1. I swear to God, everytime Dartes comments on a photo it all goes to shit. Ultimate party pooper. It’s cringe time everytime…

  2. @ Dartes: *Triple Supreme Galactic Eternal Facepalm* Because…. stupidity !!! . . . . (╯ಠ_ಠ)╯…. ┻━┻

  3. @UnderDark ain’t you a sweetiepie.

    To the rest of ye naysayers: Only Neg0 may judge me!
    Only he may smite me down and cast me away from Heaven with his free-will button (which I hope he does not)
    Peace out!

  4. @ Fuckyourshit: *…then…. I heard those…… That whisper. The tingling of the sentence, the coldness of those words… Those five words…. : “He is a …. humorless twat.” Suddenly I felt a chill down my spine… An irrational, heart-pounding fear that I couldn’t explain. I froze. Everything stopped. Time was irrelevant. The gravity of that sentence will be carved in the back of my mind forever. After a few seconds I turned back to Fuckyourshit, who was behind me waiting for a reply. Gazing into his crystal clear eyes, I said to him with the same cold voice, almost whispering, but more like a cry-out to whatever gods there might be: “No… way !”….. then….. silence…..

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