite? Is it like Battleborn for poor people?
    If that would be the case, Battleborn being a pale second-tier, it’s like a third-tier Overwatch then, what a nightmarish thing.

  201. However the overwhelmingly positive ratings for an early access game are compelling my attantion.
    Do enlighten me, Negra.

  202. Upadte: the title is misleading, this is like a piad version of League of Legends, a game I can only hope is soon defeated by better products. But I disgress in my rant.

    How can an unfinished LoL yonder past a paywall be a successful thing let alone a thing!? I am baffled, bedazzled, and bemused.

  203. Oh it’s addictive as fuck. If you know the old Bloodline Champions of Stunlock.. this is its successor. It’s a mash-up between top down perspective, WoW Arena and (league of legends , maybe? – it has directional skills). It has really intense battles – I don’t think there’s a game that gives me so much adrenaline rush ( except maybe for EVE online, when i’m getting my ass kicked). Anyway, if you enjoy arena style pvp – it’s really worth the money, even for an early access. Get it, let’s team up and kick some ass.

  204. I see. I am seriously considering a purchase, really. Come payday, I might just buy it along some other items on my wishlist if I find it interesting.

    Does it have items? How wide is the skillset array? Are there pay2win elements? How long has it been in Early Access? Have you encountered lots of unberable bugs or exploits?
    And more importantly, is there a backstory?

  205. Also, the HUD seems a bit…odd. I hope it is rearranged.
    Most of the images I see on Steam seem to be from a 3rd person perspective yet the trailer shws some 1st person elements? Which is the case?

  206. Update: disregard all that 1sty person thing. I just paid no attention to the trailer. I stand corrected.
    What’s that “win the crowd” point in the about section, though?

  207. No, no items (no farming or anything – just that after each round you choose a ‘talent’ from 3 options – like in wow) . Didn’t encounter any game breaking bugs – there’s just some minor thing when you queue for matchmaking, you can get ‘unready’ and not notice. Skillset – each hero has basic attack, secondary attack, 1-2 escapes, 1-2 disables 1 ultimate and 2 more ‘alternate’ skills – pretty unique per hero. Not really a backstory, I mean each character is some kind of ‘champion’ from some tribe come to compete in some tournament.. they do have a story, each one. Not sure for how long it’s in early access, but I kinda trust them on their previous game. No, no pay-to-win. I.. don’t actually know what they mean with the “Win the crowd” – it’s probably just filler text for their about page. There’s no ‘spectator’ feature or anything.

  208. It can also be adopted as a twisted, misinterpreted, anthem of British euroscepticism and separatism, even though that’s not what the song means. Oh the irony.

  209. No need to go so harsh on me, Darts, was just inquiring.
    You asked me about my vinyl collection, a while back. I have seen that but really did not know what to answer tb entirely h. I have quite a few, from mainstream (Jay-Z, Artic Monkeys, Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Daughter, BANKS, Daft Punk, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis, Beatles etc) to less mainstream (Katatonia, Catacombe, MONO, Riverside, The Civil Wars, Portishead, Bon Iver, Nick Drake etc). I have a handful that I like listening to more often. Most of the times Allen Stone’s Radius album (which I previously mentioned 200 something comments ago I believe) just gets me going. Most of the songs in there are entirely my thing. I once again suggest listening to it, the dude’s crazy funky.
    I’m also into post-rock, that’s also my thing. And I also have a collection of Romanian Folkloric music and Classic music too, apart from everything I’ve mentioned. But those are easier to get. Not all of them, though.
    For example, there’s this album from a Gypsi lady I’ve tried to acquire for the past 2 years. Initially, I could not find it anywhere, apparently, it was released in a limited edition and it was rather hard to find. Then I subscribed to it (Added to Wish List) on Discogs and was further notified about it being available for sale but the dude/seller was asking 50 EUROs for something that I could probably get for 4 on the Vinyl Market. I just haven’t been lucky yet finding it I suppose. Here’s what one of her songs sounds like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVFsYEgmfQE . This genre is called Lautareasca, which is hardly a genre, more like a word attribution cause Lautar means Folkloric Musician so basically the genre is named after the Musicians playing it: Lautar – easca. Another example so you get a better idea, Greek music is being called Greceasca (from Grecia -Romanian for Greece + easca). So we just add EASCA and it turns into an adjective. In most cases, though, given how diversified Romanian culture is, the term Lautareasca is most times related to Gypsi Musicians. Given that aspect, the genre is also being related to the lower classes of Romania. But I personally highly appreciate the instrumental aspect (called Taraf in Romania) as I find it quite complex at times and the cultural background behind it is also… somewhat fascinating. Might also have something to do with the fact that my father’s a musician and even though he’s not playing such songs specifically I heard Romanian Folkloric music often, which is similar to what I presented earlier and I somehow got a taste for it. About the instrumental part, here’s the same song being sung by another artist (a Romanian actor this time) and just listen to the Instrumental closely, it’s crazy good IMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI-R3mTn9c0

    And here’s a Romanian Folkloric song sang by my father’s band, so you can get an idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gqnz5-R04k (my father is playing keyboard piano)

    These are my other music items on my Wishlist that I’ve been trying to get for a while but never really found anyone selling them for a more decent price (not related to Folklore or Classical music, just what else I’m into):


    Hope that clears things up a little bit. Also hope I haven’t bored you with the culture lesson about Romanian-Gypsi music, just earlier! I’d gladly listen to some Folkloric music from your country as well.


  210. Well you know what they say, abscence makes the heart grow fonder.
    Or in this case, presence makes the string grow deeper.
    Also, I was accusing you of being a rotten apple because I am actually onto Negraboba but I don’t want him being suspicious (I trust this will linger in betwixt us both).
    You do know your music, huh? I am a bit well versed myself in the field and I daresay if I have not yet clearly said it ere, that your taste is not bad at all.
    I’ll listen to the links provided ut supra in earnest.
    Are you into punk and its many variations? What about metal?

  211. Regardless of not being a fan of Yodeling (I suppose it’s somewhat hard to fall for it if not a native) I did listen to it entirely both out of respect and curiousness. I’ll assume the guy is singing German then? Also, is Yodling more of a thing in Switzerland than it is in Germany?

    Not so much into Punk nor Metal. That doesn’t mean I don’t listen to it. It just means that’s not the things I’d look for first when in a Shop or Online. But sure, I do have Hendrix (Machine Gun is my ultimate favorite, it just sends out so much. You can hear War, in that song, truly), Dio (what a legend, I also intend on buying an LP that I enjoy from when he was in Rainbow), Led Zeppelin (III album is my favorite) and Placebo in my little collection, even though that’s more like alternative rock. Dare I say I even own a 30 Seconds To Mars LP? Perhaps not. So yeah, I like it alright, it’s just not my main course of music. And also no, I don’t really know much about music, I just listen to whatever the hell sounds good to me… It’s just the fact that I’m talking a lot about music that perhaps leaves such an impression but that has little to do with music and almost everything with the fact that I talk too much. Sadly, haha. Thanks, though, Darts. Trying to make me look better, haven’t had someone do that for me in a while, apart perhaps for my significant other, dealing with me & my shit for the longest time.

    On to Gypsies. Yeah, they’re quite troublesome. The stereotype definitely lives up to its description. They’re just… bad. Uneducated because they don’t want to be educated. Sure, there are exceptions (quite a handful) but in most cases they stick to their own values (“culture”), which asks that girls be married at 13, then breed like animals, having anywhere between 1 to 20 children while living on social benefits or the handouts the kids received. Not sure how it’s called in English but here it’s ‘Alocatie’ which basically translates to Money allocated by the Government for children up to a certain age (I believe 14). As I said, things are (extremely) slowly changing but yeah, most of them are still just like that up to date. It’s sad really, how a population of 3.3% out of Romania’s total population has such an impact
    that simply transformed Romania into Rromania (Rromi or Rroma people is how gypsies are officially called here) to most foreigners. But I won’t weep for Romania as we kind of deserve our faith. If it’s one thing I’ve learned while traveling abroad it’s definitely the fact that the PEOPLE are what makes a Country and Romania is the way it is because of how weak its people are. As simple as that. We’re just not there yet. Nonetheless, won’t go into anthropology nor politics as I’m no good myself either.

    As for your other comments, may I say it seems as if you’ve missed me, Darts? Or is this simply the kinship that meh.ro created into action? That’s cute, nonetheless.

    Truth is, I just lurk here, lately, every now and then I access this site and lurk in silence while being in awe of the ever increasing number of comments and your unflinching hope that all this matters. ‘Hope’, what a marvelous and sad thing.

  212. Negraboba: There is no double standard whatsoever; you can call out my supposed double standard when your political class stops storing their € in our banks. Sometimes you truly are true to your Spanish name, you silly negress. You are quite funny though. So like Bob Marley (RIP) used to say, let’s stir it up! Little darling, come on and stir it up!

    Terence: Why I am fond of your textwalls and I missed them. They are so much better than any other contribution that can be made in 2 or so lines.
    Yodelling is a common heritage of the Central Alps, but um, yeah, it was first recorded in Appenzell, a canton of Switzerland in the 16th century as a way herders called their livestock and communicated with each other on different parts of the vast valley (or sometimes in other valleys altogether) so it originated in Eastern Switzerland. It is definitely more of a thing here than in Germany, I reckon. Here you have a legit JAPANESE Jodler (you don’t have to listen to it all) whose antics make me feel embarrassed for him but people seem to like him so… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO7MWuJ7zLA
    Whilst I’m not constantly listening to Jodeln I do appreciate its required technical and skill level; not everyone can do it, mind you.

    I also listen to whatever suits my ears, indeed. The broad variety of music I have found appealing however, puts me in the difficult position of not being classifiable, indeed, I will listen to everything; my playlist jumps from vapourwave to oi! and from Monteverdi to Kanye West. A bit of a cliché, I know, but that is who I am.

    As fro the Roma or Gypsies, there are also a lot of them in Spain, where my SO is from and the situation is more or less the same, the Spanish howeverare quite experts in dealing with them, and have tunred significant parts of their culture (like Flamenco) into profitable tourist attractions, so the average Spaniard tolerates them so long as they don’t show up too much. Same thing happens in neighbouring Portugal.
    I don’t think there are many of them in Switzerland though.

  213. And indeed Hope, Boredom and the common Bond of twisted sickness and perverted sentimentality that draws us all here like moths to a flame is a thing of beauty.
    Negative0 shall return.

  214. of Montreal! I had so forgotten about them! Nice oldie (11 years qualifies as an oldie, right?).
    When I first listened to them so long ago I thought they were another British Arctic Monekys-ish rock band. Not quite.
    Nice tune, Cynical.

  215. Ha! Fun fact: Some close relatives of mine own the record label they’re on, Polyvinyl Records, which incidentally have another band that may hit a bit closer to home; Casiokids ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOGWjMGDNRM ). They’re Norwegian. I kinda grew up with all that Indie crap. You mentioned being into punk earlier. I have to say I wouldn’t have guessed. These same relatives got me very heavily into that as well back in the day.

  216. I am.
    Even though I recognise that the punk movement’s music was born in ‘Murica with the one and only Iggy Pop among others, no one can seriously contend the fact that it found its perfect expression in British punk-rock.
    Sex Pistols, Sham 69, The Clash are prime examples of this. One of my favourite songs of all time is by a Scottish punk band called The Skids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocbud8ilgok (it was featured on The Boondock Saints 2 at the end, if you have seen that film).

    Interesting fact. I had never before heard of these Norwegian lads, I like how they sound. Are they famous in Norway?

  217. Also, who do you think won the ‘Murican debate number 1, Cynical? Contrary to popular belief, I still posit that Television lingers queen and mistress of middle America; and lo, she did give Nike (Victory, not the sportswear brand) to The Donald, I reckon.

  218. The Brits most definitely nailed the genre and arguably influenced it most. I had heard of The Skids, but never really gave them a chance. However, I do remember the song being in the movie and liking it (the movie however, sucked big time compared to the first). I might have to add them to a few playlists and dive a little deeper.

    As for Casiokids, they had some really good momentum going early on, a few singles gained some traction and they were getting pretty big. But from what I understand, they had a problem touring internationally both in the UK and the States which led a halt in their success. The song above was in FIFA 10 though if that gives you any kind of grasp as to their popularity. That whole album is pretty solid. I don’t understand any of it, but I like it.

  219. It is like the Nixon/Kennedy debates; where Nixon (who had the flu but was a better orator) won to radio listeners and Kennedy (who was better looking and was healthy) won to TV viewers. Now it’s a dicothomy betwixt TV and the Interweb.

  220. The dabate I haven’t watched. Most of us are pretty exhausted by this whole election. I mean, we have to choose between two genuinely horrible people, and our media won’t stop covering every fucking second. From what I understand, and even most Drumpf supporters are admitting, is that Hillary absolutely slaughtered the guy. I’ve only seen a few clips, but damn was he unprepared. Either way, America is fucked and has been for a while. We’re used to it, whether some of us choose to believe it or not.

  221. I haven’t decided. If I do, it would be third party anyway so it really doesn’t matter, does it? I was one of the many Bernie supporters that got really excited over the possibility of actually shaking up the system and exposing all this corruption that floods our politics. I was pretty salty when he was inevitably fucked in the ass by the DNC. At this point, when concerning our major politics, I have a constant terrible feeling I can only describe as a mixture of hopelessness and defeat. For most of us, it’s depressing to say the least.

  222. Sorry, like I said before: I’m not big fan of most animes. I just enjoy the mainstream basics. (DBZ, Miyazaki, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, and most recently, Full Metal Alchemist, etc.

  223. Fine, I stand corrected.
    You also stand corrected that it is a character from a videogame, not an anime.

    I meant to say that you truly feel despair for your nation’s future.

  224. Perfect! I’m glad I was able to accidentally reaffirm my ignorance on the subject. But, unfortunately yes. Not to mention how this election truly exposes how a majority of our public is so actually close to retarded; it’s embarrassing, honestly.

  225. Oh well. I figure that in only in a free country as free as yours can a clown such as THE DONALD have a serious space in politics. If the people of Freedomland would listen to him intently, might as well vote him into the presidency.
    Besides, his victory could pose an interesting development in the world.

    Like old Holywood films used to say when trying to oh-so-covertly convey the cultural attemp at supremacy of the US of A: “Only in America”.

  226. The Donald is just attempting to pursue HIS American Dream, why won’t you help him? Solidarity is the cornerstone of a functioning society.

  227. Are you implying that you will kill me, Negra?
    Welp, better head on to the chemist’s, this one needs some medication.

  228. (Cynical: is my colonial written register good? I even switched -re to -er!!! Like, dude, that’s like, super american)

  229. Not bad. I’m picking up a pretty significant early 80’s new-wave influence, though. Something akin to a darker, slower Modern English sound.

    As for your “colonial register,” I don’t follow what you mean by switching your -ers. Though, your structure seems normal enough, bro.

    Negruvoda, that BJM song is a good one. They also do the theme to Boardwalk Empire (Steve Buscemi), a really well done early 20th century American gangster drama. “Straight Up and Down,” I think it’s called.

  230. I meant that besides getting rid of the U in favour, flavour, colour, programme and so on, you lot switch thetre for theter, centre for center and so forth.
    Yes, Depeche Mode is one with the 80s synthesiser movement known as new wave (of which I am a cultis and aficionado)

  231. And register is, in socio-linguistics, a variety of a language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting.

  232. Ah, okay then. I see where you’re coming from now. Earlier I noticed you spelled “defence” instead of “defense” and I thought you were just misspelling it until I looked it up. Apparently it’s another UK thing. I’m glad I didn’t rush to correct you, looking back. All in all, America for some reason has always idiodically felt the need to adapt everything as our own (metrics, traffic, language, etc.) despite there being no need to change any of it at all. In fact, it’s caused major issues in the past (NASA losing a space orbiter back in ’99 for example).

  233. As for Cynical:
    I am in my mid 20s, and when I was growing up, British English was the norm for the English-as-L2 teaching in all Europe, Asia and South America. It is somewhat of a prestige register of the language (for instance, the UN specifies that its official language is BRITISH English and all its documents use S instead of Z, -re instead of -er, -mme instead of -m… you get an idea) and I reckon it still is the predominant formal teaching register in most of the world.
    Of course, nowadays we have the Internet, whose language is, I concede, American English…for the most part.
    Therefore, most of my English (which is my L3, not my L2) is a British grammar with an american pronunciation and a whole lotta slef loathin’.

  234. As for US still using the Imperial measures. It is but an irrelevant matter.
    We tell you we make “special pounds/gallons/inches versions” of tools or appliances made just for you while in reality we just rebrand things done in proper metrics.
    You on the other hand, do make your exports fit the markets they are bieng shipped to.
    It always amused me.

  235. Also, do you like The Fratellis?
    I remembered I had forgotten how much I love this Scottish band. Thy have an amazign artistic sense, from their album covers to the arrangements in the music.
    These are some choices from what I think is their best album:
    2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMt6ajEIuUg

  236. What did you stuff inside The Game though?
    No judgment I am just curious!
    Long live love live or something friendly to your kind.

  237. Nice tunes from the Fratellis, they remind me a bit of Franz Ferdinand. Gonna listen to some Franz Ferdinand now. BTW, I’m still waiting on y’all to get BattleRite.. Darts, when’s your next paycheck you were talking about?

  238. Romanians are so open when it comes to talk about the cold, hard cash.
    The third of September is the assigned day.
    When do YOU get your payday?

  239. I like how in the last ‘RIP meh.ro’ (Deadpool knife holder) post we had a total of 23 comments. This one has 526.

    ##526, PEOPLE!!!

    Starting to think Neg0 is actually an asshole.

  240. I’m not sure which one is more likely to surface up first, Sean Murray or Negative0. Perhaps we’ll find then both in the same spot. What was the name of that pub? Oh right, The Dodo’s Way.

    Look at me being edgy af.

  241. I don’t know, Negra, it is cultural I suppose.
    Some people shun talking about sex.
    Others eschew talking about politics, religion or football.
    We frown upon money.
    Shocking coming from More-banks-than-inhabitants-land, I know.

  242. #Ere reaching the 666 comments required for Negative0’s return, that is.
    And assuming nobody fucks it up this time.

  243. The fuckup criteria have been revealed to me only and in privy fashion infusa scientia by divine spirits.
    Therefore, said conditions are for me to know and for ye to ponder in silence wondering.
    Suffice to say, I shall let ye know if we fuck up yet again, perish the thought.

  244. And we must absolutely NOT stop at 665.
    That’d only showcase our lackluster faith in fate. It is written that HE shalt return, after all.

  245. By the way Negra; what is your favourite food?
    I presume some sort of goulash, but that is just me appealing to the stereotypes.

  246. Oh great, if only we could edit comments….
    Anyways, I know Terence’s favourite meal, coming from the Siebenbürgen region (fun fact: History dies hard, and Transylvania is still called Siebenbürgen in German, it means “7 Fortresses”, and refers to the seven Saxon Towns of the land: Kronstadt, Meidasch, Mühlbach, Schässburg, Sächsisch Regen, Bistritz, and the capital, Hermannstadt) is probably blood…sausage.

  247. ((BTW: are there any lingering Germans left in there of has the communist chauvinistic stalinistic anti-german movement post-1945 kicked them all out of their ancestral homelands?))

  248. And I know for fact that Cynicals favourite food is Hamburger.
    He is American after all.
    He has a special place in his fat ridden, blocked-arteries heart for funnel cake, however.

  249. Also, does anybody like Blur?
    You know, the flesh and bone version of Gorillaz.
    They have a rare rendition of an old tune I recalled from somwhere. It is a quaint song and I quite like it, though it is clearly not their most famous work, what with it being a B-side of one of their first albums. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7kUuXR7pKw

  250. Yea, big fan of Gorillaz here. Demon days is and probably will be my favorite album from all time. Blur, is ok, but I can’t say I’m a fan ( song 2 is nice though ).
    We do have goulash based dishes in Romania, but my hometown (Timisoara) has strong Italian culinary influences, so I do enjoy pasta more or some good prosciutto crudo with mozzarella di bufala. Three weeks ago though, a new Vietnamese place opened up near me and the food they make is really good so I’m on a asian food spree at the moment. What about you Darts?

  251. I’ll have you know that I just had blood work done a month ago and my cholesterol levels are just fine, thank you. As for funnel cake: overrated. Elephant ears are much better. Burgers, admittedly, are the shit, though not my favorite.

  252. Is that so, Negra? Intersting. Italian cusine is something I like but not my absolute favourite. If I had to choose under duress one singular cuisine above all others…I’d be unable to.

  253. Is that so, Negra? Interesting. Italian cusine is something I like but not my absolute favourite. If I had to choose under duress one singular cuisine above all others…I’d be unable to. I am a foodie through and through. I particularly like tasting foods from all over the world; but one thing (among many) that has a special place in my heart is the Engadiner. Also known as Bündner Nusstorte, or, as we used to call it home: Tuorta da nuschs. A piece of Heaven made manifest as a walnut confection (fun fact: even though the dish has a good history already, Nut trees do not grow in the Swiss Valleys, so they are imported) whose mild sweetness and wholehearted warmth everyone enjoys.

  254. oh, ignore my last comment. Apparently the page only loaded “Is that so, Negra? Interesting. Italian cusine is something I like but not my absolute favourite. If I had to choose under duress one singular cuisine above all others…I’d be unable to.”

  255. I also know my way around cheese.
    I am particularly fond of Milbenkäse. A German cheese not from our land, but quite amazing (word to the wise, do NOT google how it is made).
    I also like Sbrinz, goes along welll with another specialty of these parts called Bündnerfleisch.
    Fun fact: did you know that “Swiss cheese” is not, in fact, Swiss, but a foul american imitation containing at least 45% cheese?

  256. Not the one about cheese but the one about my tepid indecisiveness regarding one cuisine over others.

  257. As for cynical: are you a Yankee?
    If you are American you should probably know how and when to properly apply that term, unlike everybody else. And if you can be considered one or nay.
    I still think you are a Southern swamp Hick.
    Not that I’m being racist or anything.

  258. As for Albarn’s upcoming works….well… I’m not too hyped. I just hope to be pleasantly surprised.

  259. And if Burgers are not thine favourite, what are they?
    Hot Dogs?
    That filth ye lot attempt to pass as “Pizza”?
    APPLE PIE? (fun fact: Apple Pie is English, not American, topkek lel)

  260. Damn, homie, you got it out for me? Yes, I do fit your definition for the word. As for apple pie: Not a fan. Pizza pie on the other hand is indeed delicious. I don’t know what you mean by po’boys. What’s with the interrogation?! MY favorite food is none of your God damn business!

  261. Good stuff about the 7 Fortresses, Darts. I was actually born in one of the seven.
    Gorillaz are the best. I can vouch. Seen them live for a full 2 hours of goosebumps.

  262. W-why would I have got it out fo-for y-you!? Baka!
    Huh. Assuming you are not disingenuous about you not knowing po’boys; it is a sort of sandwich popular in Cajun cuisine; you can find them all over Louisiana. I would have thought they’d be known all over your country, but I guess I was mistaken.

    Horus: I love them too, but for some reason I prefer master Albarn with his brit-rock project, Blur.
    This would be a high time for the good old meme of https://imgflip.com/i/1bn13x
    Ye shall find that rescuing archaeological memes from oblivion is a pasttime of mine.
    I guess I crave that mineral.

  263. Negraboba: I have given the issue much thought. I f you absolutely must have an answer, I reckon Portuguese cuisine is something I am enjoying right now a lot. Not Nando’s style, even though I love Nando’s (Horus will probably know what I am on about, he has had more than his fair share of a cheeky Nando’s I reckon), but more like the real deal.
    Pastel de nata (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pastel_de_nata) being another piece of Heaven made manifest on Earth to redeem our souls.
    Disclaimer: do note this answer is only valid for the time being, and come some other time, another cuisine may be on my spotlight.

  264. Also, THIS JUST IN

    Cynical’s favourite food is definitely “Mac’n’ncheese”, whatever that is.

  265. Mac n’ cheese can also be fire as fuck when made right, again not my favorite. I don’t think I really have a favorite food. Like you, I get on kicks for a while then switch to something else. Drinks are a different story, however. Chocolate milk is by far my number one, followed by coffee (cream only), then my guilty pleasure, Dr. Pepper. Then booze! Beer: Founders Breakfast Stout Hard: Kraken Black. ARE YOU NOT SATISFIED?!

  266. They are not mine, perish the thought of me bieng American!
    They are more yours than any other user on this site, and you’re not even from Louisiana.
    Anyway. American beer sucks ass on 80% of the occasions.
    American whiskey on the other hand…
    Now taht’s some booze you know how to make.

  267. I am particularly fond of Applejack as well. Unlike the Apple Pie, that’s a truly American beverage (I even read somewhere that the British Colonal government used to pay its employees with Applejack) and I find it amazing.

  268. And I know a thing or two about stuff coming out of a cow’s teat, what with me being Swiss and whatnot. I like a brand of local chocomilk that has strawberry added to the mix, it is excellent.

  269. I wonder what is Horus’ favourite food.
    Considering he is transylvanian it is also probably blood…

  270. Absinthe I have tried, if you can even call it that here. Our thujone levels are heavily regulated last I heard so most don’t consider it legit shit. Anyway, it’s refreshingly delicious and pleasantly strong. As for beer, our big domestics all taste like water with a hint of piss. I don’t know if craft beers have hit it big over there, but they’re taking over the US more and more everyday, making Anheiser-Busch and Miller Coors pull out all the stops, market-wise. I’d wager that If you ever got your hands on some of the really good stuff that come out of our garages, you’d rethink your percentile.

  271. Darts, check out De La Soul’s latest album. Been obsessed with it since it came out. Albarn features too. Might not be your cup of tea but riffs remind me of Gorillaz gold.
    You mean black pudding! Hah! What a gross delicatessen.
    Absinthe, up there in the top three alongside Kraken and JD Honey (a cliche but I love it!), if the 70% one which can still be found in Romania.
    My aunt’s lasagna is the best food. But nothing can beat a genuine Romanian breakfast with garden picked juicy tomatoes, green onion, cow or goat cheese, maybe even a corn on the cob, some vegetable (boeuf) salad, well smoked slanina (look it up), home made bread and mom’s prune jam with some freshly boiled milk from neighbours’ cow. Here are some leftovers from last summer https://i.imgsafe.org/2543ab5cc5.jpg

  272. Negru, that was deep AF but I’m also quite uneducated when it comes to History. Can you tell me the background? I got the Ruskis, who was the fallen worker? And what was the aftermath?

    Darts, I never tried blood sausage and the thought of it alone gives me shivers (yikes!). But I do love traditional sausages. Especially smoked ones. Everything smoked, in fact. Cheese, sausages, ham etc. That’s what I’m really into when it comes to Romanian ‘cuisine’ (there’s no such thing, really -more like East European with Balkanic influences). We also have something called Buls or Bulz which is basically a combination of corn meal, salty cheese, sour cream on top and chopped sausage inside. Depends on the area, though, some do it with eggs on top etc. As for desert, my absolute favorite is smth called Papanasi, basically a sort of donut with cow cheese or sour cheese and blueberries. Just search for Papanasi romanesti. They’re absolutely amazing. I have this place around 45km away from Brasov/Kronstadt, in Sinaia that serves the best Papanasi I ever had anywhere :) 3 Michelin Stars stuff, I’m telling you.

    Now, let me ask you, have you heard of Hotel Villa Honegg? Recently seen the amazing pool view it has on the Interwebs and instantly considered asking. Damn, that’s holiday goals alright.

  273. From what I can tell, the action takes place before the bolshevik revolution during the times of the Tsardom of Russia (imperialism) and the 2 manifestations are ‘communism’ and ‘imperialism’ who both try to sell their ideology to the common man. The war they are talking about is probably the Russian Civil War (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Civil_War) between the Red Army, led by the bolsheviks and the allied forces ( representing Imperialism ).

    From wiki “There were an estimated 7,000,000-12,000,000 casualties during the war, mostly civilians. The Russian Civil War has been described by some as the greatest national catastrophe that Europe had yet seen.” – This is before WW2, which saw: “World War II casualties of the Soviet Union from all related causes numbered over 20,000,000, both civilians and military,”

    So Russia lost around 30M people in a span of roughly 30 years. Horrible times.

  274. Ah, it’s frustrating we can’t post things on meh. I could put up a site like this in 4-5 days and let users post stuff also, but then again there are thousands of websites like this.

  275. How date ye start a history discussion WITHOUT ME!
    That is indeed the flag of the provisional all-Russian Government of 1918-1920, and both balls represent the Reds and the Whites, one side comanded by Lenin, the other by Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel (may he rest in glory).
    We know how the civil war ended.
    The Whites won in the end.

  276. Because I thanfully see no Red stain on our clean continent anymore.
    But hey, I might be a tad biased.

  277. Anyway, had Russia not decided to jump onto WWI Bandwagon to get its arsehole kicked by the mighty Second Reich, mayhaps the czar would have been able to impose reforms that would placate the common man and curb the rise of Communism.
    But alas, he chose to make things harder on himself and on Germany, who had then to fight against 4 other Great Powers on two fronts, and nearly won in 1918 (just so you put things into perspective) anyways.
    Alternate histories are always nice to wonder.

  278. Horus: you mean 3 Feet High And Rising? Or mayhaps and the Anonymous Nobody…?
    Funny you would think me uneducated on hip-hop.
    I fought for my right to party long ago, and I left my wallet in El Segundo as a result.

  279. Black pudding can also be called blood pudding. It is NOT synonymous to blood sausage.

    Cynical: “I don’t know if craft beers have hit it big over there” What a doll. Craft potent potables have been “a thing” around here since the 10th century….BC.
    I remember when I was a child an old hag who lived alone on another valley made all sort of homemade stuff; from marmalades and sausages to beers, bread and cheeses. They were absolutely delicious. My friends would oft say she was the Witch from Hansel and Gretel….she did look a bit like Granny Rags from Dishonoured though…

  280. Also, Horus: that is indeed a nice breakfast. But must you foul the table so?
    Has your mother taught you no manners? Nay, of course she has, you are the unruly child who chose not to listen.

  281. They’re called “Papanasi” (the s is an ‘sh’ ). Pretty much doughnuts covered in sour cream / fruit jam.

  282. Now I know, Dartes is a liar :( When he says he reads and appreciate my walls of text (not this case). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVxy25UnVvc


    I thought we had smth more, Dartes!

    Just kidding, you probably got too excited when your Meh.ro RSS Feed got activated by the word History or Russians for what I might know and didn't notice my question/haven't read shit out of my last comment :sadface:. But srsly, that place's amazing.

    PS2: Now I know Negru doesn't read my comments either as I've mentioned the exact same things he did, earlier </3

    I thought we had smth more, Negru!

  283. You guys need to raise your game up. I only post once so often. It’s true, most of it is unimportant and ya’ll probably pretty busy individuals with busy schedules (except for Dartes who’s always here for some reason) but still.

    tl;dr – NOTICE ME, SENPAI!

  284. Aw, dang it. I’m sorry George. I’m at work at the moment and I usually just skim the text (and I suck at it).

  285. Terence: I have read about Papanasi and that place. The what is that is a rhetorical question to express amazement.
    Also, I swear upon my country’s altar I was about to answer that Villa Honegg question but got swarmed by all othe rpoints to adress and I forgot. Alas, I have no way to prove this, however.

  286. So, yes, I know of this hotel. It is in central Switzerland, on another canton called Nidwalden.
    I have never been there but it is a rather upscale resort.
    We have better places in my canton though.
    St Moritz cannot be trumped.

  287. Honegg doesn’t come from Honey Egg, it is a parish from the Ennetbürgen Municipalty in Nidwalden.
    I could tell you so many stories about country bumpkin and their parishes…

  288. I remember one from the late XIX century about a man who lived in the upper valleys and whose wife had died. Since her wife hailed from another parish than he, but he was snowed in inside his house, he remained with her missus’ corpse for a good 2 months until the snowing abated and he could ski down with the corpse to the parish church the wife belonged to…

  289. I cannot vouch for the veracity of the story, but people that used to live on the high valleys and mountain slopes are all a bit queer so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  290. St. Moritz looks impressive, definitely. But do you know of any other place that has something in particular as awesome as that pool view? Regardless, you guys have such beautiful valleys…
    At around 0:40 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0M46k2LCBw
    How do you preserve them that way, btw? Is it mostly natural? Or people actually cut the grass and all that? It’s such a great view, nonetheless.

    I’ve only encountered something similar while visiting Japan’s gardens. They too care about their nature a whole lot. And they’re amazingly skilled gardeners too!

  291. It looks almost like CGI, innit?
    I reckon our cattle does the grass cutting. Though a handful of gardeners help too.
    We take no kindly to people who foul promenades, landscapes or pavements here. It is a “civil sin” as bad as being late.
    But it is mostly law-backed naturality.

  292. You’ll have to forgive me but it is not that an impressive view in my opinion. Let me reflect on that question for a bit and I’ll tell you what I think.

  293. Also, what do you make of my tale?
    Don’t you have anything similar from your part of the world to share?

  294. Having them trumps not having the, Cynical.
    Not that you’d know, county fair fails do not count as valid anecdotes.

  295. Why just look at how close we are to your prophesied second coming. So, are there any official rules to your ever so hopeful ritual when the time comes? We wouldn’t want to fuck up and have to hear about it for another drawn out string of comments.

  296. Probably sacrifice a couple of cows, offer some milk to the chocolate gods and put some coins for the bank gods. Also fully cover himself in honey. You know, Swiss things.

  297. Blood for the Blood God.
    And not that I recall of, Dartes, perhaps Negru might know something. He seems to be a bit more knowledgeable than me when it comes to this kind of things.
    As for your story, sounds like where The Shining inspired itself from.
    Was it 666 or 669 btw?

  298. Woooooooow Negraboba. Terence just called you a hick.
    This I have got to see.
    Also, Cynical; if only you had been more literate (not that I’d expect that from the American education system) you’d have read a previous post where I said that the fuckup criteria are privy to me only, having been conveyed scietia infusa to yours faithfully by divine spirits. And, therefore, that I would tell you IF we fucked up, perish the thought.

  299. Negra: We Swiss have no knowledgeable tradition in honeymaking.
    But we will take your hard laboured € or american dollar with gay glee.

  300. He COULD show up anytime before that, however. We all know he doth lurk in the shadowy veil yonder past naughts and ones. An we do things properly, he shalt return.

  301. But, why is it 666? Because you, Dartes, say it so? You really think Neg0 is going to make his return based on a Dartes comment? He won’t. “I have foreseen it.”

  302. Humouring nay sayers of lackluster faith is not necessary.
    He shall return on the appointed date.
    This I know.

  303. A nice question has dawned upon me, I would have you all answer it:
    Have you ever been a par of “living history” or “history in the making”? I mean, been THERE when a significant event was happening.
    I have. Twice.
    1. I was there on December 20, 1999, when Macao ceased to be a Portuguese colony and was returned to China. Even though I was 8, I remember the pomp, the gala, the colours and the last colonial governor leaving to Lisbon with acclaim on a ship, just the way they had come (the same had happened on Hong Kong 2 years earlier). Fun fact: the Portuguese colonial empire was the first, starting in 1415, and also the last, having officially ended in 1999 with this event.
    2. I was there in Rome on the 28th of February, 2013, when Pope Benedict XVI resigned. Hell, I was 4 blocks short of the Vatican entrance and heading towards there. I had not read any news or TV before leaving the hotel so I didn’t know anything, but as soon as I had seen so much movement I thought -hm, The Pope has died?- not too long after that a journalist of La Repubblica (an Italian news outlet) was interviewing people on the street and asked me a few questions, even. Then I realised what happened.

    What about you lot? Have you been there, by chance or design, on some relavantly relevant event? Local or international, it is the same.

  304. I would also say 3. I was there when this comment reached 666 comments and a Negative0 returned to us.
    Put it on my tab.

  305. Not a hick, but a knowledgeable individual when it comes to culture, folklore, and history. You know what I meant, Dartes. Stop putting me into weird situations :c
    As for your question, I wish there was something I could add but don’t really know any. I was 7 when 9/11 happened and watched it live on TV (didn’t really gave a shit, though -what did I know?). I could say the same about the other 9/11 from 2012. I’m more of an ignorant, in all honesty. A nihilistic one at times. A person of the moment. Hope I still got time to change that and start thinking about more than just the present and trivial matters… Life.
    I do recommend though that you watch The Man from Earth if you haven’t already. It’s quite something, despite being entirely filmed inside 1 room. Also, relates a LOT to what you’ve asked. A lot more than you’ve asked, in fact. Right now I’m watching The Wailing/Goksung, heard some good things about it and there’s been quite a while since I’ve watched a good horror, talk to you later!

    Only 45 comments left, let’s make them count. You never know :)

  306. I have seen Man from Earth.
    Found it amazing. However the ending was a bit of a bland thing.
    John T Partee so happens to reveal himself as father of one of the other persons in the room oh so casually and the that person dies? (Richard Riehle is a great character actor, I loved his role in Grounded for Life).
    I am not too ken on horror films at all. Do tell me about the argument, though.

  307. I was in Ney York on the summer of 2000, but I didn’t go to the Towers.
    And now nobody can.
    I remeber I paid no heed to 9/11 though, I was already a heartless being. Later on I found The Falling Man picture most funny, and intriguing as well.

  308. We Romanians sure do love to talk about status and money, now it’s become clear to me. So would you be kind enough to tell us more about yourself and your parents perhaps? Like what sort of jobs do they perform in Switzerland? Assuming you were with them visiting all these places you were talking about. Also, do you have to be among the higher class in Switzerland to be able to afford visiting places around the World? Or pretty much anyone above middle-class (mid-class included) can afford it? As for you? Are you performing any sort of revenue-generating job at the moment or still on the way to making that happen?
    Also, to put it blunt, how wealthy are you and your family, Dartes?

  309. It is quite alright. My parents’ life story is quite interesting. For starters, they had me in their early forties (Dad’s from ’51, Mum’s from ’54, I’m from ’91) because their lives and careers were a priority for them for a long time. Me existing is mostly a miracle and a happy accident, I reckon. My father was FDFA (a diplomat) and has travelled the world wide over, he then hopped over to the private sector for financial consulting. I do envy him. He is mostly retired now. Mum has always been a bean counter and is still at that gig.
    Anyhow, my parents had a variety of jobs overseas over the years before they had me. They met in the early ’70s when she was working in Deutsche Bank in Münich and my father was a small fry at the Consulate General there. Later, through a contact, they got a job working for the colonial government of Macao in the early 80s. What use does a Portuguese colony on the Pearl River Delta have for a Swiss person? Why money of course! They worked accountancy for the burgeoning gambling industry of the place…it has come so far, Macao is now the Gambling Capital of the World. Vegas? I’ve heard of them lol.
    They still have friends and acquaintances there and go from time to time to visit (like when we went in ’99) and drop some francs on the casinos.
    They returned to Switzerland in 1989 and have not lived anywhere else since (that I know of).

    We, in my family, absolutely love to travel, they instilled their love of travel unto me as well. When I was a child we’d often go on holidays to different locales, and if there was to be a long weekend, we’d go on a small “road trip” to some other place of the country. Wanderlust runs strong in our blood.

    I reckon the average Swiss is much more passive.

    Now, onto the hard cash and ready money topic; it is certain that the average Swiss lives…very well. I think the difference between the richest and the poorest man here should not be more than 10, 11 times the earnings (in the almighty US, the richest person earns about 3250 times the poorest person’s wages); we are still more unequeal than Sweden, with the richest person there having only a gap of 4 times the earnings compared to the poorest; but I think everyone in the middle class can afford nice things like cars, travel, clothes and such. I think my job allows me to get by nicely. I am not barely surviving, but I cannot travel overseas every year like my parents can (I mean, I COULD, if I were to stay in hostels and backpack, but I am not that adventurous)..

    I’d say my family is upper-middle income.

  310. Now right back at you!
    I broke the ages old Swiss taboo of refraining from talking money, now you must reciprocate and answer your own questions for the forum.

  311. ((I once travelled on a RyanAir plane and vowed never to go through that ordeal again…Heavens, my parents are well into their sixties and are much more tolerant to discomfort than I am, they’d probably have no qualms about going from Switzerlnd to Nepal on a fucking RyanAir tincan…not that that hellish company travels long haul anyway))

  312. Absolutely loved reading your wall of text :) It wasn’t even all that specific. I love when people talk in figures but for some reason what you said was exactly what I needed to hear/know. Must be the way in which you phrased everything, otherwise I would’ve probably asked for exact numbers lol, knowing me. Nonetheless, thanks for your honest and detailed share. Could you enumerate all the places you’ve been too and just perhaps if it’s not too troublesome, your Top 3 experiences/places?

    As for myself, what do you wanna know? Same thing I asked you?

  313. PS: Where would you estimate your house at (supposing you live in a house and not an apartment)? In Euros.

    And just for the record, what kind of a car do you and your parents drive?

    George McNosy, alright!

  314. I don’t drive anything but a bicycle (even though I know how to drive because conscription made sure of that) and public transportation, when applicable. My parents drive a Dacia Sandero actually (congratulations Romania!) that belongs to my mother and is a considered enormous by the standards of where we live in. My nan has a Renault 12.
    All of us prefer public transportation, walking, and bicycle for everyday needs, however.

    I live with my parents still. And with my nan. They don’t mind, we each have our spaces, and they pay for all services. I also have no rent to pay them, that would be silly. My father and my nan also adore to cook, it is their hobby. We are basically roommates; we converge together for supper and that is mostly it.
    Overall, it is an excellent deal for me and I see no profit in leaving until the last possible date ere foreceful eviction.
    Fortunately, the grace of my parents is abundant and I have no reason to provoke their ire (we Swiss are truly good at business).
    We live in a rather large [3 storey + basement + attic + (rather small) front and back gardens] house that has been on my father’s family for 397 years. At least that’s what the deed says.
    I reckon it must not be very expensive though, old properties abound here: one neighbour’s family has been around in our Canton from at least the 1290s, they used to be minor nobility I think. (Fun Fact: even though the Old Swiss Confederacy was “a republic”, each Canton was free to deal with its “First Estate” (Nobles) freely, and many Cantons never bothered to do anything about them. My Canton, on the other hand abolished all blood titles in 1794 in a rather radical move.)

    Newer, larger and further from the town centre real estate is far, far, far more valuable. Properties are expensive in here.

    I will give you some examples that come to my mind of where I’ve been to: USA, Mexico, Argentina (several of my nan’s brothers emigrated and made their lives there the ’40s so I have relatives in that country) , Uruguay, Brazil. China (including Macao & Hong Kong), South Korea. Germany (same story, some family on my mother’s side decided to live there, plus it is bloody near), Austria, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Italy.
    I have never been to France.
    I have never been to the Balkans nor Romania even though I’d like to.
    I refuse to rate them, but boy, China is truly amazing. No wonder it is called the Middle Kingdom.

    Reckon it’s mighty late. Too good I’m skipping work tomorro-today. Calling in sick. Not that I’m actually sick, but because I spent time playing a silly (and awesome) Visual Novel and answering this and it has gotten late; and because labour laws here allow me to do that and none shall be the wiser.
    I expect you answer EACH AND EVERYONE of the questions you have thrown upon me presently. Do not dawdle.

  315. Has anybody here played “Pitfall the Mayan Adventure”? One oldie goldie Lord amongst videogames. I just remebered its great OST and felt compleed to ask this wonderful forum.

  316. Simple minded Dartes, I wasn’t referring to the thread, but rather the site in general. Don’t make me “grab you by your pussy.”

  317. I love how the process of posting has significantly slowed down as we’re approaching 666. Do I sense doubt, Dartes, my friend? Or is that fear I smell. Fear that the ‘almighty’ shan’t return, after all? Bwahahaha. As Nietzsche once wanted to say but drank too much and forgot what he was talking about… Meh.ro is dead.

    But before that hypothesis turns out correct, here’s another one of those ‘sad tunes’ I was telling you guys about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNpdBR_Wso8

    This one’s from a movie I recently watched, the same director as in The Wailing, the movie I mentioned to you on Steam, in fact. They’re both kinda great, I recommend to any of you that are curious how sad endings can be portrayed as.
    Hope you’ll enjoy it. That picture is from the movie, also.

  318. Not a fan of double posting but as there’s no Edit button…

    LE: Is anyone else hyped about Civ 6? :)

  319. Terence: No. No, and no. Also no.

    My browser acted up famously yesterday impeding me from access to this wonderful tribune of doctrine.
    I was dumbfounded at first to the visage of “No site configured at this address” but I was able to solve the riddle and lo, Meh.ro was still alive and well.

  320. Five-and-ten comments from this one, the prophesised time will come (assuming no fuck ups do indeed occur perish the thought) and HE SHALL RETURN.

  321. Brace yourself for that time, Cynical.
    And you too, Horus.
    For he shall smite your arses into eternal oblivion.
    And good riddance indded.

  322. IF he return OR if we fuck up by a mistake wholly or partially attributable to either you or the rest of this forum; you will pay for my copy of Firaxis’ novel game “Civilization 6”. Else, I shall.

  323. You vile creature.
    That was an act of war.
    You have declared war against me.
    To think we could have been kindred spirits and dear friends like Philip II and William the Silent.
    Now we shall be bitter rivals with interpersonal judgment clouded by several unspoken regrets and follies like Philip II and William the Silent.

    I will not forget yor folly.

  324. Emulating the aforesaid historical example: I hereby offer 25000 swiss francs to whomsoever kills Horus.

  325. You are liable as well, Terence.
    But you’re not worth 25000 francs.
    I will deal with you later. And differently.

  326. The game was but about 59 francs, why 25k? And I am in no way liable for the actions of other users. Yet, I had a high chance at this and you took that frror me with your spam, Horus. I hope you’re happy. :(

  327. A good enough historical analogy concerning my relationship with Horus over the Internet ruined for no good reason notwithstanding; all we can do now is work towards 1000 comments.

  328. Ah yes, here we are, basking in the all-knowing Dartes’ ignorance once again. I think before we move on, we should spend a little more time examining your miscalculation. Seeing as you’ve failed in your sure-fire attempt at precognition, I vote that we follow someone else’s prophesy. We need a new cult leader to summon Him, as you obviously aren’t up to the task, no offense. Any takers?

  329. Offence*
    Also, I have warned versus fuckups repeteadly and yet ye famously manage to go out of your way to do it again.

  330. Damn, I was hoping you wouldn’t comment for a day (God forbid) and Neg0 would come out of the woodwork and say “I’ll take the job!” A grand entrance indeed. But no. You had to go and fuck it all up! Fucking classic Dartes!

  331. Cynical, what do you know?
    Mayhaps he doesn’t return in earnest because you don’t vomit your bile daily as you’re (mayhaps) supposed to. Kep pandering to the stereotype, you reinforce it excellently.

    Horus: you should be running.

  332. I just told you I’m an ignorant and not good with history, Dartes. Give me a break, will ya? And perhaps my well-deserved copy of Civ6? Nonetheless, I’m done with your prophecies, Dartes! Neg0 has forsaken us. I wonder what can one do in all this time, though. It’s not like it’s summer either so he’s probably studying or working, either of these allowing him more than enough time to check on his ‘beloved’ site from time to time? I bet he’s been here a few time since we started this entire string of comments.
    1 Lurker, right?

  333. I hereby cast you out, Terence-demon.
    I remove you.
    I denounce you.
    You do not exist any more.
    Nameless. Formless. I banish you.
    Now vanish for good, into the night.

    P.s.: And you’ll get your copy of Civ VI when Negative0 returns, he will pay.

  334. negraboba is notoriously absent lately.
    Mayhaps having realised the rror of his ways he is engaged in deep contrition.

  335. @NegruVoda – long time lurker. At some point even wanted to buy meh.ro from Neg0 simply because I was afraid of this. This website has been my daily dose of kek, wallpapers and shit for such a long time..

  336. Does nobody notice how the Facebook page of this site routinely has betwixt 9 and 12 likes per post, but only five of us comment on just about any image?
    That is lame.
    Mayhaps that’s why Negative0 does not return to us.

  337. I always thought Spinal Tap was a British film. Turns out I was wrong, it just has British characters. Fine. Yes Dartes, turn it up to 11. [-_-]

  338. “P.s.: And you’ll get your copy of Civ VI when Negative0 returns, he will pay.”

    That sounded awfully Trumpish.

    @rrrremus: Sure we do.

  339. So we don’t get Neg0’s return, but instead we do get more lurkers coming out. I mean, that’s not bad. Join ‘http://steamcommunity.com/groups/mehlegacy’ for more shitposting.

  340. I’m starting to think that Neg0 is getting a kick out of this comment thread which probably stops him from posting more content to not disturb this discussion.

  341. Negra, you know about internet magic, how many comments would be needed to overwhelm the page? That’d force Negative0 into action.

  342. #721, #722 & #723 all for one!!!!!
    What a sale, we must be truly insane!!!!
    Billy Mays would be green of envy, were he not green and bloated six feet under, I tell you, I shit you not!!!!!!

  343. Cynical: you know me so well.

    Horus: like Khan said: “Vengance is a dish best served cold”.

    Does anybody else here like visual novels or am I the only demi-weeaboo to enjoy them?

  344. Played my first and last visual novel when I was 10 or 11. It was some fucked up hentai shit ‘Fatal Relations’ which i got by accident from my local ‘pirate cd’ dealer. Used to pay 50.000 lei (less than 1 euro today) for a 650Mb cd full of games..

  345. Cynic, you’ve sent me to an article that was answering what I’ve asked only to the end; or at least the search I’ve got, you do realize that, right? I mean, why waste both our time when you could’ve simply answered yes/no. Beats me.
    Also, cynical af. :c So cold, so cold.

    Negru@ Hmm, was 5lei from before 2005 more valuable compared to the 5lei we have now? Cause otherwise, I don’t quite get it how was 5lei was less than 1euro today when 1euro never peaked at 5lei, from what I know.

  346. Welp, I was thinking that inflation wise, 5 lei in 2004-2005 is less than 5 lei now and the fact that our currency devaluated itself compared to the euro in the last 10-11 years and thus came to the conclusion that 5 lei from 2004 is less than 1 euro now (which is aprox 4.5 lei). My financial/economical assumptions may be wrong.. I’m not very good with them.

  347. oh no, that’s wrong. 5 lei in 2004 should have a bigger purchasing power compared to 5 lei now (taking inflation in consideration), but in the same time the euro risen in value compare to our currency in the last 10 years, so I guess .. things even out? Probably 5 (2004) LEI should be around 1.1 – 1.2 (2016) euros which is more or less the current rate.

  348. Taking inflation into account for the 2004 – 2011 period ( that’s the available data i have http://www.bugetulfamiliei.ro/unelte/cum-adaptam-preturile-ceausiste-la-capitalism.html – scroll to the bottom), 5 LEI in 2004 is equal to 8 (!) lei in 2011.. that’s a 160% cumulative inflation rate. Fun fact, our peak inflation rate in recent years was in 1994 – 30% . American inflation for the 1913-2016 period is around 2443%, that means 1 dollar in 1913 could buy you 24.43 dollars worth of shit in 2016.

  349. Cynical: why does your people say “awe” in place of the onomatopoeia “aw”? Or mayhaps you are really in awe?

  350. As for Negraboba’s storytelling: what a hateful experience it must have been for a child. Unless you were a rotten apple back then already.
    Not all VNs are kinky japanese shite anyways, and most are just a story: if the wordsmith of said story is actually good, it can be quite the experience.

  351. Also, am I proud to say I got the general meaning out of that internet link in Romanian you have shared.
    I am quite certain that would not have happened were it somethig spoken, but the written register bears enough similarities to other Romance languages as it is to understand the gist and general meaning of it all.

  352. Also, Cynical: did you know Mercy’s accent in her German phrases in the English version of the game is anything but a Swiss accent?
    They did get it right in the proper German version however, so I don’t know why they don’t fix it.

  353. What are you on about and who’s Mercy? As for the “Awe vs. Aw” I was just using the wrong form. To be honest I didn’t know the word was spelled two ways.

  354. Darts, I was hoping you’d actually access the video and learn why I avoid certain prawns. God knows how much time you reserve for useless link access on all threads you comment on; it’s definitely comparable to the famous Swiss clockwork (clock work) in its thoroughness, but less productive, obviously.
    I just assume you’re fat. Are you, Darts? Are you fat? If so, how fat?

  355. Horus: silly Romanian. Don’t you know all Swiss citizens aged 18 have to go through AT LEAST 21 weeks of military service?
    In my case I extended my service in order to get classified as an NCO (in reserve), which I am: Sergeant-major in reserve. So no, I am quite fit, actually.

    Also, you should know when to take cues as to which is sarcasm.
    It cannot believe you learnty nothing useful in those fair isles you’re currently stowing away at.

  356. Like, seriously, which University would be so shameless as to grant you a degree in Letters?
    You are dense.

  357. (Errata: I just recalled your degree is in Journalism, not Letters; still, the aggravation factor is unsurmountable).

  358. Ah, Overwatch. I played the beta drunk and didn’t like it. To be fair I should give it a shot sober, I just haven’t gotten around to it. The fact that it’s a Blizzard game kind of turns me off as well. I have my own personal quips with that company.

  359. I enjoy almost everything Blizzard throws in my face.
    Except Diablo.
    What is “your beef with ’em, bro”? (I’m trying to adopt a transatlantic speech register to resonate with you, do notice).

  360. Negra: I truly wanted to buy it, but some VNs got on sale, including one by one of my favourite …writers? I dunno, she makes VNs. Yeah, digital writers so I threw my hard earnt franc that way.
    But I have not given up on Battlerite, it is definitely on my wishlist. I’ll get it eventually.

  361. Also, Cynical: I would have sworn you were part of the Meh.ro steam group with the ridiculous name “MAAAAAAAGIC” soo
    Either you’re lying, or that one’s Please Send Chips (probably).

  362. Not I. I’ve only lurked your group. “To properly satisfy your curiosity” (Note, that’s me trying to talk just like you), I find them to be greedy, and ignorant to frequent requests only because said requests aren’t to their benefit, but rather the players’. A selfish group to say the least. Not to mention the Activision buyout. Any respect I may have had for them prior, was immediately shot amongst the merger. Also, thanks for my new vocabulary word: Weeaboo. Consider it learnt.

  363. Swiss army service??? Hell, I’m not even going to make too many jokes about that. Please, tell us about it.
    But, 21 weeks? You say that like it’s such a long time. People have maintained boners for longer periods.
    Yeah, sarcasm is definitely not your strong suit.

  364. Horus: you are definitely illiterate in my books by now. I call scam on your supposed degree. I clearly said: “In my case I extended my service”.
    By now I have lost any hope you yonder-past-the-Iron-Curtain “schooled” (probably at home) being can actually understand and parse anything I say properly.

    If you are in Britain, you are most definitely not studying.