1. Now, I ask this question, as humbly as I can… Would that news stand reaaally work not even 5m away from the railroad? Thought trains made more.. drafts.
    (Nice picture btw, just.. stupid)

  2. @nervozaur I think that in the train station there isn’t much wind coming from the train due to the fact that it slows down before reaching that point and speeds up after passing it :)

  3. @nUsume, well I could give several arguments to that, one of which would be that not all trains stop in the station, but okay. They were old trains, they moved slow…

  4. it has to be that close. If you look carefully enough you will see a “Hot Coffee” sign on it. That being a steam loco, they probably use the steam in their espresso machine.

  5. @matilda, haha, I have to admit, not only it makes sense, but I also feel like having one loco steam espresso right now!

    Ps. Anyone else noticed the big “Trains —>” sign up top? :))

  6. @nervozaur
    Lurk moar train stations. News stand placement is legit.

    Heh. The image is cropped.

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