1. @CIneva: doesn’t say nothin in the bible against fucking children. actually i think the virgin mary was like 14 when she got hitched with joseph

  2. @Potato: Considering that in those times life expectancy was quite short, and the oldest man in the village was probably arround 30 years old, at age 14 women were considered ripe. But im not touching the rest of the subject

  3. I have seen them from a distance. I agree, but i do believe this is due to the growth hormones found in chicken breast and other modern supermarket foods.

  4. It’s all very funny and original. (My ribs hurt… not)

    Why is it always so politically correct “on the internet” to attack catholicism? What do you know or think about jewish pedophilia?

  5. @menefrego: There are about 14 million Jews in the world vs. 1.2 billion Catholics. Yup, sounds like the internet should concern itself more with Jewish paedophilia.

  6. @menefrego: what he said (cockinass) … and probably because a verry large part of the english speaking comunity on the internet comes from a society based on christianism and that is where they get their info for critique ;
    – how would you want an average , let’s say an european dude , to make a relegion related critique on the , let’s say budist religion , if his only concept of it is shaolin monks and other world known trivial facts about it?

  7. @SpaceBuddha: with a nickname like that you should be burned on a stake and stoned to death at the same time for buddhist blasphemy. heaven the synchronization of absolute happiness in the mind, heart and soul. and if i found it, anyone can

  8. @rrrremus: riiiiight, hormones, it’s not because of accelerated evolution due to an easy life, no disease, very good nutrition and other favorable habitat conditions.

  9. @cockinass: “There are about 14 million Jews in the world vs. 1.2 billion Catholics. Yup, sounds like the internet should concern itself more with Jewish paedophilia.”

    I don’t really see the point you’re trying to make. Meh.ro is either a Romanian or an American run website as far as I could tell. Neither of these two countries is mainly Catholic.
    Jews are far more prevalent than any other category in the medias and political institutions in many western countries, particularly France and the US

    @Gowron: “oh and the dude holding the sing isn’t doing it for an attack on the www”

    I got news for you buddy. Many of the things you see on the internet are not real…

  10. @menefrego: I don’t give a fuck whether a church kid gets raped by a Rabbi or Christian priest, so I’m arguing for the sake of reason.

    Regardless of how prevalent Jews are, their number is significantly smaller than the fucking Catholics’, so there’s no wonder that there are more paedophilia reports involving Catholic priests. It all comes down to probability, not politics.

  11. @menefrego: Here’s an interesting fact i didn’t realise until now … where in the picture or comments above yours is ever made any mention of chatolics? NOWHERE !
    Anuyway , since you seem so fond of your catholic buddies here’s some enlightement for you sir , enjoy(i know i did).


    I really hope you will take your time watch this thoroughly.

  12. @Gowron: I’ll try to listen to that debate asap and as far as my English skills let me do that. :/

    My bad, I was not aware that not only catholic priests used clerical collars and that protestants also used the word “priest”. You are right, it may not be targeted at catholics.

  13. @Lisbeth: tarts serve a certain purpose, some people enjoy them in the evening once on a while.
    i’d yet to have a french honey, perhaps i’ll try one in the near future :)

  14. @Potato

    I’d rather die being stoned and burned than to live being gullible and stupid like you and many other religious fools.

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