1. that’s a weird place to put a kitchen and what kind of sandwich do you need an M4 to make … i want one

  2. I know it had been discussed and it’s offtopic..but how i change my profile picture? Created my account today. So i’d be very thankful for any info.

  3. Meh is a rather small community, but it’s built upon tolerance, kindness and understanding towards our fellow man. I’m sure the users here will flock to your aid.

    I can’t tell what makes you more retarded. Not being able to work the profile page or actually asking for help.

  4. @Thuomas: You register on gravatar.com with the same e-mail you use for your meh.ro account and you edit your picture there. And don’t mind HJ, that’s just meh slang for “Welcome, we hope you’ll like it here.” ^_^

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