1. @Fat_n_Fluffy86: that piece of art is boring.
    i.d write it with capital letters but it hurts my pretty eyes.
    also, i.m available if you find that whip you.re talking about. :))

  2. i’ve only got 2 bars of signal on my wireless so waiting for videos to load is like watching grass grow

  3. @ Potato – I’ve got only 1 signal bar at my wireless, still I’m playing dota.. o.O

    @ Fluffy_Fuff – Actually you don’t have a life, ’cause you just chose to have more. And they’re all virtual. Yaaay!

  4. @lovenista101: well, i don’t know about you, lady, but as for me … i am proud to say it out loud, would never hid behind my own shadow, will say it very loud: i have no life and there is nothing anyone can do about it!

  5. @CIneva: oh my do, i found a lost brother or a new challenger … so … you play DotA with 1 bar of signal?
    that i must see for myself…
    what is your provider? SKYNET????

  6. @ Fluffy_Fuff – depends on what you need. Another enemy or a bro? Tough one..
    and no. no skynet. Just my psi powers working to keep that connection up. Although it does jump at 2 bars now, when’s raining…weird.

  7. @ Fluffy_Fuff – I am Jet Li, Tarzan, Terminator, Van Damme, Bruce Lee, Superman etc etc. But mostly, I’m Ranbo. Puffy Rambo, but still Rambo. So guard me carefully, ’cause I’ll just tp inside the enemy base and start an 1 v1 with the fountain.

  8. woaah…you know, the disliked ones depend always on the mood, and enemy team. so, no dislikes

    liked ones? let’s see..mmhm. Yea, so it’a a lil’ Slark, some raging Lion, closely followed by a Morfling, then a Sniper, and some Centaur. There’s more, but you said 5 only.

  9. @CIneva: i see a great warrior in you, brother, also i must say my own favorite hero is someone with no handicap at movement speed [>=300], as for the bash vs critical … let’s just say that for a same hero, it is better to have a critical passive and make the abyssal blade [100dmg, 6 str and stun] instead of a bash passive and buriza :)

  10. @ Gruntruck – U mad bro?

    @ Lisbeth – my dear, you want us to try that on you also?

    @ Fluffy_Fuff – let’s not get too technical now…we don’t want people to hate us that much. Or do we?

  11. @CIneva: my, brother, your enemy, is now my enemy :D
    as for those with hatred inside them, those that boil at our joy, those that do want to see us in agony …FUCK THEM!

  12. @ HJ – you really know how to do it, boy!

    @Fluffy_Fuff – let loose the hatred, brother!

    @Potatoev – that’s oddly familiar. where are those picture made?

  13. And after dota gets done it goes into the area of gay porn (which I think is a fair association). You guys have some problems and I’m not talking about the good kind

  14. he’s taken your pills. again. told you not to leave ’em on the kitchen table anymore.

    and now a serious question – how the hell do I get an avatar? is this some perk only high grade meh members get?

  15. @Potato: i know … i made a fountain in my garden and it took me the entire day to dig the hole … plus water fill etc. … stones … now it even has pomps for water. lamps and 3-4 fishes …

  16. @ Potatoev – nice one :)

    @ Google Adwards(or w/ever) – “# Fat Burning Program?” seriously man, wtf? i’m thin as a shrimp..

  17. @HJ: Sweetheart, I don’t know what your mommy taught you but that’s not what flirting looks like. :)

    @Potato: I wanna hug all those puppies. And the big white dog. And all the puppies.

  18. @CIneva: what … why? …uhm NO!
    those are not for eating … just decoration, also i got bigger fishes in the fridge, captured from a big lake … now those are yummy …

  19. well then, let’s go. waiting for day after tomorrow or what? enjoy the last meal, the doom is near(on that shelve the, that black cd cover)

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