1. Honey, I doubt you’re that young…but I can be as fluffy as Fluff himself, only undead. Is that good enough?

  2. @ Love – well dear, always be gentle and nice, and you’ll see the results. Ofc, this requires dealing with humans, not brainless monkeys

  3. So are you two shagging eachother? Or have shagged eachother? Or plan to shag eachother? Do share with the rest of the class. :)

  4. You are boring with this shit man, we used to come here for entertainment and debates and arguing because that stupid fuck over there had a point but i felt he was wrong! This shit is boring, inane, BORING!

  5. @ shirties – manon, none of use forced you to read. I usually enter meh just for the pics(saving some of them). Now I’m in a talkative mood, but not the <> kind(too busy). oh, and


    @ Love – easy to sight them(or maybe I’m a psychic)

    @ Lizzie – well, you’d like to know, wouldn’t you?

    @ Potato – drew that yourself? Nice skills :)). And interesting idea, what should that represent?

  6. @CIneva: It also comes with a practical course so, alas, the diagram alone won’t help you much.

    @Shirtpants: I think it’s wrong how fluffy penguins are treated in this world! Wrong, I tell you!

  7. @CIneva: That’s the worst shit possible you could say with the “no one forced you to read” retort. And you are boring the shit out of everyone my man. Everyone.
    This is turning into chat rooms, i may have kickstarted it unwillingly, i apologize neg0, i am fucking sorry. Sorry as fuck.

  8. @Shirtpants: what got your panties in a bunch? leave the guy alone, he’s alright, it seems you have an attitude problem. any hidden issues you care to discuss? something is clearly bothering you and triggering this violent emotional response of dissatisfaction. maybe you should ask yourself what is truly bothering you.

  9. duuude…go get some pussy or smth, y u turn tu pussi reel fast maan! ffrustu…fru…ugh, me no knw tu tell dis. he be bitchin’!

  10. If that’s violence to you…
    You? You can realize i have a attitude problem from what? Do you even stop and think for a second how fucking stupid you sound?
    Tried to make a point, smacked real hard again into the wall of dumb fucks, forget it… I’ll try my best and ignore you.

  11. @ Potato – my friend, that’s exactly the point of it. I am annoying, stupid, retarded, gay, fag etc etc. so, why speak properly? Neh, just stick to my role, and be annoying and boring as fuck.

    @ shirties – mister, you have an issue. go somewhere else, no one gave you attention, so…why interfere or bother doing it?

  12. @Shirtpants: Yes it is violence. Not all violence is dealt with a fist, yours was verbal. If we’re dumb fucks then why hang out with us. Come to meh, see some pictures and close the tab, no one’s forcing you to view comments.
    Also I think you’re pissed off because you have a crush on My Liz and we’ve just made a public display of love and lust but ok, ignore me.
    @CIneva: I actually want to understand what you’re posting, man, it does not annoy me, just makes me want to stop reading your posts.

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