1. @Potato: i find it meaningless replying to virtual attacks from people i won.t ever meet and who are not worthy of my ‘counterattack’.

    as i said before, i am here for the fun (and maybe some good info), not to prove something to someone.

  2. @lovenista101: won’t ever meet? aww… shame on you for making me think otherwise first in a comment here on meh and afterwards in your private emails. i’m heartbroken :))

  3. @Potato: i mean… don’t get me wrong, you’re kinda cute and maybe i’d make you cry for your gods one night but you’d have to leave immediately afterwards, no coffee while cuddling in bed in the morning for you, sorry. :)

  4. I’ve got an idea for a threesome- I could ass-fuck the hell out of Lovenista while Potato sucks on my toes (no biting allowed).

  5. All praise the allmighty fap lord known to us as the Fluff! Oh, allmighty god, bestow upon me thy blessing, and give me strength to fap this one out!

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