1. @lovenista101: how dare you speak of ice cream when i’m on a diet for a month now :((((
    oh my god!
    this is so bad … just like in that guy: “now they call and tell me, they are killing our dog!”

  2. @Fat_n_Fluffy86: whadda….?!?!?!
    that pic is hilarious. :)))
    anywho, i don.t understand people who complain on and on about the high temperature…..
    why complain when they can just ignore it?! :D

    p.s.: SWEET temptation is everywhere.. :D

  3. @lovenista101: as the all mighty prophet that i am, i fear a dry December but another boring and rainy February …
    i am sick of them …
    and all because of the stupid pollution …

  4. @ Fluff – want some cake? Fresh and sweet, right from the oven. Mmmm…smells delicious. Must try!

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