1. Leaving behind:

    schools: where they teach us their beliefs and their language, controlling what we can and can’t learn.

    hospitals: where they force their medicine on us, allowing only their treatments.

    all that after they killed have of us.

  2. So much truth bro, so much truth…I wasn’t aware of the wealth and good living standards the russians/soviets brought us. Thank you so much for enlightening me

  3. my brothers, the time has come, the time we will make the biggest empire ever, we are at war with the entire world, as for centuries many tried to break us in bloody battles, but now it is our turn! our time has come, to turn the tide! we will gather our forces, go on the internet, find porn with their women and girls and we shall fap to them like there is no tomorrow!
    to the fap caves, brethren !!!

  4. LOL! It seems so nice looking at it that way.

    The soviets knew better than the little people anyway.
    That’s why they built massive walls to prevent them from fleeing to the west.

  5. Occupation is fun!
    Poland was occupied for 123 years by Ruskies, Prussies and Austrains. Then we got our independece back (for 20 years), won WW2… and got occupied by soviets for another 45 years. YAY!

    Hooray occupation!

  6. @ellmo: you think that is fun?
    try Romania – we were occupied by so many others from ancient times and got our independence back in 1989…
    but now, we face a crysis related to corruption, economics and the U.E. + Russia + U.S.A. are all against us …
    but we got still time to relax, lurk and awe on Meh.ro :D

  7. @Fat_n_Fluffy86: What the fuck are you on? Romania proclaimed its independence on 9th of May, 1877, then it became a kingdom and afterwards a republic. 1989 is the revolution year, not the independence year.

  8. @CIneva: I’m not sure if you refer to the Soviet occupation or the Soviet Union, but in either case Romania was recognized as an independent republic, regardless of being a socialist state ruled by a single party or not.

  9. @cockinass: if you look closer you will see that it is more an independence issue rather than a revolution … and yes, the 19 century – is historical correct but since then, the graphic had an exponential downfall, mostly in the 2000’s :(

  10. As a person with the nationality represented by one of the “countryballs” here, I feel the irresistible need to express my thoughts of this cartoon being utter bullshit. One might even go as far as saying that I’m slightly offended.

  11. People will resist change no matter what positive things are brought from it. Especially if it’s forced. The US has spent decades trying to educate and change the way of life in the middle east… but they would rather run around with bombs blowing each other up… I say let em…

  12. Ehh… wanna make an omelet you got to crack a few eggs. At least the US made an attempt to bring civilized society to the region… these same people dying are just as likely to die in a civil war like Syria, or blow up randomly at the local supermarket. Fact is SOMETHING needs to be done… these savages are spilling across our borders. I don’t care what you say, I’ve little to no evidence that Islam is a peaceful religion. The funny thing is when we first got attacked during 9/11 I attributed it to a few extremists and I defended Islam as a peaceful religion… but after 10 years of attempted attacks roadside bombs and Intel from the community… I can’t help but feel that I was completely wrong.

  13. @Fat_n_Fluffy86: :)) you’re so funny, you actually think 1989 was a revolution of the people against the oppressive comunist regime and now we’re free.
    if the puppet master doesn’t show his face and you are too blind to see the strings that doesn’t matter they don’t exist, silly fluffster

  14. @ Narcissa: Your point? I never hid that I was an American, but congrats on your exquisite observational skills.

  15. @Lisbeth: Negatory, the party system is for sheeple. I am a fiscal conservative, but socially liberal. So I’m a libertarian, which is not impressed at all with Bush, Kerry, Al Gore, Romney, or Obama. That being said, if I was forced to choose, yes I would choose republican. However… I voted for Ron Paul.

  16. @Jukari: You are a libertarian, yet you believe US (or any other country) has the right to shove their system down someone else’s throat? How’s that libertanian?

    It never worked. This is why collonial era has ended. And it ended in a bloody way in many places.

    Theoretically only a system that was fought for by the citizens themselves can be a system that works. Greeks didn’t have democracy forced on them by someone – they invented it. France didn’t throw absolutism through the window with the help of the British or German – it came up as a neccessity and french people fought for it. As members of the so-called Western Civilization, we should know better, that a system cannot be enforced, it can only be secured after it’s already there.

    …that’s in theory tho’, becasue Ruskies and Chinese are supporting the aforementioned Syrian government, which means it’s unlikely to fall by ‘natural means’. In a perfect world, if some alliance was to act as a custodian for the Arab Revolution, they would only hate to put embargo and see to it, that no weapons and no money goes to either of the sides from external sources; and the conflicting sides deal with each other with no extra help. That however would be a perfect world in which a revolution is just a more volatile step in evolution.

  17. @Jukari: My point? Simply that you have biased opinions based on the brainwash that your country has effortlessly managed to achieve. That of course isn’t just an American characteristic, but your posts showed much too clearly the country you come from without you needing to mention it. That shouldn’t be happening in an objective and cultured person.

  18. ITT, butthurt from: Romania, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Estonia, Greece, and a deficit of fucks from: USA and France.

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