1. Dude, this used to be a nice website. Why is it all shit now. The new posts are a bit crap and you’re posting like what, once a month or something? Forget about fame and fortune, do it for fun man

  2. it’s still a decent website comparing to all the 9gags out there.

    But yeah, little posting, i could use like 2 per week. Still i don’t want this website to die.

    Created an account just to say that so….

  3. Why is this website never updated?!

    Dont let it die! It doesn’t take that much to copy funny images from the internet!

  4. Nervozaur must be portuguese or brazilian or other tasteless nation that plays lousy footie.
    Messi is the god of this game.

  5. @Dartes, let me break it down for you, since you… Ok. So, what DarkkzF said, twice. Meaning that I’m also going to throw up. If I see that idiot’s face again. And I just did. *excuse me*

  6. My fine lady Nervozaur…l2p.
    srsly dudette, just…
    Kick the ball a couple of times, watch some matches, watch Barça deliver, and then…you’ll see.

  7. @Dartes, I’d rather watch the Pizza Hut delivery online. It’s more exciting and at the end you actually get something out of it.

  8. @Dartes
    Meh, jokes aside i really liked this website since the first day i wrote “meh” on google and found him.

    I like the content, some pics are worth to use as wallpaper…etc. They don’t just throw up content and they put the sauce so it’s cool.

    If the website is planned to be abandoned i’ll be kinda sad somehow.

  9. Well, I wrote Neg0 an email as I intended to buy Meh from him if he plans abandoning the website. But guess what, he ain’t responding…

  10. I had a vision last night: one of you is Negative0, concealed in His many disguises.
    But alas! I fear we have been measured, and found wanting.
    The Reckoning days in which he comes down from the Heavens with a Golden Cape and Scepter and the Free Will Button shan’t be upon us till Nervozaur renounces his heretical ways.
    And till Dualzo confesses he likes Mudkips.

  11. Sorry lads, I don’t have enough time for the website anymore. ;_;

    Thanks. I dunno why it’s all shit now; perhaps I’ve grown bitter and lost my sense of humor. It was (pretty obviously) never about fame or fortune; just fun.

    @An elegant Tree
    Thanks for taking the time to say these kind words. I rarely get that. :3


    Neither. :\

    Hah, well said. :D

    But Messi looks splendid here.

    That makes me wonder what would happen to the site if I were to die. Better draft a will.
    I’ll donate this filth to charity. /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\

    @An elegant Tree
    “They” is just lonely ole’ me.

    Calm your tits and wait for the IPO.

    HUEHUE. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

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