1. @lovenista101: well if you are the one in your profile pic … then there are 2 cases … 1 – all people in your city are gay/ 2 – you ignore who ever might step your “entrance”

  2. on topic: now that i look at the pic better, the cop from right could be a woman… not all cop women are hawt just like in the movies…

  3. @lovenista101: *looksaround* Yeah, we don’t really care what you “dig.” Here’s three gallons of jello. Do a practice run while I set up the camera. And make me feel it!! :D

  4. @lovenista101: What you don’t seem to understand is that most of the times, simpler is better. The failure to understand this is most likely the number one reason for which you are alone. [No, you are not picky, your hook just doesn’t have any bait]

    And did I not succeed in impressing you? Wait, let me get a forklift and whip out my FUCKING wallet!

  5. @HJ: any frustrations on your side, buddy?! :))
    it.s okay, we.re all frustrated here and there.

  6. @lovenista101: Actually, I have too few; way to few. I would kill to be properly frustrated about at least one thing. And if I already am, I would love to find that frustration, understand it and make a connection with it.
    Quick, call me fat!… and a virgin!

  7. @lovenista101: Alright, see, now you’re just a fucking joykill. What , does your religion or some shit like that prohibits you from insulting people? Are you Amish!??!

  8. @HJ: (not) sorry, but i don.t insult people “just because i can”.
    nor do i dig religion.
    …and i.m really happy for being a joykill. it.s so fun, my special power :D

  9. @lovenista101: So, you got no problem with ruining someone else’s happiness, but god forbid you’d be mean to them? I can’t tell if that’s the most twisted thing I’ve ever heard or if it’s fucking brilliant!

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