1. I suddenly want to live in Estonia.
    Also, poor Surinam (and other backwaters too) that lead at nothing :-(

  2. the country that is the best at not killing themselves is right next to the country that is best at keeping peace.

  3. @ Dartes, I guess you have no idea what MGTOW stands for or anything remotely related to that.

    My choice would be for economic growth; proximity to the only blob of science helps too. (download speed is not too bad atm., but considering recent political activities, that might change to “censorship#2”)

  4. @Gowron: as befitting somebody such as yourself, your guess is not correct (I did search for alternate meanings tough, so as to broaden my knowledge).
    Notwithstanding this ut supra mentioned; I suggest you do mind the fact that: -your choice has neither been insofar nor will in the future be asked, and: -you should probably fetch an elementary geography primer.
    Have a good one, old sport.

  5. @ Dartes, I see i expected too much from you.
    Your choice involved “most women per man”, hence my reply in what that would actually mean: A country run by self-entitled bitches that see men as disposable slave workers.

    You expressed your opinion about where you would like to live, and i did mine. It wasn’t as a reply meant for you only.
    Also, the country i am referring to as “economic growth is Vietnam, in case you missed it. Slightly to the south there is a blue blob of “science”.
    Why does Vietnam have “economic growth” you may ask? It’s simple: NO RELIGION!
    I think I did a pretty good job of identifying correctly which country is which.
    Also, school is a bad place to learn stuff, unless you’re a robot.

  6. @Gowron:
    Jolly old chap. You have obviously never been to Estonia. By the cut of your jib neither have you been to Vietnam. It seems your exotic vacation trip list does not include it in its itinerary; my bad for assuming you were joking.
    On a side note: Did you know A&F manufactures most of its T-shirts there?

    On yet another side note: why all the misogyny? Relax, be a sport; let it flow.

  7. @ Dartes,
    Why would i go to Estonia of all the 196 countries on the planet? Do you feel like getting falsely accused of rape and have your entire life ruined from a false report? Legal system doesn’t care if you’re innocent or not on these cases.
    But hey, I hope you have fun out there.

    Side note: Wtf is A&F and why should i give a fuck?

    “why all the misogyny?”
    Yes, because stating reality is misogynistic.

  8. @ Dartes,
    Fun fact about Estonia:
    “Only 46 percent of the population is male. However, before you single men book a flight to Estonia consider that the main reason for this disparity is that the men die off quickly—their average life expectancy is only 65 years.”
    Wonder why that is…

  9. @Gowron:
    Certainly they must live intensely, causing their hearts to fail after so much decades of plenitude.

    Are you speaking out of your own/a friend’s/a friend’s friend/an acquaintance’s experience, or is it just your take on reality and the opposite gender?

    Why would i go to Estonia of all the 196 countries on the planet? – That is a fallacy, I shall let you pick which one.

    That concludes my exposition on this subject.

  10. @Gowron
    They only live for 65 years because all the women nag them to death.

    That’s the only reasonable explanation.

  11. @SpaceBuddha

    Ok, I bite… What’s your reasonable explanation?

    Oh, what’s that? You don’t have one?
    How lovely.

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