1. if you see one thing constant – war was always an option … and today it is like … knocking at the door again …

  2. @Negative0: Oh, I see, Kievan Rus’. Further research (thanks, wikipedia) shows that Ukraine still has the trident in its official state shield, I knew I had seen it somewhere.
    Thanks, Negative0 :D

  3. @dualzo: i did join it a while ago. i’ve known that clip since it was a flash animation on an unknown website. youtube didn’t exist back then and coaxial cable modems rocked

  4. @Potato: back in my days, Ukraine was experimenting with nuclear-reactors on civilians and some years later some guys in Berlin were destroying a wall…
    and even later some princess died in a car accident …

  5. @Fat_n_Fluffy86: back in my days, we used to salute our nation’s chancellor extending our right arms and saying something like -hail victory- or similar.
    And not soon after that the ultra-new, great and supermodern analog computers made their appearance.

  6. @Dartes: oh you kids… back in my days i used the consular veto to reject any law i thought would interfere with my personal interests.

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