1. @lovenista101: you speak of them as you were some kind of machine … your cute vodka – I’m afraid – it’s not enough to act as a base and neutralize the acid inside – the acid named ‘regret’…

  2. @lovenista101: and to risk letting it all out? … hmm … when they are eating me from the inside like a plague … but at least i won’t “infect” others with it … i don’t wish them, not even to my worst enemy … they are a cross i have to carry alone ’till the very end … .___.

  3. @lovenista101: i am the once-butterfly now – a grouchy caterpillar ’till the the next bird of prey kills me …
    that’s the way nature has it … you know … natural selection … those grouchy ones have to go away …

  4. @Potato: as for porn – i got superpowers, can fap even on an empty field just using my wild imagination, and i’m not even sorry for sharing that with you all !

  5. @Fat_n_Fluffy86: hopefully, better times will come for you. :)
    as for the drama, the world sees what you let them see.
    change comes from within.
    feel the flowers, think the flowers, be the flowers!
    dude, the hell?!?!
    here, i.ll offer you my support in finding the light again (aka the cojones to fight the bitch called life)

  6. @lovenista101: actually you sound like those really happy people in those expensive products – commercials, where if you buy that thing and use it, it will even cure you from cancer or aids …
    but i will give you, at least, one chance to prove what you are made of, what you are capable of and what you have as your own solution to that project of yours :D

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