1. @CIneva: slenderman? … that guy or whatever … is poop … the bad thing about him is that people find him, unarmed, with just a flashlight … well that is enough to crush his scull with!

  2. @ love – heeey, me want some. Give me! Now! Or I’ll steal it from you! You’re not allowed sweets, they’re fattening :P

  3. @CIneva: i.ve got two words for you: love handels. :))
    i should add that it was the most delicious tiramisu i ever ate.
    and that i usually don.t eat tiramisu ’cause i don.t like it..
    yes, this one was THAT good! :D

  4. @lovenista101: just watch out for those guys in black suits with shades … asking people if and with who they voted … [oh god why] … [nush dc dzo nu vb in ro …]

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