1. I am not very impressed. It is detailed as a drawing, but the meaning behind it isn’t that profound (it’s just a tiny bit). He could have done more. He could have gone for the rabbit ripper with the cloak on his head and glowing eyes, and holding the skeleton of the fish instead of the living one. The snake could have also gone skeletal, but hanging around the neck of a flaming steed, rode by some lizard man again with glowing eyes, which would have replace the simple dinosaur. Both the riding lizard man and the rabbit ripper should walk towards a red moon. The scene should not be depicted from the back but from the side showing all details mentioned above. To make it more dramatic, they can exit a cemetery or a church. Let it be catholic. It always seems more dramatic that way for, some reason. Again some trees can be placed to make fill the scene. But the trees are…of course burnt slightly, because the rabbit and the rider walked pass them. Their evil auras burnt the tress slightly. This duality will be something good for the picture.

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