1. i’ll take the one on the left … fuck, i’ll take them all! come get some, fuckers!
    there’s plenty of fluffy for everybody…
    lerooooooy jenkiiiiiins!!!!

  2. I will never know why famine is gold, shiny and bling-bling.
    But yeah, Death is supposed to have a scythe.

  3. @ellmo: Maybe, just maybe, because it swallowed every piece of food and wealth (famine can also bring povery, I think) into himself, and he basks on it, in front of those who are starving?
    Just my interpretation.

  4. They stand in a pretty much same position; meanwhile i realized it’s about that biblical thing.. slo brainz sumtimes :)

  5. So, before everyone get’s their peckers in a knot it’s:

    The Biblical verses(as always) can be interpreted in multiple ways, this is just one interpretation.

    And thanks for the new wallpaper.

  6. for every1 that keeps saying the same wrong again and again, there is no Conquest in the 4 horseman squad. ”Conquest” is in fact Pestilence… geez, get your fact right, don’t just go google it and choose the first option like every noob that thinks he is the master of the interwebz … sorry for my english, not that perfect at writing :P

  7. @adistalker: The idiom is “get your facts straight” not “get your facts right”, and there’s no real facts to have an understanding of when it comes to bible fiction, because guess what, those horsemen don’t exist, so there isn’t a reasonable person giving the slightest genuine fuck about which one’s which. And instead of excusing your poor written English (as if your spoken English would be any better), you should probably learn it instead of acting as some superior fuck (by using the interjection “geez”) and educating people online.

  8. @cockinass: you could ask him to “get his facts gay” instead of getting his facts straight so they would be more to your liking.
    @Lisbeth:it would be hilarious, it would piss off a lot of christians

  9. @cockinass: As if your written English *were any better, because you never use a conditional verb after the if clause.

    But I still like you, cockinass! ^_^

    … Wait, that sounded wrong.

  10. @Lisbeth: Bare in mind that until proven otherwise, I always assume the worst about female internet users (i.e. I think that they are hideous and/or with lots of jiggling fat). So, you, being able to make any part of my body react in a pleasurable manner without providing a single evidence shred of good looks whatsoever isn’t something to be disappointed about, unless you are not particularly fond of getting skull-fucked.

  11. I wonder why Famine (the shiny one) is naked…and why is he mounted in such a homosexual fashion? He knows nothing of horsemanship, nothing, I say.

  12. Why do you assume he’s Famine? The first horseman is skin and bones, as well as his horse. If he were Somali, the Christian missionaries would be trampling eachother to feed him a Bible. I’d say that one‘s Famine.

    @cockinass: *bear in mind

    Dear cock, you’re right. Your words of praise make my cheeks flush and my fat jiggle.

  13. Reading through the last few comments I must repeat myself by proposing a meet’n’fuck somewhere in the vicinity of my location.

    You people are horny.

    Horny is good.

  14. @Lisbeth: I already gave my explanation in some earlier comments, long story made short: If I were to bring famine to all those little humans, I would bask in their suffering and gorge in opulence whilst they kill each other for crumbs.

  15. And by the way… believe it or not, as the world is a small place, I accidentally met someone from meh. Quite comely I’d say.

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