1. @lovenista101: yeah you do… it comes with the training. it’s right between sucking the customer’s cock so he buys something and licking the boss’ ass for a promotion… figuratively speaking, of course

  2. Ironically, those of us that work on the biggest corporation there is (also known as, government) have no such corporate spirit.
    Go figure.

  3. @Dartes: yeah you do, it’s called bureaucracy. it’s a fucked up kind of corporate spirit, instead of working hard efficiently for shit pay you’re being dicks to the people and slowing everything down.

  4. @ Potato – There are plenty of other things that try turning you into a robot, not just corporate trainings. And those working for the government are indeed fucked up badly. Little, or no work at all, dick-like behaving, inefficiency and the rest. At least the corporate robots are efficient and polite..

    @ Love – how much of a robot are you, dear?

  5. @Potato: brother, is that experience talking?
    I agree with you though, 100%
    And the feeling of power upon the uninitiated mortals who depend on you to achieve their administrative goals is enormous.

  6. @CIneva: when it is needed, i can work for more than 16h straight and freeze the smile on my face.
    and i.m supposed to be working in the civil society..
    that why i say that corporate spirit is not only within big ass corporations..

    it gets friggin’ tiring though.

  7. @Dartes: yes… i always like to use an official and authoritarian voice when dealing with public service workers. it makes them feel i outrank them and they become busy and obedient little bees.

  8. @Dartes: I would kill your kind with my bare hands given the opportunity to get away with it. Today I stood in front of a desk where two government employees talked about last night’s dinner for 5 minutes. All the while they knew I was there for info concerning the dole, I was literally 1m away from them, and I was the only one there.

    They just didn’t give a rat’s ass until they wrapped up their discussion.

  9. @Patient Zer0: waiting politely for them to finish their conversation and not snapping at the fuckers for being complete dicks makes them do that again to other people over and over again.

  10. @Patient Zer0: don’t ditch the beard, trim it to make it look like you’re a boss. also wear something office-casual like. it’s all about the image, instinct is a funny thing to play with. show dominance and they will obey :))

  11. I worked as a car mechanic … all other people there want to work in an office – MONEY –

    I just learned on thing – dont work at all if its not your hobby ….

    So I joined the Army Infantry ….

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