1. Not dead, just getting his nose cut. What I dont get is why his shield man would turn against him.

  2. oh shut it you noobs … if you really cared about spoilers that much you would have watched it by now …GOT season 2 ep 9 was available since 28.05.2012 on TPB and etc. …

  3. @alina2154: fuck you too ;) next time let me know how much you need before i can discuss the latest episode on a thread. one week would be enough? and fuck you too again!

  4. @Myth: What the HELL is that? With what did you take that screenshot, your mobile phone?
    If not, how did you manage to get a cam-rip off a TV show?
    Come join us in >720p, dude! It makes your sphincter tingle!

  5. @HJ: the pic was posted 3 days ago on imgur… i don’t know why the quality is that shitty but the problem is that you missed the point.. go find it somewhere else

  6. I’m not gonna click any of those but I thank you all for being so prompt and obliging.

    @fadetoblack: Here’s a thought: some people may prefer to wait until the season is over and watch it in bulk. Others may want ro read the books first. Others may have simply been busy. A whole myriad of possibilities in this complex world we live in. ^_^

  7. @Lisbeth: I completely agree and realised I might have been hasty. But also, I hope you agree some people should show some manners.

  8. I’m reading the books, they are far better than the tv series. And by the way, you saw he had a cut on his face, why would he be dead ?!?!?
    @pwnzar…look again… his squire is saving him not turning againts him.

    Guys, at least do proper spoilers !

  9. Well he is neither a shield man… from what I remember that guy was one of the Kingsguard, I think it was Ser Mandon Moore.

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