1. @narcissa: Pop Quiz! What’s “circle-strafe?” What’s “rocket-jump?” What’s “wallbang?” What’s “kiting?” What’s “GFWL” and why should it be nuked? Have you embraced Gabe as your one and true God? ANSWER!

  2. but then again… i remember neg demanding a public spectacle of such things a short while ago… so no more public spectacles? what say you, neg of indecision?

  3. @HJ: Circle-strafing, my all time enemy. I’m an awful noob embracing keyboard-turning out of pure laziness. I can still kick some asses though >:[

    Rocket jumping, I admit I had to google this, I’m not a big fps fan, though I loved playing UT3 :3

    Wallbang, see above :p

    Kiting, oh kiting. I might have never played a hunter, but I’ve done my piece of kiting in my time, and hell didn’t I enjoy that :D

    GFWL, bleh, my soul belongs to Sony.

    Sorry Gabe, I’m a true devote of Eris, the Discordian godess, but I’d be a fool and pitiful to not have played and loved Portal.

    @Potato: I’m not easily scared. Sadly I’m easily bored though =(

  4. My grandmother has a TV just like that, and a living room that seems like a 50’s time capsule.
    Where are those stylish designs. Why are radios, TV’s and other appliances encased in nice wooden structures anymore?
    I wish we could return to the fifties…without the hyproctitcal morals, and with the Internet.

  5. @ Potato, Love – hey, lovers, wtf are you doing? please stop. and go elsewhere. No one wants to see you two bitching around. No fights, unless we’re talking about 2 girls and lots of mud/chocolate

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