1. @lovenista101: please, woman, do not compare the divine power of true fap with some skinny and dead guy on drugs with some fetish for trees …
    the fap-sword is stronger than Thor’s hammer made of Nokia phones …
    it is so strong that you can turn a blackhole inside-out, you can bend light and turn fire into water and vice versa, you can make the wind stay still, you can convert matter into energy and again – vice versa!
    many have tried, no one could overcome the overwhelming power of it!

  2. showing your deepthroat skills on the dancefloor. that’s how you get a man to follow you in a dark alley behind the club. way to go, girl!

  3. Love, fap is like boobs – always new, always good, and always needed.

    Now, fluff, shall we proceed? Ofc, eachone to it’s own fap cave

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