1. @fadetoblack really? with all the internet at your disposal and you still can’t find out?

    PS: i made an account for the sole purpose of pointing out your stupidity

  2. @defiant Kalmyr. do not watch game of thrones. it a waste of time. it takes a whole season for a character to eat his lunch. the ideea of the series is brilliant but nothing really happens in this movie. ooh wait, i forgot. something does happen: everybody gets killed.

  3. i never said it was the worst show. it is very addictive even. i said it’s a waste of time because if you look back you have nothing. like i said, it takes a whole season for a minor action to take please.

  4. @bogdan.roca: So i take it you prefer bullshit with so much action that they need to invent crazy shit just to make the show go on and eventually fuck up bad?

  5. @Lisbeth: Heh, I just finished watching The Borgias yesterday. But I’m afraid I don’t care for Holliday Grainger at all.

  6. @Myth: Lotte Verbeek? I’m surprised. I worship her but none of my friends think she’s hot. It’s why I didn’t mention her.

    Neg0, did you like Lotte? I’d actually be happier to see her here than Holliday.

  7. @a-0 not every show is a waste of time. it’s waste of time if you find yourself at the end of the season saying: what the hell was this bullshit. it like going to whores and all you get is a handjob.

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