1. photographer – too shy, couldn’t watch her in the eyes … if you can’t look a woman in her eyes, you should like let a train run over you cock and balls… and join a y.m.c.a. club …

  2. @lovenista101: she looks like a man. observe her jaw and chin in the first picture. made me wonder… i looked carefully at her crotch in the second picture, had the impression she’s actually a tranny,

  3. you know … lately, the “i don’t care” pills are starting to fail instead of work …@Potato: she ain’t ugly just got a weird bra …
    and the angles of the image are oddly pictured …

  4. @narcissa: all these here used intense surgery … maybe they weren’t happy being a guy … well did the doctors also implemented the entire “engine” ?
    with the period package included?
    … some people playing god …
    tsck tsck tsck …

  5. @Fat_n_Fluffy86: yeah, most probably intense surgery, though there are men that are born with strong feminine characteristics, so it helps along. Period package? :D I don’t think transexuals can reproduce :p

    Playing god, we’re already ‘playing god’ in so many things and especially in the medicine field, why not make some people happy? ^.^

    @Potato: Yeah, I thought about putting a disclaimer for him to read and accept before clicking the links. But then my evil side won over :3

  6. @Fat_n_Fluffy86: It would go crazy, gender is such an abstract concept ^.^
    I’m generally a pessimist when it comes to this filthy world, but diversity and individuality just leaves me in awe. People that are afraid of those wonderful qualities just don’t know how much they’re missing.

    “I like weird. Weird is all I’ve got. That and my sweet style.”

  7. @narcissa: gender is an abstract concept? oh my poor girl, who’s been showing you the thing about the birds and the bees hasn’t been doing a very good job.

  8. @Potato: haha, why, ain’t that how children come to families? :D I know I came on a bird cause I remember it. (No pun intended. Or is it? :3)

    Seriously though, what I meant is that we’re once again victims of categories. How about people born with both genitals? How about them that grow up with both or them that parents decide what ‘gender’ they’ll be by surgically removing one of the two when they’re newborns? Or what about women with a strong prevalence of male hormones that just feel like a man in the wrong body, or the other way around? So you see, I think gender is an abstract concept.

  9. It’s tangible if you strictly associate gender with genitals, which I do and don’t because of the above reasons :p

  10. @narcissa: so it is tangible from a visual perspective but the visual perspective is not only made up of the image of the genitals, it’s made up of body language, mannerisms, tone and inflections of the voice, isn’t it? all of these reflect the inner image of the gender, how you really feel. doesn’t that make it tangible?

  11. @Potato: Again no, because some guys can look feminine or even act a bit feminine, yet if you ask them they’re fine with their biological gender and don’t feel ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’. Or tomboys, girls with a kind of strong boyish attitude, yet they are perfectly fine with being a woman ^.^ So my point is, gender ain’t just that easily recognisable with vision, only biological sex is. And that’s where the confusion comes from, thinking that biological sex and gender are the same. They didn’t used to be back in the ’50s.

    Aw, Jon <3 What lady could ever resist him?

  12. @narcissa: you’re trying to make your point by splitting them into categories and drawing hard lines between them. my dear narcissa, sexuality is a melange of what you are on the outside and what you feel on the inside, you cannot separate those and claim the inside as intangible, abstract (i think that’s where we started this conversation).
    it’s ok though, we don’t have to agree entirely :)

  13. and Britney with her “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” song …
    ewww… burn her with black napalm bombs!

  14. @Potato: No, we don’t have to agree entirely or even partially for that matter, but I’m eager to see new points of view and maybe change or broaden mine ^.^

    Maybe our point of discord comes because I see biological sex, gender and sexuality as three different things, connected maybe, but still not united. Biological sex is something way more easily categorised, while sexuality and gender are a mix of more factors and not always recognisable. So I must have been misunderstood because I didn’t mean to separate outside from inside or draw categories, but on the opposite.

    Well, I liked this chit chat, unfortunately it’s rare for me to have such exchange of opinions, usually people (irl and online) aren’t interested in those things or just have their closed mind opinion of what society teaches us.

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