1. For the sake of the Internet at large, grab an english primer at the thrift shop closest to your trailer park. Once you’ve mastered grammatics, you can come and attempt to sass me again.

  2. Well, unlike you and the remainder of the mediocre mass that pullulates on the Internet, I prefer quality over quantity when picking my friendships. So clealry and gladly I don’t. Not that I expected anything from you after seeing your low-tier preferences in the very first comment.

  3. Oh? 2 (runaways from the mentally handicapped Olympics) v 1, huh? Now those are some interesting odds– Just kidding, I am still unimpressed. Oh, by the way, my cynic and gauche friend: I prefer Seinfeld.

  4. Do you prefer Seinfeld because rather than being wordy and high brow you prefer contemporary and humorously relatable? Sorry, joined in last-second but I’m enjoying the comment-debate/flame war.
    Please, continue.

  5. “v 1” runaway from the “mentally handicapped Olympics” ? This dude is so easy, wow.

  6. Starving Person: I am enjoying myself famously with this exchange as well. I simply prefer Seinfeld, read into it no more.
    Negroboda: You are aware that hailing from that yonder-past-the-Iron-Curtain eastern cesspool immediatly invalidates anything you say, are you not? Also, you too grab an english primer from the thrift shop nearest to your squatting place and educate yourself.

  7. Can we have a new post already?! It’s been so long, people like Dartes take it as a window of internet grammar glory.
    Negative0, please give Dartes the opportunity to not be late at his floor mopping job by trying out best synonyms for his next online pursuit, please post again!

  8. If it weren’t for me, none of you would even show up, exist, in the comment section of this site. You could argue I made ye and wqould not be wrong.
    Ponder on that for a while, lads.
    Also, I adhere to what Horny said about new posts.

    p.s.: Negative0, where art thou?

  9. Is this website officially dead?

    I’m starting to think the admin simply doesn’t give a shit about it any more…

  10. I’m thinking about backing up every image on here to one or two giant Imgur posts, so when he finally does turn off the lights without warning, remnants of meh.ro will live on in some form. I’m just too lazy at the moment. Also, even though I’d cite sources/credit, I’d still feel bad raking in all those upvotes that I won’t deserve.

  11. You wouldn’t get that many upvotes: most of what exists in this site is either taken from, or, already there.
    Also: Who said there were no backups? No reason to think that, except lack of proper neuronal synapse, mayhaps.
    And: You might be relatively new to this site, but this is no the first -or probably the last- time a hiatus like this has happened. Negative0 is like a wizard, he shall return neither late nor early, but precisely when he means to.

  12. I’ve been here since 2011 and have posts stamped as such. Also, I really need to start posting the shit you say to r/iamverysmart. You’re a fucking gold mine.

  13. 2011, you say? What a sweet summer child, thinks 5 years is a long time.
    By all means do, nobody worth paying attention to minds Reddit any longer: this isn’t, well you said it: 2011, anymore.

  14. dartes, what the fuck are you talking about.. 5 years is half your age, ofc it’s a long time.

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