1. @stoner hate. what the hell!! kerry kings beard is way more awesome than the homeless dudes

  2. @serotonin reuptake: Hehe. Yeah. That’s also kinda been the reason why he made it so far up in the contest (along with Dimebag, who was voted mainly because of him being dead and stuff).

    No bigger overrated guitarist than Slash, though, IMHO.

  3. one of the manliest women i’ve ever seen. she would make a confused young man very very happy

  4. now, now! both kerry king and dimebag darrell is/was awesome guitar players. don’t try to compare them with other guitarist from other segments of rock or metal.

  5. @bogdan.roca: I didn’t actually state that Kerry is a bad guitarist (which he sure as hell isn’t), just wanted to illustrate that, the further they went in the contest, the less people actually voted for the beard =P

  6. My life’s ambition is to grow me some badass chin pubes, but I’d be happy enough with just a small goatee… This baby-hair just won’t sprout =(… Guess it’s a ‘beardwig’ for me =/

    @Gowron: burly beards are the apex of manliness. They practically yell out: ‘LOOK AT ME, I’M ALL MANLY AND TOUGH (even though I still live with my mom, but, yeah)! RAAAWR!

  7. @Stoner Hate: you have any idea how much of a bitch properly maintaining a decent goatee is? its actually more labor intensive than shaving every day.

  8. @Stoner Hate: infinite rage moment this morning when trying to trim it with a hair clipper. accidentally set the damn thing too short and messed it up. now i walk around with a smaller type of goatee. my face feels naked… i don’t even know who i am anymore…

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