1. @Patient Zer0: Your theory is invalid. A man would know better and move on, instead of trying to beat a dead horse back into life. Women are the ones that live in the past and can’t move on with their lives, sobbing over memories and eating chocolate.

    That, or she’s 13 and really thinks the arrow\knee fiasco is actually funny. A thought that should generate quite a few new fantasies here, on meh

  2. @HJ: Why so serious, little pet? Shall I take it you’ve had some bad experiences with the ladies? I’m sorry. It happens.

    Why don’t you share a laugh with me instead of trying so hard to prove how I’m so stupid and you’re so smart? There’s really no fun in that. Instead, we could both be lame and childish and laugh at fiasco-memes. I won’t tell. :)

  3. @Lisbeth: We’re strangers on the internet, so I’m gonna spare you the “I thought you knew me better than this” speech. I’m never serious. Ever. ever. ever. Spell it with me. E.V.E.H.R. Your first hint should have been the fucking GRIN!

    @Patient Zer0: What the hell do you mean it’s not funny? It’s always funny! We start with misogyny and where do we end? Next you’re gonna tell me rape is not a laughing matter!

    Also, Fuck women!

  4. @Potato: This is probably come back, bite me in the ass and only serve as proof that I have limited cognitive ability, but I fail to see how my lack of height is relevant here

  5. @Potato: You say potato, I say potato. Ha! Get it? ’cause this joke doesn’t really work when you write it; and because your name is Potato!

    Ah, never mind. I feel like I’m talking to a fucking vegetable.

  6. @Potato: Ah… yeah. Honestly, I can’t make sense of more than… I don’t know… 2 words out of every sentence? If I could talk to vegetables, if I could really understand everything they say, have a rational, reasonable and intelligent conversation with them… I would be truly concerned about my mental wellness.

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