1. is this supposed to be minblowing somehow ?
    Every single number used to put the man on the moon is just a different combination of the same 10 digits.
    Every information you will read/write on your computer, including this post, is just a different combination of 1 and 0…etc

  2. This post is stupid. The alphabet was created by us to facilitate the expression. But we arbitrarily chose 26 numbers, like we chose 10 digits in the decimal system. But it means absolutly nothing. We can express the same amount of information with binary system {1;0} than decimal system {1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;0}.

  3. Everything is just a combination of quarks, electrons, positrons, neutrons, protons, neutrinos, gravitons, bosons, photons, hadrons, baryons, mesons etc. Oh, and chemical X.

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