1. boobies need to have fun too. they spend all day wrapped in those oppressive bras… they need be freed and get wild!

  2. by the power of faps, I have arrived, hmmm, let’s see, analyzing data_ …
    1 item found;
    fap value increase to max;
    loading resources;
    read data on drive;
    show incremented value;

    process done.

  3. The sick part is I know exactly what she smells like just by looking at the photo…. Cock-cheese curdled in a greasy crease and a healthy dose of booze wheeze. All the same– it looks inviting… she would probably like a baby batter boom-stick

  4. @Lisbeth: come on love, there’s no need for such childish behavior, we’re not lovenista and that cineva fellow, are we? :)
    here, i switched to your tater tot instead :)

  5. Massa Potatoev, vat is da problem? Confuse me maybe, you are? Never remembering of interfering with love here. hmmmm, weird

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