1. @E.G.: Romanian is a romance language just like spanish, I bet they can understand that.
    I mean, spanish is my mother tongue and I can figure out some phrases in romanian.

  2. @Dartes: actually there is this new theory which states that latin is a form of ancient thracian (dacians, ancient romanians where one of the thracian tribes). The thracian lands used to span from present day armenia, turkey and all the way to hungary/slovakia-czech republic. Rome was founded by trojans who were also thracians. also emperor Trajan, who conquered Dacia said, before starting his military campaign that he is returning home. also senators of the day condemned the dacian conquest war because it was fratricide. it is said that in the village where Trajan grew up (somewhere in north-eastern spain) people were speaking a form of dacian.

  3. Well, peeled some trees, but none of them looked as those ones…where do you find this “muscle” trees?

    @Potato – well. nice theory. I’m ro(and proud to be, from times to times), but I’d say that theory is a bit…exaggerated, don’t you think? But, who knows, it would make me happy if it turns out true.

  4. @CIneva: got to lasttorrents and search for “Dacii – Adevaruri Tulburatoare” and “Dacii – Noi Dezvaluiri”. Leading historians tell the story, you’ll like it.

  5. @Potato: they got deleted, just searched for them. i still have them, if you want i can upload them somewhere and post links but it’s gonna take a while

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