1. W…ell that is totally understandable, i totally want to meet Hitler myself, congratulate him for everything he tried to do for the.. world, but mostly Germany. And let’s not forget, Hitler did after all kill Hitler, so… he’s a hero in my books.

  2. @Potato: Well, yeah, but in the end that was out of his reach. If you ask me, it’s the damn ruskies fault for interfering. And USA was a god damn lesbian for joining in that war. HITLER FOUGHT AGAINST A BUNCH OF GOD DAMN TRANNIES!!
    There are so many damn things wrong in this world. I salute you Hitler, you glorious bastard! *tear in right eye*

  3. @nervozaur: he should have never broken the alliance with russia. they always kept their end of the bargain as history shows us. if he would have respected the ribbentrop-molotov the eastern front wouldn’t have existed and the german army wouldn’t have been spread out all over europe, and could have held back any ally attack coming from the ocean or sea. in the end they would have divided europe and the rest of the world between themselves just like the allies did with russia and the world would have looked different today. he should have learned from napoleon’s defeat, if the russian army doesn’t get you, the russian winter will.

  4. What are you all talking about?!
    The only mistake Takami-san made was misspelling the name, so I guess Takami-san can’t really be such a big fan after all. Whatever Takami-san’s gender might be

  5. His legacy lives on clearly, what he could not accomplish through strength of arms, his successors have, using the financial and banking systems of Europe.
    What a genius. Although I prefer his paintings.

  6. @Dartes: Sorry but Russia is still alive and pretty much dominating.
    @Potato: I would’ve broken any alliance with Russia myself. Those damn russian dogs, i would’ve crossed them just for the fun of it!

  7. Comments Disabled. At least, for now.

    Fat_n_Fluffy86 banned.

    Let me introduce you to a website you may find more enjoyable – 9GAG.com

  8. @Shirtpants: He said you’re a retarded bum and Nego feared you might go on a rampage after hearing again what your mother used to repeat you during all your childhood.

    Look at me going all mean and badass, I’m so proud of myself :3

  9. OK, so we’ve got rules now.
    (link found in the footer)

    Let me know if you need me to make them more detailed.

    For example, Shirtpants will soon be banned for “aggressive acts of homosexuality” due to constant posting on “sexy” tagged images, insisting that most females are disgusting. Also, for narcissism due to constantly referring everything to his personal issues, which often leads to off-topic thread derailing / user harassment and flame wars.

    Potato, lovenista and some of the others will now be in conflict with the “off-topic thread derailing / private chit-chat in public” rules. Potato also confuses this website with porn video streaming websites.

    Another popular problem is that people think it’s vital to point out, with every opportunity, that they no longer believe in the Christian teachings. Atheistic fundamentalism is among the most fucking annoying recent trends. Not to mention political views from people with absolutely no education in politics. Or corporate conspiracy theories.

    I’m at fault for expecting people to magically guess that I wanted them to behave in a decent way.
    Now, there are clear rules and guidelines, which might be expanded and detailed, if necessary.

    Let me know if they’re alright. This topic is already fucked, so let’s discuss stuff.

  10. @Negative0: Dear Negative0, are the rules, as it is commonly said “for real”?
    I do not expect its application to be extreme (i.e.: leniency on part of the moderator..is it to be expected?)
    Regarding the english only rule (it used to be on the comments section some time ago) I guess you could allow some small bits of “foreign” text, loanword or phrases/idioms.
    “No aggressive acts of homosexuality.”
    Maybe you could also put something like “no agressive acts of heterosexuality” too?
    Or just ban agressive acts of “sexuality” altogrther.

  11. @Dartes

    Yes, leniency.
    Yes, phrases. That’s mostly to do with the “ethnocentrism” rule. Some self-absorbed cunts forget that no one knows or gives a fuck about their language, therefore they should fucking abstain from using it within an international community. It’s not suppose to eliminate foreign bits and pieces. :)
    “no aggressive acts of heterosexuality”= “No RedTube-like comments.”
    No, sexuality is good.

  12. @Negative0 I’m sorry that “your child “is constantly getting bashed,adding a comment section how do you see it now win or fail ?

  13. @ Nog0 – you’ve scared everyone around here. Or maybe I’m just forever alone on Saturdays, and the best I can do is comm here. Weird

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