1. Tested them, the 2010 version is bogus. I guess that the 2007 version is what you’ve found. Anyway, this shit is useless without actual images of the events chain. They should mix the events with images from the ballsack.org gallery.

  2. I see my country there, gorgeous!
    I wonder if there is a 1960’s version, colonialism and revolution, hippies and dictators,…that age would have been perfect if we had Internet.

  3. Downloaded it from TPB, created a new character; maxed out all his stats, turning out to be intelligent, good looking, etc, so I placed him in North Korea to compensate. My character turned out gay and got shot.

  4. I had to spend the good part of an hour searching different tags (I even got to OLD MEH.RO) trying to find this. Who woud’ve thought it was tagged as “simulator”.

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