1. @nervozaur: Not as long as those birds are those evil pigeons … they poop on everything we love … well not any more! Time to start the pigeon hunt!
    Rasism has nothing to do with it.

  2. @dumitru farcas: Niggas poop on everything we love too, but you don’t see me sayin’ all kinds of racist shit about them now, do you. No sir, i just let them be, happy with their fried chicken and watermelons and what not, none of my business. They probably earned that food by doing an honest day’s work… well, one in five cases anyway! Peace out. Word.

  3. @nervozaur: I may love nature and all but I will be the first to sign to an anti-air system designed to turn those nasty pigeons into fried wings!
    They serve only one purpose … the poop of death!

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