1. to me it’s funnier the fact that he asks the question “Are you there?” even though he knows with certainty that he is

  2. That’s how you do. That’s how you do, my God
    Inside yourself you converse with your own.
    There is not one who is not you –
    And you’re alone. Oh, how lonely you are!

    And we are alone. And there is no one
    Who’d call to us, “Adam, where did you hide?”
    We are the one who’ve hidden from himself inside himself
    And have expelled himself from himself.

    Whither to go? To whom run now?
    What, O Lord, the responsibility for each one
    What a burden, Lord, what a fright
    And there is no one to tell about it

    For no one, for us and for you
    All this gift to which there is
    No equal, O Lord, and there’s light from every spore
    And everyone is holy, and holiness is yours

    And you in me, and that’s how, my God
    In myself I do converse with you
    There’s no one around who isn’t me.
    That’s how lone am I. That’s how alone am I.

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