1. So two apparently good girl-friends about to whisper each other some gossip or somesuch similar womanly thing qualifies as a lesbic interaction now, eh Negative0? Your homosexualist agenda has got to stop this very instant, lest you be smitten by the LORD for your filthy mind.

  2. @Nervozaur:
    They are not. I can also tell you have never heard of “perspective” either.

    You do not, perchance, have any female friends, do you, Nervo?

  3. Is that a question? Let’s assume so for the sake of civilty. Answering your inquiry: why, yes I can!
    Now that the aforesaid second has passed, do tell me this: are you having a lovely time? I sure am.

  4. @nervozaur @Dartes

    I’ve been lurking on this website for… years.

    And since you’ve always been (almost) the only ones in there I gotta ask, are you lovers? Or are you maybe alter egos from poor Negative0 schizophrenia?

    Anyway, nice to have you there.

  5. @AhaNeg0
    No, we are not lovers. It is true however that Nervozaur is difficult to catch, he’s always covered in a strange goo (I am afraid to ask what it is, mind) that makes him slippery. A “catch” indeed.
    The whole reason for our constant bickering however, is naught but an elaborate ploy to draw YOU out into the open. We knew you were lurking, we have been searching fro you since 2008! And finally, you have shown up. Now the real fun begins.

  6. The dreaded long con…

    So how about we start this website anew, put the old skin back and coerce everyone into participating?

    Sounds like a plan to me.

  7. I vote yea to that motion, insofar as the old owl logo is restored (backin the day there was a different owl, an owl that looked intoxicated on opium or somescuh similar substance) and the free will button comes back.

  8. @Nervozaur
    Your cup runneth over.
    But alas, not with intelligent rhetoric or witty retort. Ere long you shall forfeit, my friend. You shall.

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