1. @lovenista101: well, it all started long ago in ancient times … people disguised as warlocks and shamans with dance-rituals … make-up was used – red color to symbolize war and blood … later, jokers were “invented” to amuse kings and emperors …
    but with the horror known as circus, where freaks meet, horrible people capture and torture animals to use them as entertainment for the audience … and finally the modern clown was created – once a sad person to hide all the sadness with fake “funny” make-up and masks … now – the evil monster, you, me and many of us know …
    … oh – the clowns!

  2. Why hate clowns? I’m one myself, in my spare time…when nobody knows. Late nights. I’m smiling wildly. Please let me know if you want some b-day party or smth. I’ll drop and show you a few “no-head-no-hands” tricks.

  3. Yo’ buck can’t hurt ma’ back! I’ll drop by this night, hope you have some salt’n’peppa..

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