1. no, but they will make you go to a place to make friends with people behind bars … good luck and an easy soap dropping to you, nigger!

  2. @lovenista101: how dare you, human mortal, speak of such blasphemy? i don’t do it for the money, this is something that has to be done, to show the entire world, how stupid and gay a guy can get, like in his case!
    it is a sign of the evil, a sign as a warning and we have to fight, many will not survive, but it is for a noble cause, for honor and glory, as nothing is greater than to embrace faith in the mighty battlefield that a bed has to offer to satisfy the sexual process, the holy ritual uniting 2 individuals into one overwhelming energy, called SEX!
    all those traitors refusing to take part of it and choosing to retreat instead, even complain such a thing, why, that guy deserves a slow and painful death, his nuts to be crushed with nokia phones!

  3. @ellmo: beyond the internet myth-meme, i had a 3310 back in 2003 and things to survive its impact. when me&my friends used to get drunk in the back room of our favorite pub we used to throw our phones against the corridor wall, make the ricochet and see which phone travels furthest. the wall still stands today. one night i had an important phone call to make and my battery died so i beat the crap out of my 3310 with my fist. no injuries on my behalf, my phone, however, needed a new screen and case.

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