1. The site misdefines what “someone else” is. State, anyone?
    There is no need for the whole demand to fall on the private sector, and yes, all of us have the right to a paid labour position. (Even those of us who don’t like to work will have to, eventually)

  2. Actually a right does not mean that. Usually you talk about rights and obligations of the same party. And a right is a potential, a guarantee, not a certitude, a right is exercised by the individual like in the Miranda rights. “You have the right ro remain silent” doesn’t mean someone else has the obligation to silence you. Going back to the site above, the obligation of the “other” would be not to stop someone from being able to work.

    “Such tyrrany is immoral” :)

  3. There are quite a lot of issues with that site. Some might argue that it’s actually sarcastic, yet, it doesn’t look that way. I suppose it’s best to look at it as entertainment.

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