1. my mom: “damn kid, why are you watching girls like this here? look how skinny she is! go find one for your measures …”
    i died a bit that time :(

  2. @Potato: it.s not if you.re a girl! :D
    on the other hand, i had my share of overprotective parents.
    that was until i started to roar like a lion and go off alone to all sorts of places. :))

  3. @lovenista101: roar like a lion she said … oh how cute, pussycat :3 …
    growl like a bear! silly kitty :P you are so cute i might need you for a pillow for the winter ;)

  4. @Potato: you see, a chunk of meat is useless if it.s attached to a man who:

    1. cannot say anything interesting;
    2. dreams of money falling from the sky so that he won.t need to work;
    3. is not able to take care of himself on his own;
    4. makes grammar/writing mistakes on a daily basis;
    …….and the list could go on. :D

  5. my point exactly, my dear, it’s fucking sad because your ever-going of male faults are generally the result of the way they were raised by their mothers. and it’s also sad from the girls’ perspective, you have to choose a boyfriend/potential husband from this bunch.

  6. @Potato: So I go away for a while and this ^ happens?

    Also, you whiny little children, stop whimpering about your parents and just be happy you have them.

  7. I find myself forced to pull a “Southern vampire” act and say “Tater Tot’s mein!”

    Well. I can’t really type a Southern accent. You get the gist.

  8. well… i don’t know… lovenista gave us a timid sample of her ample curves which i found quite pleasing. on the other hand your forte so far is only your charming personality which i’m afraid is not enough to secure your claim of ownership. care to entice me with a visual tease?

  9. You’re asking to compare curves? Oh, honey yam… Sigh. You’re killing my braincrush.

    We’re online. Personality is all you get anyway. It’s why I claimed you over the others.

  10. oh well… it was worth a try. couldn’t live with myself if i hadn’t, my male ego demanded it. you’re quite the lioness though, claiming someone as your own.

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