1. …or I’ll pee on you. I only saw this moments ago. Who the hell dreams such things? And why would a dinohorse be concerned about me following my dreams? Bitch, I’ll hunt you down. Just try that “pee” trick, and I’ll try my “you die” trick. Will see then who’s the most evil of ’em all!

  2. @CIneva: well you just can mess with those junkies and what shit they “use” … as for those dreams with dinohorses … ask sarrah jessica parker about them …
    now as the thing with the title … well complain it to Neg0, he is always watching us all… unforeseeable isn’t he?

  3. Son, you disappoint me. That link of yours ain’t working good. And you didn’t get the joke, obviously. Nor did Potatoev..

  4. if I click the link, it sends me to the website, no particular image(as it should probably do). so…?

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