1. due to hawking radiation near the schwarzschild radius black holes could indeed “evaporate”. however they would not simply cease to exist, but rather matter flying everywhere.

  2. What happy thoughts man? It’s the greatest domino setup of ALL TIME and can’t/won’t even be around to understand what the fuck a moving piece in the whole fucking system is. We’re missing out on an infinite amount of awe-inspiring knowledge and it is quite sad knowing we can’t experience any of it. How is the Universe in all its beauty not a billion times more fascinating and intriguing than any of the thousand year old fairy tale books that people still believe in.

  3. @ nervozaur, because the people promoting those beliefs (for monetary or other bullshit reasons), also promote rejection (violent in most cases) of the things you mentioned, and if we don’t respect their disrespect we’re somehow viewed as “bad” by society.

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