1. In 1941, Joseph Alois Ratzinger, aka Benedictus XVI, was a member of the Nazi youth organization “Hitler Youth.”

  2. @ Potato – that’s no excuse. Still, they did it, in order to maintain some level of control over the fascist/nazi leaders. This helped saving Vatican and and whatever it meant, or at least is should have.

  3. @CIneva: Well, I don’t think it’s his fault for being indoctrinated by the propaganda machine of the time however he is responsible for everything he did afterwards. He’s just a puppet after all.

  4. @ Potato – Mister, you’re the puppet of life. And the puppet of your gf/wife/relatives or even that girl at the store selling some shit you don’t care, but she looks hot and you’ve been manipulated subtly to at least pay some attention. You’re a puppet to your food and water or w/ever you drink. So…please tell me more of how you’re not a puppet.

  5. @ Potato – good for you, mister, good for you.

    @ Stoner – Yes, you are. If you can’t escape the control of something or someone, you’re its/his/her puppet.

    Those are stupid. Losers, defeated. They have dreams, but that’s all. And the only way those ppl could achieve their dreams is by taking drugs.

  6. Meh Narcissa, you’re a flower. Flower’s ain’t supposed to talk. Or Write. But they can re-read to understand what I’ve meant. Not difficult.

    note – I do like the flower itself.

  7. I didn’t mean my ignorance, but yours. And I don’t mean it in an offensive way, just that you are too categorical in your assumptions, and damn I hate categories D:

    I might be a flower though, so you might like me. A flower that talks is controversial, but don’t take it as a bad thing. Diversity can be fun ^.^

  8. @ Potato – yes mylord, so..what? :))

    @ narcissa – so, why would I care a flower’s words? Still, debating with total strangers on the interwebs on such young hours would be fun. And enjoyable. Still, I don’t give up my categories unless you show me something different. I hate idiots, still they exist.

    Be a flower, but “picz or it didn’t happen”

  9. Why are you sweethearts talking about things you don’t understand?

    CIneva, love, what can you possibly know about drug users? Based on your response I think it’s most likely that the closest you’ve ever been to a drug was your mommy’s spice rack. Judging from afar doesn’t make you a better person, nor a smarter one.

  10. @Lisbeth: most of the effects some drugs induce occur naturally to some degree in our system. I could go on and elaborate but i hope it won’t be necesary (and would spare me the dread of fitting what i want to explain in this extremely limited form of comunication we call language). In any case what i mean to say is that i’m pretty sure an average individual can , to a point , understand what drug users do/feel/etc.

  11. @Gowron: No, I don’t believe that counts at all, otherwise we’d all know everything about everything just by being in the remote vicinity of certain generic phenomena. You can give yourself an orgasm on your own but that doesn’t mean you truly understand what it feels like to actually sleep with someone. That point up to which you can relate is very low on the experience scale.

  12. Aw, Lisbeth said everything quite clearly, what more would I need to say? Except… @CIneva: idiots exists, categories don’t. It’s just some people think they exist or they would like to, just like god or santa.

  13. @Gowron: yes, someone who never used drugs can understand what a drug user feels, just like someone who never tasted chocolate can understand and describe its taste just by being around people who have.
    children, please, don’t start talking about drugs, just don’t go there.

  14. Discussions on this internet thing tend to become funny. Dear Lisbeth, I’m sure you’re not aware that mother of mine you mention is dead(not that I expect you to believe it). Also, I’ve been in that drug kind of situation(yes, I’ve been that retarded), I’m not pulling words out of thin air. Please be less rushed in the near future :)

    @ Narcissa – you don’t have to accept my way of thinking, neither do you. I won’t change my mind, categories do exist, but you don’t just belong to only one, but to more.

  15. @ Potato – no comment. and no, I don’t want to cut her hand(s) off. Why would you even think of that, you fucked-up, crazy-ass, weirdo potato!

    @ Lizzie – no, we didn’t. I don’t hold hand with strangers, unless they give me candies. got any?

  16. @CIneva: Categories do not exist for the simple reason that humans are so vast and various and a mix of a million different things that you just can’t make categories, unless each category is to fit only one specific person.

    You might have used drugs. You might have tried them or you might have been a hopeless junkie for years. That for no reason means you know how other junkies feel, why they’re doing drugs, or what’s inside their head. Your mother is dead and Lisbeth’s parents are dead, would you think you two feel/have felt the same or went through the same experience? I sincerely doubt it. You can’t judge people simply because you will never know enough of their past or present, or whatever goes inside of them.

    A friendly advice, or maybe two; Don’t judge anyone because we’re different and don’t participate in any discussion (serious or silly) saying ‘I’m not gonna change my mind’. It’s just closed minded and quite silly-stubborn to say so, even if by the end of it you won’t have changed your mind.

  17. Thank you dear, for a life lesson. You’re advices are already being considered. If they pass, those will become mine. Now, shall we have fun, or go round this <> thing?

  18. @Lisbeth: Thanks, I’ll pass on the cookie. Don’t know what other habits you might have picked up from T.T.

    Pretty awesome that you play it, anyways.

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