1. Proves just how Google handles it’s clientservice towards their privacy-policy… Maybe they want to hide something? Like… Deer mysteriously run over ? o0

  2. @narcissa:
    “Twinkle, twinkle, little doe,
    Go back to woods, that is a road …
    Up above the world so high,
    Like a nuke bomb from the sky.
    Twinkle, twinkle, little doe,
    once you died, you live no more!”

  3. @cockinass: questionable sexual preferences and roadkill dinners? you must live in a trailer park in the south of the united states. i bet you get really horny at family reunions

  4. @lovenista101: I find it dilettante, honestly. Infantile and shitty would be my description of that piece of “twisted” art.
    Now my ex college roommate… his stuff is twisted…and deep…but twisted. Not that many painters use a butter knife, tar and pigments on composite board as a medium.

  5. @lovenista101: In that picture i see shit. Pretty shit saying “HEY!! Look at me you fucking monkey!! See me? I’m pretty shit, get to know that.” That’s not a painting, it’s the 5 minute effort of a 6 year old on a sugar rush. It’s the work of frustrated fucks , pardon me, COMplex work, made specially so other frustrated fucks can pretend they actually understand something most people shouldn’t.

  6. I like the painting. Luckily art isn’t just about the renaissance.

    And ofc, de gustibus non disputandum est, but I’d like to see those that claim it’s a 5 minute effort, give it a try.

    That being said, who claims 5 minutes efforts can’t be art?

  7. @narcissa: retarded – maybe, but it’s a meme regarding a violent behavior of things like raping, torturing, killing others … who would hate that? unless … you love the good things … you love peace … well this is WAR! there are no good and happy things here!
    only a sick taste of chaos and destruction, of doing all that isn’t allowed on the “10-laws plates”!

  8. @Lisbeth: i love being teased.
    tease me to your heart.s content. :)

    @Patient Zer0: you know, you remind me of a good friend of mine who likes discovering new bands and artists, becomes their fan, after that the bands/artists get some more fans (they don.t exactly become mainstream, but a little more notorious) and then he kinda gets bored of them. :))

  9. @Fat_n_Fluffy86: I love C&H if that gives you a clue about the humour I like. So it’s just that I find the Dolan series retarded and uninteresting.

    Also, ofc I love good things irl, I’m kitsch like that (unbearable lightness of being anyone?)

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