1. @evilgoat: took me some time but i gotta ask, just remembered that episode where dee dee lost her marbles and dexter had them … what could he do with them … wtf O.o

  2. @HJ: I’m fully French. I may have mentioned it before.

    On-topic: This picture makes a neat wallpaper.

  3. @Lisbeth: Last year I was on an exchange in France, where for some odd reason you can’t smoke in a bar. So, outside after asking for a lighter, I asked the girl if she could teach me how to properly say “Would you like to make love?”(I already knew the “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi” line, but that’s so 2001). I was interested in how kewl it sounds.

    All I have to say is this: you french wenches are worth your weight in gold.

  4. @Lisbeth: Nothing demeaning about that, luv. Locals tend to do things with strangers, ‘cos they’ll be gone the next day, but why am I telling you these things, when you’re a big girl and know’em very well yourself.
    So, vous voulez faire l’amour, mademoiselle Lisbeth?

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