1. Islam is foreign to Europe.
    Jews, atheists, agnostics, even hindus and buddhists and sikhs (provided they keep their numbers low) I can tolerate.
    Islam, I do not.
    Cleanse it from our land we must, that bane the turks brought us.

  2. i think islam is angry… he should have a long hearty talk with buddhism and maybe learn not to care what shit others say about him. i think islam is pretty insecure for reacting so violently. an intelligent and mature religious cult would give snappy retorts to those who criticize him. he’s very possessive and must have abandonment issues aswell if he’s dressing is women like that… all covered up so no one could lust over the, like a selfish child.
    oh islam, you silly little child, you have so much potential… will you ever grow up?

  3. right… look into spanish history and see how much the muslims influenced the country. i think they did a fine job.

  4. @Potato: I not a spainard. And their influence I have not denied, specially after the Catholic Kings repurposed all those mosques, madrassas and bimaristans into proper white, western and christian institutions =)

  5. @Potato: THat is the core of the european ehtos. Geography and tradition have deemed it so! Maybe the “christian” part losing ground since the 18th century, we can remove, but not the other two.
    Mixing…not a good thing.

  6. @Dartes: ok, maybe western is just a way of stating europe’s position in relation to the arab world but white and christian? come on, you can’t believe this religious fucking retarded propaganda. people have been moving around since they started walking and centers of civilization have always been full of multi-coloured, multi-cultured people. tradesmen, craftsmen, slaves, people wanting a better life. the purity of europe is utopic to say the least… it has never been pure and never will be. and i’m glad of it. imagine how retarded we would be after a few thousand years of inbreeding… i mean… look at southern americans after just a few hundred years of inbreeding…

  7. @Potato: good point. :)
    and i.d like to add that Europe is seen from outside as the most boheme and multicultural part of the world…

    though some people tend to see its ‘dreamy’ aspect and not be aware of the haughty attitude.

  8. @Dartes: It’s funny how you think that if you’re a Christian you are somehow entitled to be the landlord of Europe and that it is for you to tolerate on its ground others who do not share your passion for kissing the ass and sucking the cock of Christ.

  9. @Patient Zer0: that’s how it was designed to be. the muslim greeting “Salaam Aleikum” means peace be with you but sadly it has been turned into a tool to manipulate people and use them as an ideological army. it happens to all religions. opium for the masses…

  10. A medieval way of thinking… really no difference between this and old school Catholicism. What do both of these have in common? UN-educated masses.

    I firmly oppose any religious hierarchy….

  11. I firmly don’t give 2 shits about the topic as long as they leave me alone. But seeing that they come westward, settle, live off the gov., then start demanding stuff, quite obnoxiously. That kinda, sorta pisses me off.

  12. Why dont people just get what religion is about?
    I can tell you in short words:

    Be nice, and if you don’t have a reason, STILL BE NICE!

    Thank God I’m a white Anglo Saxon Protestant – what is the best race and religion ;)

    Guys you’re all a bunch of Internetgeeks, you should know that this is just another media hype going on! This happens every day in the name of each and any god…. ok might not happen in the name of buddha …. ok to be honest Buddhists don’t give a shit about anything, thats why they have not achieved anything till now .. o.O

  13. They are extremists,whom are tired of turning the other cheek as the saying goes.I sometimes understand their retaliations in a way but not to the full extent.I believe that if you see your family member,friends,co-workers,people you know die around you,everyone of us would do the same thing, fight fire with fire,for everyone you’ve lost they would lose the same,but the always sad part of this method is that violence always leads to more violence. ” An eye for an eye until the whole world is blind “. Faith in any religion has always been and will be a great weapon of mass-destruction a sword with it’s double edges! Killing in the name of religious propaganda,and using the faith of their worshipers/followers against themselves and against others will always be a great business for some !
    Instead of seeing all the other angles/perspectives without any bias involved , as humans we tend to judge and sometimes project anger,mockery and finally rejection towards other things that we are not accustomed to. I bid you all a good day and end my comment with words of a great man whom I am proud to share an era “The decay and disintegration of this culture is astonishingly amusing if you are emotionally detached from it. I have always viewed it from a safe distance, knowing I don’t belong; it doesn’t include me, and it never has. no matter how you care to define it, I do not identify with the local group. Planet, species, race, nation, state, religion, party, union, club, association, neighborhood improvement committee; I have no interest in any of it. I love and treasure individuals as I meet them, I loathe and despise the groups they identify with and belong to.” George Carlin, Brain Droppings

  14. I say, shoot those who are fanatics about fairy tales.

    We don’t need shit like that in this day and age.

  15. respect ‘islam’ people, as without them we wouldn’t laughed our asses to legends like Achmed [with a CH!] – the dead terrorist …

  16. i think i can classify religions based on their age drawing a parallel to human development through life:
    hinduism: so fuckin old it’s just ridiculous
    buddhism: mature, balanced, rational and mystic
    christianity: teenage crazy, personality disorder
    islam: 2nd grader spoiled brat
    mormonism: infant, silly as fuck and hilarious

  17. @Potato: You forgot judaism. Was that a freudian slip or just a typo?
    I have a personal issue with Islam, and the fanatics that form 90% of its “flock”.
    In medieval times muslim nations where to be respected, they contributed a lot to arts, sciences, etc; now, they just want to jihad everything. Period.

  18. @Potato: But they’re setting Western shit on fire and killing random Europeans and Americans; today US, German and British embassies were attacked, 1 death confirmed. Also, an American school; 3 deaths.


    It’s starting to spread to US and UK soil as well. Just flag burning and bomb threats for now.

    Shit’s getting out of hand. :(

  19. @Negative0: War was coming… It’s almost here. The US needs a reason to invade the arab countries so they can suck them dry of resources so they support these rebel groups to stir shit up and finally have a reason to declare war. It’s inevitable, nothing we can do about it. The best thing I can do for myself is not give a flying fuck and hope it doesn’t affect me directly.

  20. @Potato: It has come to the point where it is either us, or them.
    I don’t like to have a towel on my head. I like to appreciate femenine figures walking on the street. I like pork and booze.
    So. You figured out my side, count me in when shit hits the fan and blood needs to be spilled.

  21. @Potato: I repeat my argument: pork, booze, and women (an isomorphism for freedom, a metaphor, if you haven’t realised)
    Add that to figures such as Khomeini, Ahmadinjhad, et alii, and then tell me: is it really american propaganda?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw-R7TKCXKw great documentary (quite biased but great still) about religion. Jump to Islam.

    Blessings upon your family.
    Curses upon Mohammad, Islam, and all that.
    Nuff said on this topic.

  22. @Dartes: osama IS a friend of the bush family. so yes.
    what if i told you i’ve met plenty of muslims who love a rare steak, drink beer like crazy and smoke tons of hash? what you said there is the islam extremism. paralleled to you, if you are catholic you shouldn’t have premarital sex and anything that feels good you should stop doing it because it’s the work of the devil.
    i also rest my case, this is getting silly

  23. I kinda like the Swordfish ideology… but I don’t see it happening… too many politically correct nutless politicians.

    “They bomb a church, we bomb ten. They hijack a plane, we take out an airport. They execute American tourists, we tactically nuke an entire city.”

    Let’s start playing by their rules. Turn the area to glass.

  24. @Dartes: I’m going to do what I’ve said I’ll never do again because I still want to believe that I am a civilized and enduring man but when ignorant narrow minded scumbag humans go on rants like you just did this whole thing it makes me go Patrick Bateman. First off fuck you and your motherfucking mama because she gave you ways and means to use the internet.It seems your just a punk ass who has no respect for other people’s “stuff”,you just have it for you own.Hey Melvin, Muslims don’t wear towels on their head,it s a head scarf made of cotton or cotton and wool (names for “the towel” are Keffiyeh , Shemagh, Ghutrah , Haṭṭah ) they mostly wear it to protect themselves from the sun and sometimes sand,or because it’s a tradition passed from generations to generations.They don t drink alcohol BECAUSE IT’S THE FUCKING DESERT and there a big, hot, fiery ball that humans tend to call it THE SUN ! and it’s about 100 Celsius degrees out there and very little little precipitation, news flash genius alcohol and the fiery sun not so much a great combo.They don’t eat pork because tat ta daa 2 main reasons : first swine loves to sit /play in their own shit ,I believe you’ve heard the phrase : ” happier than a pig in shit ” they believe the pig is not a pure/clean animal and second in ancient times one could get deadly ill from eating pork which was undercooked. In some parts women wear only ḥijābs with normal clothes and in some parts abāyahs with niqābs because reasons like modesty, privacy, and morality.Good manners go a long way you know.Singer Everlast said it best : ” Y’all don’t know what Jihad is ! ” ,word of mouth it means 2 things : 1. the greater jihad (akbar) which means personal struggle (in the way of Allah (God) to keep evil always from yourself ) -t his is preserving ones-self from sin and disbelief ; 2. the lesser jihad (asghar) Holy War (Fighting a fair,defensive war – to stop oppression) – this is going to war to defend Islam,people,property or occupation of a muslim or Islamic country .Stop using it as a substitute for the English definition of the word “war”. I am not a Muslim,it just makes me wanna go Pat Bateman on their ass when people like Dartes or even much worse, instigate people on other people ,bash other concepts,and sadly say and believe that killing would come easy ,just because something is different .Any religion is a form of brain washing that says believe this and only this,this is the only thing and everything else is wrong and evil..You should always judge a man by his actions and by whom he is as a person, not by what race, nation, state, religion, party, union, club, association he is in.It’s because people like you major shit storms are created and lots of people suffer,it’s because people like you I sometimes wish they would suffer a weird accidental death.

  25. @cockinass: by god, that guy is so friggin’ annoying….. his voice is terrible for this. people who scream-talk? no-no.

    now, just to mention something about what he says.. that people are crazy to act so violently over a damn movie.
    it.s way more than a movie.. it has gotten so serious that any little cynical thing only provokes them more..
    it.s not just about the movie, it.s about continuously stirring these people.. and you really expect them to act as obedient and laugh it off?!
    who are we kidding? :)

    you can.t just poke someone in the eye endlessly and say it.s a joke.. or that it.s for their own good.

  26. @lovenista101: I understand that you are a stupid cunt and you want to have a say in everything, even on matters you have little to no knowledge or understanding, and some times I am no different, but despite how bad or offensive or insulting something may be to someone, there is no excuse for acting the way they do. The only reason you have a voice is because you are not playing by anyone’s rules of intimidation, yet you’re taking side of sub-human savagery and ignorance that has no place in a civilized world.

  27. @Dodd: Nigger, you are like Patrick Bateman. He was angry too, channelled it, then finally he realised that it didn’t amount to shit. Because it was in his head.

    If you don’t like how things are take a Soma pill, ooooooooooor… start working for the government and try to make a difference.

    Ranting on meh won’t solve shit.

    As salaamu alaikum!

  28. @Patient Zer0: The basic idea is that I fucking snapped when I fucking saw the prick’s final comment and when i saw the anger and hate behind all of them,I m not trying to be the god damn avenger from The Avengers or some shit like that on meh,even outside of it.But shit was getting out of hand,and ideas/rants like that motherfucker’s ,stir ideas in other assholes just like him to go diss/beat/kill in the real world. I’m sorry too all the other people for going on going all high and mighty ranting like a bitch in heat,but that motherfucker crossed a serious line and I don t think that shit’s ok.

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

  29. @Dodd: you seem to be missing the reason for Darte’s final coment -> in case you haven’t watched the documentary here’s a little short story : in islam the end times will come when they kill all the fucking jews , and they actually belive that although the majority try not to take it seriously , some shithead fucktards do and the result is slapping you in the face ; therefore Dartes here decided to choose the lesser evil(christianity) for his critique.Not to mention your reaction is that exactly of those fucktards i was mentioning – if you had a gun pointed at Dartes when misunderstanding his intention you wrote your hatefull reply , you would have probably slain the bastard wihtout hesitation.

  30. @cockinass: either you misunderstood or i wasn.t as clear as i should have been.
    i.m not taking sides to violence and murderers.. i.m saying that violence and superior/cynical attitude will only foster more violence.

    it.s easy to talk shit when you.re not directly involved, when you don.t know the real situation at grassroot level and go off spouting crap just to get a rating on the internet.
    man, i do love opportunists.

    and it seems it.s so friggin’ hard to feel empathy and try to discover and understand why the hell did it get to this state?!

    my comment is based on my own experience, not on what i saw on the TV or read in some biased newspaper.

    in the end, the ones who will face the consequences of the violent idiots are the people who don.t have anything to do with violence and their only “sin” is to have been born as muslims.

  31. @Gowron: I am just a man whom was and sometimes is enraged (sometimes publicly) by people turning on other people,and doing physical or mental harm in the name of ” X ” or doing harm because person ” A ” is in a certain race, nation, state, religion, party, union, club, association .Religions are based on concepts that are outdated an obsolete in this day and age,mostly all people state my makes the best toys and there are more safe than yours

  32. @lovenista101: It was clear to me when you asked if I really expect them to act as obedient and laugh it off that you, as an individual, would act the same way if people insulted and offended you, or that at least you’d endorse a violent reply as a normal and justified course of action.

    Going back to the Muslims- poverty and frustration, mixed with religious stupidity is what it takes to act violently, but it would be a big mistake to let them believe that their misfortune gives them the right to kill and intimidate those who do not lower to their standards.

  33. *Religions are based on concepts that are outdated an obsolete in this day and age,mostly all people state that “toy manufacturer ” makes the best ” toys “and mine is cooler,safer and so on than yours.Sorry for the last part I was deleting stuff and pressed enter by mistake,Good day, I will stop commenting on this post because I don t want to get bothered anymore and bother other people with my replies.

  34. Buddhism is peace.


    hey have you heard about a massacre in burma?
    no of course you haven’t, after all it’s only muslims who died, dying, and will die.

    so no, keep sleeping in peace and eating fresh food, and then come here and bitch about whatever makes you feel good.

    but the truth is when a thousand of muslims died everybody blinks, and when a Seven died in a riot you got a bbc news report.


    A story:

    a suicide bombing kills more than 50 people.

    the headline news: a muslim suicide bomber kills more than 50 people.

    after a while the police discovered that it was Christian fanatic.

    the headline changed to: a suicide bomber kills more than 50 people.


    and please get your information about Islam from an Islamic center Then judge for yourself.
    because, believe it or not, there are people who spread lies about islam.

  35. @cockinass: Sorry, that line was not directed at you… it was a general “you” directed at that guy and others who share his ‘it is just a joke, dude, c’mon!’ attitude.

    That combo you mentioned doesn’t give anyone the right to act violent, kill, and so on.
    But adding fuel to it doesn’t make it better.

    On my part, murderers everywhere should be punished accordingly. Whether they have a “valid” reason or not given by their own belief, cause or anything else.
    Not with their own death though.. ’cause no one created life to take someone else’s life.

    And I’m not violent, I’m that kind of stupid person that gets in between people who fight, trying to ease the tensions.

  36. * People who matter to me are the innocent ones that get in between these fights for power.
    Because it is not a matter of fighting for peace. Both parties, at high-level (including terrorist groups) are fighting for resources, power, and so on.

  37. @lovenista101: It matters not if you were referring to me particularly or not. I was highlighting the question and its meaning, not to whom it was addressed to.

    That movie, as well as other insignificant things, is fuel for their violence because of their lack of education and intelligence. Does that mean the rest of the society should tremble at the Muslim nations’ feet just because they might feel offended or insulted by whatever they consider improper. If so, then go suck some Muslim cock and prepare to cut your throat, because one day your mere existence may be considered an offence to their ways, and you don’t want to fuel the combo, do you?

  38. @cockinass:”insignificant”.
    That’s the thing: nothing can be labeled as “insignificant” anymore. It’s like the Chinese drop for the ones who are already acting violent.

    Thanks for the advice, but I already have a pimp master.

  39. @Potato: :D Lovenista may find it offensive.

    @lovenista101: I could be like a drill in the ass for all I care. As long as someone is not actually causing any direct physical harm, it’s all in their minds. Civilization shouldn’t be subdued by hoards of crazy animals.

  40. The invisible men upstairs got you way too worked up on this matter. You all blame religion and claim it’s bad and poisonous, yet here you are talking and ranting about it. This is why people are stupid, and why simpletons become so successful, because other fucks give too much importance to stupid shit like this.

  41. @Shirtpants: yes, it’s easier to believe everyone’s stupid and segregate yourself from society, locking yourself in an ivory tower and have a skewed vision on the world from up there. we are not worthy of your presence, great one. please honour us with your absence

  42. @Shirtpants: Religion is a real phenomena that is affecting all of us, more or less. You don’t have to be a believer to acknowledge that. If there is something worth talking about in our spare time on this shitball, religion should be on top of the list.

    In real life I do not engage in discussions about religion with everyone I meet, but I carefully select my friends by their stance on religion, and whenever I can, and see fit, I express my opinion on it without being afraid of someone proving me wrong.

    Just because you do not believe in the invisible men upstairs it doesn’t mean you are safe from others (i.e. billions) who do.

  43. This is what i really hate about you. A bunch of half-wits talking shit about “the absolute champion of false claims and promises-religion”, pretending you renew our perspective on the matter at hand with every brilliant sentence your frozen brain struggles to spew out.
    Do you ever get tired of yourselves?

  44. @Negative0: breakfast brings interesting thoughts. here’s one: gaddafi was put in power by americans, he was a good friend of sarkozy, sponsored his campaign but NATO needed a regime change so it would look like Libia is not their puppet so they wacked the fucker, put another puppet in place and staged the killing of their diplomats and at the same time they activated their muslim rebel groups so they would have a good reason to wage war against all arab countries. a war they will win, obviously, their military power is undeniable. this will only expand their globalized police state set on sucking dry the entire world of resources and enslaving the population. this is a setup, just like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austria’s heir to the throne which “triggered” WWI. Brace for WWIII people, this is gonna get ugly.

  45. it’s sad that they use violence against countries who would not submit willingly, countries who don’t accept their sovereignty and become vassals by choice, like we did. also war is a waste of resources, it’s so fucking expensive…

  46. well actually… i don’t think it’s gonna get that ugly. population is a valuable resource. plus they’ve much better weaponry, more precise. IF russia and china don’t get in on the action, that is… i don’t think china will, their entire economy is based on exports to the “civilized world”, war would mean financial disaster. it would be to their disadvantage to go to war. also they don’t feel the need to expand their influence across their borders, they’ve got plenty of land and people to make money for the state. also russia is self-sufficient, i admire that very much. putin did a great job restoring his motherland to its former glory. their economy is growing, they’ve the most billionaire oligarchs in the world, i think war would also be to their disadvantage.

  47. @cockinass: Civilization. Interesting word… Starting an argument/motivation by calling someone a ‘stupid cunt’ is civilized indeed.

    Also, this just in: the mind controls the body! OMG!!

    Doing more harm, intentionally, pulling the strings, and creating the framework for all those who are fucktards (from both parties) to start acting violently qualifies that particular person as a “crazy animal” in my opinion. A civilized crazy animal, if you prefer.

    No one cares about the collateral victims, be them muslims or diplomats, or soldiers, or anything else. Only their families will mourn them trully. For the high-level representatives the dead will be only numbers who will add to that “right cause” which they fight for. The lucky ones might even be mentioned during an emotional speech.

  48. if you consider yourself some forward out of the box modern thinker who defends islam calling it a religion of peace in order to spite christianity because you want to stick it to the man or if your a right winger who bashes islam because he fears it and has no understanding of any culture besides his own or what ever you believe or consider yourself. these hardliner muslim extremists will kill you no matter how for or against them you are. if you arent a muslim, you’re an infidel and one definition of infidel is non believer. so just because your a 1st semester college student who smokes pot, experiments with bisexuality, drinks and parties and humps blocks of ice while on X and you preach world peace and tolerance or some gun nut who has never traveled any place or read a history book and wants to nuke every islamic country…either way, they don’t care, you’re lifestyle offends them and they will kill you regardless. so, to wrap up my point. islam is no more a religion of peace than christianity is. im just saying, you can say fuck western culture and christianity, but if youre on the interwebz, porning it up, driving your car, and not required to have atleast a beard as long as your fist…you should ease up on how much you think western culture sucks.

  49. @Potato: and now… thanks to my coffee i can actually say something constructive. i’ll keep my sentences short so you would understand what i’m talking about.

    you say “western culture” but you speak of american culture.
    european culture is not christian.
    culture has nothing to do with religion.
    god has nothing to do with religion.
    war is not about belief, it’s about money. an investment.

  50. you know …. I’m iranian and I’m muslim …..
    but I’m saying …. ISLAM is Dangerous …. don’t play with that

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