1. man, don.t make it even harder for me than it already is!!
    it.s my “best friend”‘s birthday today (bf from work) and i was actually wondering what kind of text message or e-mail i should send to wish him HB.. :)))

  2. this somehow reminds me of the wedding that happened yesterday …
    i wish that bride a house of stone: ” have plans, big plans
    I’ll build you a house
    Every stone will be a tear
    and you will never move out
    Yes, I’ll build a little house for you
    Has no windows, no door
    Inside it is dark
    And no light penetrates within”

  3. well, this is something i’d offer each and every of you. daily. maybe except fluff. he’s cute and fluffy and fluffy…can’t hate fluff stuff

  4. @lovenista101: fear not, human-lady, for no fluff elemental will live another day without being punished for being fluffy but not cute!
    why, that is like breaking the divine laws of fluffy!

  5. @Potato: 1 tb? with a HDD included?
    because i don’t have a hdd like that …
    and for the segments written on dvd-s … i would need like 212 discs …
    and time to download one tb … with my 5.25 Mbps
    [dld about 672.16 KB/sec. ] that would take about … 216 hours …
    now with his voice – which one of them ?:)

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