1. @C36.exe: i don.t have a car, but i.ve had my share of pidjin poo in one of the most crucial moments of my life (at the time): while confessing to a former crush. :))

  2. Well, maybe the pidgeon was high and thought he was Cupidon…
    Had any luck though? With the crush?

  3. @lovenista101: Congrats, you are actually getting close to pissing me off, so fine, let’s do this. (get a cup of water, this could take while)

    Name-calling game? Sure; how about technologically impaired? Learn to improvise a support; figure out how to work the timer function. It’s not rocket science! http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/c0.0.403.403/p403x403/555749_3606629764074_683694114_n.jpg

    And seriously? Half-naked, hotel room self shots? *sigh* I’m at a loss for words on this one. It just makes me… sad. And maybe a little disappointed.

  4. @lovenista101: And yes, ugly! You think you’re ugly, why wouldn’t I? Cropping, in an angle, and so much post processing it took me a while to figure out where you end and where the background starts.

    Real people are boring. They have issues, emotional baggage and deep, incurable frustrations, and they’re limited in they’re actions by this. Imaginary people are FUN! They can do anything, and they can talk about anything. So at least as far as I’m concerned, don’t bother post anymore pics of yourself. My care meter is at fuck all.

    I don’t care what you look like. The one liners, punch lines and comebacks discussions that are carried on here are not gonna become better or more fun if you’re hot or not. I’m about as sexually attracted to you, or anybody else here on meh, as I am to fluffy. Hey, at least I treat you all equally ;)

  5. @HJ: good analysis on the pic. it was carefully chosen for this sole purpose. i knew you wouldn.t dissapoint me. though you overanalyzed and got off track.

    and of course i don.t think i.m ugly. if i would think of myself as being in a certain “negative” way, of course others will tend to think the same thing.
    bad energies attract bad energies, and good energies attract good energies. simple. :)

    indeed, if there.s a big discrepancy between the real identity and the online identity of a person it.s because that person cannot feel free to say whatever he thinks in real life. which is sad, in my opinion. and it.s somewhat an act of cowardice.

  6. @lovenista101: “it was carefully chosen for this sole purpose” MY ASS! You really do like Holmes, don’t you? You act like the character. Regardless as to what outcome you reach, you look back and say “I meant to do that. This was all my plan, from the very beginning.” Hindsight is not a talent.

    By “over analyzed” you mean that I noticed something that you didn’t want me to notice? Like what? the sleazy motel room?

    And I assume I got off track because I dared to talk about something else other than you? …and your tits?

  7. @HJ: 1. it really was chosen because i knew you would find something to pick on (it.s a game, right?). but you wouldn.t know that i.m being sincere since you don.t know the real, boring me.
    2. “overanalyzed” and “got off track” since it was meant to stir your interest for name calling (bitch, ugly etc.). yet you started to dribble with words like your life depended on it. which didn.t make it fun anymore, only an useless, ridiculous attack.

  8. holy fucking shit… i have to start viewing all posts not just the pics i like.

    @HJ: dude, some random chick shows you an artsy half-naked pic of her and basically say “2/10, would not bang”? not cool brah! http://i.qkme.me/36gcnc.jpg

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