1. @Dartes: Assuming there is Satan and God, you would actually be blessed to spend time with Satan rather than kissing God’s ass for an eternity next to the fucking Catholics (and the rest).

  2. some people are just rude … like you guys … you can’t even wait for me to grab some popcorn …
    ok, go on…

  3. @lovenista101: Yeah, and that’s why religion is dangerous, because if I were a believer, I would want to make sure that I’d get my one way ticket to hell, so I would probably slaughter a family and say I did it in the name of God just for fun. And even then there’s no guarantee that I wouldn’t get screwed over and be sent to heaven anyway. So the good news is that all this shit is man-made fantasy, bad news: billions of religious fucks are a potential threat by default.

  4. @Lisbeth: Religion in general is about whoever sucks god’s dick most, waiting for the semen of absolution to fill mouths and smear faces. Particularly, Catholics are the Christian champions at it, and that’s based on personal observations. Part of the money I earn is from filming and editing weddings, so I attend a lot of religious wedding ceremonies- the Catholic ones are the hardest to bear through because they last so fucking long and the god ass-licking rituals are so sick that you do not know whether to throw up, laugh out loud at them or leave while calling them all crazy. So, yeah, they would certainly be on top of the list of persons to go to the biblical god’s heaven.

    Hell is fun times and we’re living it right now. Better hurry up with that head I asked for earlier.

  5. @Lisbeth: no circle, my dear, it’s a private club, on the hallway between 8th&9th circle, 7th door on the right. 3rd door on the left. they check IDs at the entrance.

  6. @Potato: Oh, so that’s why my GPS wasn’t picking it up. Well, anyway, I think I’ll pass. Something tells me it’s a trap and, even if it isn’t, it’s probably gonna be full of rebellious hipster kids.

    @cockinass: You said to keep it attached. It’s harder to provide one if it’s conscious.

    I’m Catholic, technically. That’s how I know they’re wretched and that ritual hocus-pocus is just façade. Based on their own rules, they’d all burn.

  7. @Lisbeth: Religious hypocrisy is the most disgusting, but extremely vital for the existence of society. Considering the number of religious people, if they would all start living strictly by their religious rules, freedom and evolution would quickly fade away, bringing society down to collapse.

    Don’t get me wrong, not every religious person is a hypocrite. There’s people with strong religious beliefs (and while they’re ridiculously stupid, they are nowhere near hypocrisy) and there’s people pretending to suck invisible cocks for the sake of their safety and/or comfort, which is not condemnable, especially if they live in fanatically religious communities.

    And I said that you can keep yours attached for that particular favour. It may be hard to swallow, but probably not painful enough for beheading to be required or requested.

  8. @cockinass: I’m deeply sorry and I’m aware that I’m passing up a wondrous opportunity but, as I’ve previously mentioned , my head is unavailable.

    Society did actually exist and evolve under such dire circumstances as the ones you speak of, where religion ruled with an iron fist and hypocrisy was at its finest. I believe that’s why they were called the Dark Ages. See, it’s not the double standards that truly free us. I’d bet you anything that the true believers (stupid, ridiculous and delusional as they may be) are far more tolerant.

    But this is a vastly complex discussion and, seeing as I was fortunate enough to be raised in a non-oppressive religious environment, I don’t feel like I have enough resentment to carry it through.

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